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Chemicals Cleaners Hand Soap Sanitizers


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Janitorial Cleaners: Chemicals Cleaners Hand Soap Sanitizers

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Chemicals Cleaners Hand Soap Sanitizers

  1. 1. GERMICIDE/DEODORIZER Item Description 4 BTL/Case L /BTL Medi Quat 4 K10052 Medi Quat 4 Germicide Floor/Wall 4L Effective against HIV-1 Virus, Sanitizer Cleaner K10053 Green Apple Germicidal Safe Acid 1L* K10051 Sanitrol No Perfume Virucide/Sanitize 4L STANDARD CLEANERS Item Description 4 BTL/Case L /BTL K15015 Turbo Clean Top-of-Line Neutral 4L Perfumed, concentrated cleaner K15017 All Purpose Cleaner Lemon 4L K02114 Citrus Sol Cleaner Degreaser 4L Pail Size Available Pail Size Available K02165 Glass Cleaner Ready-to-Use 4L K10060 Deodorizer Apple Fresh, Liquid 4L K45003 Chlora 5 Bleach Commercial 4L K15005 Vinegar, Pure White 1ndustria 4L K10057 Odor-Zyme Action Eliminates 4L K02140 Alpine Oil Liquid Cleaner 4L organics such as urine, smoke, bacteria, vomit Priced per Bottle, Sold by Case Priced per Bottle, Sold by Case *(12/CS) KITCHEN MAINTENANCE BOWL/WASHROOM CLEANERS Item Description 4 BTL/Case L/BTL Item Description 12Btl/Case L/BTL K12010 Alka Greasy Kitchen Floor Cleaner 4L 129992 Dissolve Stain /Scale BowlCleaner 1L K15116 Multi-Zyme for Grease Traps 4L 129995 Renew Safe Acid Bowl Cleaner 1L K15110 Drain Opener Sulphiric Acid 1L* K02105 Creme Sil Non Acid Scouring Cream 1L K15115 Drain Maintainer Bacterial/Enzyme 1L* K95115 Tile Brite Mildew/Scum Cleaner 1L K12025 Auto Dishwash Machine, Liquid 4L K02455 Stain Less Steel Brightener/Cleaner 4L* K02520 Dish Soap Palmolive, Liquid 950ml* Priced per Bottle, Sold by Case *(12/CS) Priced per Bottle, Sold by Case *(4/CS) HAND SOAP/SANITIZER BRAND NAME CLEANERS Item Description 4BTL/CS L/BTL Item Description BTL/CS 160038 Pink Soft Pearl General 4L PG02621 Mr.Clean Floor Cleaner 3.78L 3 160021 Blue Pearl Hair/Body 4L DR95008 Fantastik Disinfectant 650ml 12 160041 White Soap Anti-Microbial 4L DR006722 Windex Glass Cleaner 5L 4 152020 Body Milk Hand Cream 4L CP360712 Javex 5 Bleach 5L 4 162036 Dispenser, Soap Pour 1n 800ml RC50305 Lysol Kitchen Cleaner 650ml 12 148065 E-Z-Go Orange w/Grit 4L RC75553 Lysol Wipes Kills 99% 35/Pk 12 140036 Hand Sanitzer w/Pump 8oz* DR94430 Pledge Polish Aerosol 510gr 6 Priced per Bottle, Sold by Case (*12/Cs) Priced per Each, Sold by Case WASHROOM WASHROOM AMENITIES Item Description /PK Item Description U/M 139005 Urinal Puck 3oz Cherry Scent 12 139006 Urinal Puck 4oz Yz Moon Hook 12 139015 Air Freshener Block 16oz White 1 NG667 Baby Change Table 50LB CAP EA NA976 Hand Dryer Automatic 230V/10 EA NC901 Washroom Metal Shelf 18"x5" EA 139011 Urinal, Screen 4oz w/PARA 1 139014 Urinal Screen No Puck Blue 12 SANITARY SYSTEM U/M AUTOMATIC ODOUR SYSTEM 12/BX HG7523 Cirrus Automatic Odour Dispenser Adjustable Mist Intervals wlDisplay Panel U/M EA 123025 122030 123003 122001 122009 Napkin Receptacle White w/Lid EA Napkin Liner Refill Bags (500) PK Napkin/Tampon Dispenser .50cent EA Maxithin 4 Sanitary Napkin (250) Tampax Tampon 100% Cot (200) CS CS BTX212 Berry Spray 12 x 180gr Aerosol CN BTX200 Orange Spray 12 x 180gr Aerosol CN 139050 Refill Toilet Seat Covers (250) PK BTX210 Apple Spray 12 x 180gr Aerosol CN 139055 Toilet Seat Dispenser Steel EA One Source Supplies Products may have brand change or vary! K29