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Demystify Online & Social Media Marketing                       Presented by Brad Keeling and Paul WallbankDuring the work...
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Demystify Online & Social Media Marketing workshop flyer 01


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Demystify Online & Social Media Marketing workshop flyer 01

  1. 1. Demystify Online & Social Media Marketing Presented by Brad Keeling and Paul WallbankDuring the workshop, you will learn how to develop a cost effective online presence, understand how socialmedia can work for your business and gain insights on strategies to enhance your web presence.If you’re a tradesman, local shop, restaurant, cafe or any other business catering to a neighbourhood, suburb orregion, these workshops are a must. The terminology is explained in basic, common sense terms. At the end ofthe workshop you’ll have the knowledge to run a basic and effective online and social media marketing strategy.A full set of reference notes will be provided to workshop participants. Paul Wallbank Does Anyone Use Social Media? When:  In Australia  Over 3 million people use Twitter Friday 26th October  And more than six and a half million use Facebook Time:  We are ranked 4th in the world – USA 1st, UK 2nd, Canada 3rd Part 1  The average age of a Twitter user is 39.1 years 9.30am to 12.30pm  64% of Twitter users are over 35 with Paul  Twitter users are 53% Male 47% Female  More than 70% of Internet users in Australia visited a social networking site in June 2011, up from 29% Part 2 the previous year 1.00pm to 4.00pm  Australian Internet users spend on average 7 hours and 17 minutes per week on social media sites with Brad  63.4% of marketers say they are planning to increase their focus on social media over the next 12 months. Where: Business Growth Centre Brad Keeling Two Presenters – Two Parts 48 Oakdale Rd Gateshead Part 1 – Paul will show you how to use various Internet tools to promote your business and products online to the world. Topics covered include: Cost:  basic web design essentials Part 1 or Part 2  choosing keywords  using online basic search optimisation strategies only $49 per person  making images and video work for your site  using free local directory services Part 1 & Part 2 Part 2 – Brad will show how to use social media $89 per person effectively to service your customers and market your Including light lunch business. Topics covered include:  choosing the right social media tools Prices include GST  integrating social media with your business  building a social media following To register:  dealing with trolls and haters  Gathering business intelligence through social media click on this link Paul Wallbank is one of Brad Keeling is co-founder Australia’s leading experts on and Head of Marketing & how industries & societies are Business Development for changing in this connected, international mobile & social globalised era. Paul helps media marketing services businesses and community The Slice Wireless Group. 02 49423133 organisations identify the He has had a keen opportunities in this time of involvement in the turbulent rapid change. In explaining decades of technology since 48 Oakdale Road trends and technologies such joining the direct marketing Gateshead NSW as social networking & cloud world in the 1970’s. computing, Paul deciphers the Brad is passionate about jargon and helps his audience technological innovation, understand opportunities and particularly in the area of risks in the new economy. social media. © Business Growth Centre– All Rights Reserved