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Media release oakshott joins #oz politics line up_200910


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Media release oakshott joins #oz politics line up_200910

  1. 1. media140 – exploring the future of the real-time web September 20, 2010 Oakeshott Joins #OzPolitics Line Up He may not get the Speaker's gig, but speak Rob Oakeshott MP will, at the highly anticipated #OzPolitics conference at Old Parliament House in Canberra this Thursday, September 23rd. Mr Oakeshott, who's in the running to be the next Speaker of the House of Representatives, will take part in a feature interview and Q&A at the media140 event, which is being staged in partnership with the ABC. The Independent political Queen-maker is the final addition to a stellar line-up of engaging speakers brought together by the media140 Australia's Editorial Director, #OzPolitics convenor Julie Posetti. “I'm thrilled one of the curators of this so called new political paradigm, Rob Oakeshott, will be part of the event and participate in a live, crowd-sourced interview. I am also relieved to hear that one point he plans to make in the interview is that '17 words is better than 17 minutes every time these days’”, Posetti said, quoting Oakeshott who was at the forefront of, and a central figure to, one of the most controversial federal elections in Australian history. “His insight and experience, coupled with his political career history will complete the circle of well-informed speakers at this year’s event”, Ms Posetti said, quoting from a tweet- length summary of Mr Oakeshott’s perspective. “The conference will be the first comprehensive opportunity to review the impact of social media and the realtime web on the 2010 Federal Election and consider its role in the new Australian political 'paradigm'”, Julie Posetti, a University of Canberra journalism lecturer, social media researcher and former ABC political reporter, said. The conference will showcase a string of high profile speakers including US Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich, Labor Senator Kate Lundy (@katelundy), Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull (@turnbullmalcolm) and Deputy Greens leader Christine Milne (@senatormilne), GetUp National Director, Simon Sheikh, members of the Canberra Press Gallery, prominent political bloggers, academics, spin-doctors and online campaigners. Newsworthy social media entrepreneur Jodee Rich (@wingdude) will also be a panellist. And, one of the speakers, that loveable cartoonist, FirstDogOnMoon (@firstdogonmoon) has agreed to live cartoon the event. The panels and keynote addresses will be highly interactive as a reflection of vibrant online conversations. They will be moderated by Julie Posetti and ABC personalities such as The Chaser's Julian Morrow (@moreoj). “Our partner, ABC 666 Canberra, will be broadcasting and webcasting live from the event, with ABC presenter Louise Maher filing exclusive reports from the venue,” Julie Posetti said. “We will also have embedded bloggers and tweeters who will cover the event for the media140 blog, Twitter feeds and their own websites and Twitter feeds and of course, all attendees are encouraged to tweet, blog and Facebook their way through the conference!” The #OzPolitics conference was recently postponed due to the unexpectedly early federal election, but the rescheduled date is perfectly timed, less than a week before the historic hung parliament sits for the first time while social media platforms continue to burst with informed political talk.
  2. 2. media140 – exploring the future of the real-time web Registration starts at 8am on Thursday September 23rd. Further details and ticket purchase information can be found at About media140 Founded in February 2009, media140 is an independent global platform creating unique multimedia conference- style events to explore the future of the real-time web and its impact on the media industry and associated professions. #OzPolitics will be the 5th event to be held in Australia. In Australia media140 is licensed to the Slice Wireless Group and run from the Tweet Centre at One Small Planet Sydney HQ – Media Contact LJ Loch @LJLoch 0439 633 429