For immediate release: Sydney Tuesday, 19 January 2010
    Slice Wireless spins off its social media business...

The following information is subject to change pending various relevant Board
approvals relating to restructuring and tech...
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Press Release 19 Jan 2010


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Press Release 19 Jan 2010

  1. 1. For immediate release: Sydney Tuesday, 19 January 2010 Slice Wireless spins off its social media business... In from the cold - Finland, that is… Brad Keeling has a new business in Australia Live Real-time Media Management Centre Managing online and mobile live media marketing opportunities Its One Small Planet - Start a Conversation The new business, to be known as ‘One Small Planet’, will go live in March with a ‘live real-time media’ management centre. It will operate like a call-centre would for voice communications however operators will work exclusively with digital media; monitoring, managing, responding and reacting to live posts and conversations on live social media sites. (‘Live real-time media’ can be described as real-time conversations; primarily in short form text, on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others) Brand management and direct marketing techniques will be brought together in today’s era of real-time web and live social media. In the 1980’s the marketing mix for major brands began to seriously include direct response techniques such as ‘direct mail’ and ‘telemarketing’. As a result an industry sector emerged to service this marketing technique. The ‘Call Centre’ became an integral part of any brand’s marketing services for both in-bound and out-bound services. In the 1990’s IVRs the Internet revolutionised call centres and service providers became e-commerce service providers as well as telemarketing service providers. “Today’s marketers cannot ignore the emerging live, real-time media conversations being conducted over Twitter and the like” said Brad Keeling, “and Twitter, the current superstar of the social media revolution, is just one example.” Brands ranging from FMCG to Automotive and from celebrities to politicians are embracing social media. The Live Media Management Centre will become an essential brand marketing tool. Media and General enquiries: Corporate and Investor enquiries: Brad Keeling Lou Richard Text or call 0400100555 Newport Capital Group Pty Limited P: +61 (0)2 8923 6388 (direct) M: +61 (0)412 140 605 “Yes I tweet. Sometimes silly and whimsical things, sometimes important stuff, it’s all relative. Start a conversation.” Brad Keeling
  2. 2. The following information is subject to change pending various relevant Board approvals relating to restructuring and technology transfer. As at the date of this release the following is the planned outcome. Slice Wireless to change its name from July 2010 to The Slice Group Slice Wireless was established in 2004 as a publisher of mobile video. It licensed technology from world leader in mobile video, Finnish based Oplayo. In 2006 Slice acquired Oplayo from Nokia Ventures and others. The company then set up offices in Helsinki and London where Brad Keeling has, primarily, been based since. In the ensuing years Slice made more Finnish based investments including mobile application development technology, video transcoding technology, and digital media service delivery platform. In 2008 Slice took a stake in mobile social media company, Small Planet which in turn saw Slice with an investment in mobile social media technology. During the past twelve months Keeling has been winding back his involvement with the Helsinki companies and spending more time in Australia. “I now plan to be permanently based here at home” Keeling says; “where I can focus my attention on the new live media centre and the Slice Technology investments” Slice Wireless has become more of a holding company than an operating entity. However, it will continue to operate in Australia with Keeling as its Head of Marketing while customers and contracts are migrated to the new business over the next six months to June 30. Intellectual Property and Technology transfer to Australia By June 30 the technology owned by Slice Wireless and its subsidiaries will be transferred or perpetually licensed to a wholly owned Australian subsidiary of Slice Wireless, Slice Technology Pty Limited. On going and future developments to the IP will be conducted both in Australia and Finland with joint ownership of the outcomes. Any technology used in the products offered by the new Slice spin-off, Brad Keeling’s business, Small Planet, will generate royalties for Slice Technology. Slice has commenced early M&A discussions with another group regarding the corporate future for Slice Technology.