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OneSky - Professional Translation Service for Websites & Mobile Apps


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OneSky - Professional Translation Service for Websites & Mobile Apps

  1. 1. OneSky - Professional TranslationService for Websites & MobileApps
  2. 2. Easy Translation Workflow1. Upload your resource files ○ We support multiple formats, e.g. .xls, .csv, .xml, .yml, .yaml, .po, .pot, .rrc, . resx, .resjson, .properties, .strings, etc.2. Order professional translation ○ Your translation would be picked up by professional native translators who are experienced in translating websites and mobile apps3. Download your translation in the same format as you uploaded it4. (Optional) Hook up with our API to automate the process so you dont need to manually upload / download resource files for subsequent updates
  3. 3. Step 1: Creating the ProjectClick "New project" on your Dashboard to create a new project
  4. 4. Step 1: Creating the Project1. Enter your project name2. Choose your base language (i.e. the language that your current app description / app is written in)3. Select the correct platform type a. e.g. Android app refers to the app user interface (i.e. the .xml files) & Google Play description refers to the app description you see on the Google Play store
  5. 5. Step 2: Importing Phrases(App Description)Go to the tab "Phrases", simply input your iTunes / Google Play link to order translation(Please make sure youve chosen "iTunes Description" or "Google Play Description" when creating the platform,otherwise, you wont be able to see this page)
  6. 6. Step 2: Import Phrases(Website / App UI) 1. On the admin panel, go to the tab "Import Phrases" 2. 3 options: a. Import spreadsheet b. Import resource files directly through "Hacker Mode" c. Import from another platform on OneSky* Please upload the resource file for your base language first before uploading other translated files
  7. 7. Step 3: Order Translation1. On the admin panel, go to the tab "Translation"2. Order professional translation from OneSky through "Order translation"
  8. 8. Step 3: Order Translation1. After you hit "Order translation", you can choose to order multiple languages in one go through the side bar2. If youre a first-time user, you can use machine translation as a way to experience the translation workflow before ordering professional translation service3. Enter coupon code if applicable
  9. 9. Step 4: Download Translations1. When a translation is done, on the admin panel, go to "Download Translations"2. Simply select the file format that you want to download your translation in
  10. 10. Features Tailor-made for TranslatingWebsites & Mobile Apps● Placeholder validation● Translation in context (screenshots function)● Glossary● Adding descriptions and length limits● Auto-checking for duplicate Items● Translation memory
  11. 11. Placeholders ValidationWebsite or app translations often include complex tags that should not be translated, e.g. ○ You want to display "Hi, OneSky" (where OneSky is the name of the user) ○ In the translation file, translator would see things like "Hi {name}" ○ OneSky system would automatically warn translators if they did not include the placeholder Translators simply need to click the blue button to include the placeholder ≈ If translators forget to include the placeholder, an error message will be shown
  12. 12. Screenshot FunctionA word can have different meaning in different context ○ Our system enables you to attach screenshots --> translate in context! You can tag the phrase to the exact location
  13. 13. What the translators would see for the screenshot function?If you have attached a screenshot, a blue buttonwould appear under the phrase to notify translatorsthat you have attached a screenshot The screenshot will pop up and the phrase to be translated would be highlighted in a brighter color than the background (thus admin should select the right area when tagging phrases)
  14. 14. GlossaryYou can define a list of glossary to ensure consistency ○ Translators would be prompted to use the same translation whenever they need to translate a word / phrases defined in the glossary If the admin has defined a glossary, the translator would be prompted to translate the items in the glossary first. Then whenever the translator has to translate that particular term in the actual copy to be translated, translator will be prompted to use the translation stored in glossary
  15. 15. Adding Descriptions & Limits toPhrases● Our platform allows you to add description to phrases, e.g. for the term "orange", you can tell translators that it refers to a fruit instead of a color● You can also assign length limit to phrases
  16. 16. Translation MemoryFor easy subsequent updates, our translation memory will prompt you if any strings matches previous translation ○ you can choose whether to use same translation --> never translate or pay twice! e.g. if you only update this string, can choose to only translate this string!
  17. 17. Trusted by Leading Companies