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Playing The Relationship Game in Today’s Connected World


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From our breakout session at the 2014 Legal Marketing Association Annual Conference

For relationship-based businesses like law firms, the connections that firms make with their clients – and the connections these clients have with each other – have a profound effect on the amount of ongoing business and new opportunities they’ll win. Throw in the internet, and specifically social media, and the influence that current clients hold over your business grows exponentially. Thanks to the ever-connected world we live in, it is now essential that law firms align their marketing and business development efforts along what we like to call The Relationship Cycle.

In this session, we John Simpson and Kalev Peekna discuss what this looks like from an interactive marketing perspective. They provide both in and out of industry examples of how businesses are reaching their clients at every point in their decision-making experience, establishing trust and creating advocates that help drive new business opportunities with current and prospective clients – as well as the tools they’re using to do so.

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Playing The Relationship Game in Today’s Connected World

  1. 1. Presented by Playing The Relationship Game in  Today’s Connected World John Simpson CEO – One North Interactive Kalev Peekna Managing Director, Strategy – One North Interactive
  2. 2. What do these brands have in common?
  3. 3. The Relationship Era “The shift to a Relationship Era approach suggests a  decreasing reliance on the traditional use of mass  media to influence and persuade a passive audience to  buy more of whatever the marketer is trying to sell.  Relationship Era marketers embrace approaches that  build stronger relationships between their brands and  people.”
  4. 4. Some of the biggest, most savvy marketers are  purposefully ‘toning down’ their advertising.‐new‐approach‐to‐digital
  5. 5. 1:1 Relationships now the focus of B2C “The best form of marketing  is the kind that does not  feel like marketing.”‐new‐approach‐to‐digital
  6. 6. A Quick Quiz – True/False? • Revenue generation is not transactional • The buying decision is a long process  • Your value to clients isn’t easily or quickly replaced • Client relationships are complex, involving multiple  touch points between several individuals • Current clients are an important source of new revenue • What your clients feel about (and say about) your  business strongly impacts the decisions of other clients
  7. 7. The Relationship Cycle One North’s Adaptation of the McKinsey Consumer Decision Journey.
  8. 8. The Relationship Cycle
  9. 9. The Relationship Cycle
  10. 10. Q1Q1 Generating Awareness What percentage of B2B  organizations engage in cold  calling?
  11. 11. 30%30% Generating Awareness What percentage of B2B  organizations engage in cold  calling? According to Sales Pipeline New  B2B Buying Process Internet  Marketing by John Cullen, stats  show that only 30% of B2B  organizations still cold call. 
  12. 12. Organic discovery “Relationships between people and brands have moved  beyond a structured research process to organic discovery.”‐ways‐brands‐can‐build‐better‐relationships
  13. 13. Organic is more authentic Taco Bell creates a brand impression from an organic  opportunity.
  14. 14. Sharing: Will It Affect Brand Experiences? What impact does sharing have on your brand when US and  UK sharing patterns start to resemble those of China or India?‐internet‐trends‐2013
  15. 15. Forrester: The Age of the Customer Age of  Manufacturing Age of  Manufacturing • Ford • GE • RCA • Boeing Age of  Distribution Age of  Distribution • Walmart • Toyota • UPS Age of  Information Age of  Information • Amazon • Google • Intuit Age of  Customer Age of  Customer • Amazon • Southwest • UCAA 1900‐1960 1960‐1990 1990‐2010 2010 + With online reviews, social media, and mobile access, it’s easy for your customers to know  more about your products, services, competitors, and pricing than you do. As strategy guru  Michael E. Porter said: “Where the buyer has full information about demand, actual market  prices, and even supplier costs, this usually yields the buyer greater bargaining leverage.” —Forrester, The Business Impact of Customer Experience, 2014
  16. 16. Q2Q2 Driving Consideration What percentage of purchase  decisions are completed  BEFORE the supplier is  contacted?
  17. 17. 57%57% Driving Consideration What percentage of purchase  decisions are completed  BEFORE the supplier is  contacted? According to a McKinsey study,  57% of purchase decisions are  completed before a supplier is  contacted. 
  18. 18. Context Drives Consideration and Loyalty
  19. 19. Driving Consideration Across Channels
  20. 20. Q3Q3 Loyalty How many B2B Marketers  have programs dedicated to  client retention?
