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Why work at OnepageCRM?


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OnePageCRM offers individuals an exciting place to work! With a talented team of developers, engineers, customer support and marketing working in-house and remotely there is a wide range of positions available.

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Why work at OnepageCRM?

  1. 1. Michael FitzGerald, CEO We don't want it to be just a display, we want it to be real. Why OnePageCRM? ‘’We’ve built OnePageCRM with personality - it comes out in the building & it comes out in what we do. We do as much as we can to create a good culture, a good environment, to treat people with respect. But we still have targets. We can't be all fuzzy and have a great time and not have a product - then it's no good having this great place. So we try to work hard and we try to play hard.’’
  2. 2. OnePageCRM Milestones March 2010 Feb 2016March 2012 March 2014 We rebuilt our mobile iOS and Android apps,making it easier for users to run their business from their mobile. A bunch of awesome engineers joined the team to meet development targets in web & mobile applications. During the year we hit a milestone of over 6,000 happy paying users. After receiving great customer feedback we finalized our product roadmap. Adding some core features for selling, mobile & an API for developers. On March 22nd, the ‘MVP’ version of OnePageCRM was launched. Its manifesto: to focus 100% on sales actions, approach zero admin and be as easy to use as email. August 2017 We hit a new milestone of over 10,000 paying customers! 25 team members Nov 2018 Major updates went live with a new pipeline view, bulk emailing, in-app quoting plus more. Our CEO went on tour around the UK, visiting customers.
  3. 3. Gosia Fitzgerald Operations Manager A bright-minded Ruby on Rails developer that… ● Loves building web apps with modern technology ● Has strong analytical skills and technical problem solving ● Has a sense of humor and fun (life’s too short for the alternative) What we’re looking for... ‘’We have some really exciting developments underway with the app right now. We’re pioneering technologies with Ruby on Rails, React & Cucumber. What we’re looking for in a prospective employee is someone who’s open to learning, innovating and collaborating within a team.
  4. 4. OnePageCRM… We’re about Innovation
  5. 5. Learn & Innovate ‘’I started work with OnePageCRM in May 2014, just two days after my final college exam. I have had the opportunity to build and maintain full features and integrations from day one with a friendly team who are always willing to help you learn.’’ John Maguire, Software Engineer Learn and grow as a developer
  6. 6. OnePageCRM… We’re about Progress
  7. 7. Culture Code “ It’s really enjoyable working with a diverse team, there are currently 10 different nationalities with whom I get to engage & learn with on a regular basis! ‘’ ‘’Working in OnePageCRM lets me be creative and see the impact of my ideas in the real word" Saba Madani, Project Manager ● Growth & Impact ● Open Communication ● Learn & Innovate ● Diverse team Our culture is progress
  8. 8. OnePageCRM… We’re about People
  9. 9. Well Being Without a doubt, working at OnePageCRM has been the greatest learning experience of my career to date.’’ ‘’ I’ve always been really into fitness so I was delighted to hear staff received free gym membership! There’s a fantastic camaraderie amongst the team here and Michael’s always encouraging us to get involved. Cillian Myles, Android Developer ● Advanced Learning ● GYM Membership ● Exceptional Coffee ● Teach & Collaborate
  10. 10. Where in the world? Brazil Colombia POLAND GALWAY HQ
  11. 11. OnePageCRM… We’re about Teamwork
  12. 12. ‘’I’ve been working in OnePageCRM for about 4 months now and it has been an absolute blast. The people are fantastic. The sense of teamwork and community within the company is next to none. The life outside of the office to great too with many company outings and nights out! Kevin Farrell, Software Engineer It isn't all fun and games tho, the work is challenging while interesting. It incorporates so many different tools and technologies. It’s a constant learning experience." Teamwork
  13. 13. We get creative inside & outside of the office
  14. 14. Why Us? Carmel Granahan Customer Success Payman Afzal Operations Lead Larry Cabra Customer Support Brian Ruane Video Creator ‘’A warm, welcoming, collaborative environment. The dedication and support shown across the whole team, motivates me to learn and grow every day in my own role!’’ “An endless learning process best describes OnePageCRM for me. I work remotely, but it’s always felt like home since day one’’ ‘’The people are what make OnePageCRM, they are awesome, talented and highly skilled. Everyday is challenging and exciting and I’m continually upskilling” “There’s always something happening in OnePageCRM which makes it a dynamic, yet exciting place to work. No two days are the same"
  15. 15. OnePageCRM… We’re about Potential
  16. 16. Apply Today! Apply Today!