  21. 21. 55%55% Loyalty How many B2B Marketers  have programs dedicated to  client retention? According to a survey by Loyalty  360 and SAS, only 55.4% of B2B  marketers address client retention  as a dedicated program or activity.
  22. 22. “Loyalty counts more and costs less  than awareness” Harvard Business Review • Lets you add up to four family  members in the same household to  your account • One in 3 households will have access  to Amazon Prime in 3 years • "Amazon Student" $39 version of  Prime for folks with a valid .edu email  address‐cult‐of‐amazon‐prime.html
  23. 23. McKinsey B2B Brand Awareness Survey McKinsey’s research revealed  that most B2B brands are  completely “talking past” the  drivers of loyalty. “Our research suggests a  potential stumbling block,  though: a marked apparent  divergence between the core  messages companies  communicate about their  brands and the characteristics  their customers value most.”
  24. 24. Are You Avoiding Loyalty? According to the General Counsel Excellence Report: • Only 1 in 8 (12%) of firms always meet up with  their clients to see how satisfied the legal  department was with their work • 18% never meet with clients to discuss satisfaction Source: General Counsel Excellence Report 2013
  25. 25. Q4Q4 Influence How many General Counsel  cite referrals as the most  trusted source when  researching a law firm?
  26. 26. 86%86% Influence How many General Counsel  cite referrals as the most  trusted source when  researching a law firm? According to the General Counsel  Excellence Report, 86% of general  counsel cite referrals as the most  trusted research source.  (65% use law firm websites, 57% use information  directly from the firm)
  27. 27. Your Clients Actively Refer 88% of B2B  professional service  buyers are likely or  very likely to  recommend providers  to friends or  colleagues. Source: Hinge Marketing, How Buyers Buy  Professional Services
  28. 28. So What Does  the Relationship  Game Mean for  Me? Big data will inform your  approach to developing  relationships
  29. 29. Big Data – It’s Everywhere “The findings offer an  early glimpse of a new,  personalized Internet  where sites have the  ability to adjust many  things—look, content,  prices—based on the kind  of person they think you  are.“ ‐ WSJ
  30. 30. “Nearly 60% of chief marketers  in this year's poll admitted that  they've fallen short in their  usage of advanced analytics to  capture customer insight across  all touch points, and more than  half said they're failing to take  advantage of social networks to  curry customer collaboration.”
  31. 31. Big Data and B2B Big Data in B2B Marketing isn’t about  tracking individuals; it’s about  tracking relationships. Big Data  offers the promise of linking discrete  marketing activities into a  comprehensive picture of business  development success. 34% of B2B marketers “sometimes”  attribute leads to more than one activity. 26% of B2B marketers attribute leads to  one or no marketing programs.  EventsEvents EmailEmail SocialSocial WebsiteWebsite PitchesPitches MediaMedia Source: Crains BtoB Magazine,
  32. 32. So What Does  the Relationship  Game Mean for  Me? Big data will inform your  approach to developing  relationships Cross‐channel content  marketing becomes the  essential skill set of the  legal marketer
  33. 33. The Rise of Content Marketing “Content marketing is any marketing format that involves  the creation and sharing of media and publishing  content in order to acquire customers. This information  can be presented in a variety of formats, including news,  video, white papers, e‐books, infographics, case studies,  how‐to guides, question and answer articles, photos, etc. Content marketing is focused not on selling, but on  communicating with customers and prospects.” • 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing Content Marketing Institute, 2014
  34. 34. “Like it or not, you are a publisher”  – Brain Traffic
  35. 35. Profile of Best‐in‐class  B2B Content Marketer Most Effective Least Effective Has a documented content strategy 66% 11% Has someone who oversees content  marketing strategy 86% 46% Average number of tactics used 15 10 Average number of social media  platforms used 7 4 Percent of marketing budget spent  on content marketing 39% 16% Challenged with producing effective  content 35% 61% Source: 2014 B2B Content Marketing Trends, CMI
  36. 36. Multichannel Management is a sign of  maturity & effectiveness Source: Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing, Marketing Leadership Council & Google.
  37. 37. So What Does  the Relationship  Game Mean for  Me? Big data will inform your  approach to developing  relationships Cross‐channel content  marketing becomes the  essential skill set of the  legal marketer Stories, not taglines, will  represent our brand
  38. 38. From Ernst & Young to EY
  39. 39. Authentic Innovation
  40. 40. The Relationship Cycle