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Merchandising Your Content: Inspirations from the Retail World


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What does your website have in common with stores like Whole Foods? More than you might think. Just as the shelves of grocery stores are crammed full of products competing for your attention, law firm websites are packed full of content, with attorneys and practices competing for the attention of your clients.

Join Jen Bullett, Nancy Kostakos and Kalev Peekna as they take techniques from the retail world and apply them to content marketing and legal website strategies.

Our presenters drew direct parallels from retail environments and highlighted specifically how they relate to law firms—including how you can package content to drive cross-practice area promotion and how to structure pages so that your prime content captures readers and inspires them to take action. Using a fictitious law firm, they also demonstrated how content merchandising can play a broader role within law firm websites.

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Merchandising Your Content: Inspirations from the Retail World

  1. 1. 01.10.13Merchandising Your Content:Inspirations from the Retail WorldWebinar
  2. 2. Introductions
  3. 3. Agenda• The Content Merchandising Idea and Relevance• Inside the Mind of a Retailer• Inspirations from the World of Retail Merchandising• Inspirations from the World of Online Merchandising• Example for Law Firms• Getting Started
  4. 4. The Idea Behind Content Merchandising Hello My Name Is + Julie Smith In-Store Marketer
  5. 5. Shelves are crammed full of productsWebsites are crammed full of content
  6. 6. Products compete for attentionAttorney/practices compete for attention
  7. 7. Every product thinks it’s the bestNo comment
  8. 8. Product Development is costlyContent Development is costly
  9. 9. Get the right eyeballs in front of theright products and drive selectionGet the right eyeballs in front of theright content to drive selection
  10. 10. Insights from a Retail Merchandiser
  11. 11. Insights from a Retail Merchandiser• Structuring the Store to Sell: Hot items, Basics & Sales• Creating a Head to Toe Look & Sell More• Knowing What Sells: Regionalization & buyers• Innovation & Inspiration: Cutting-Edge Products
  12. 12. Ideas for Law Firms: Breakdown Aisles Aisles of “content” with no cross-merchandising strategy
  13. 13. Ideas for Law Firms: Package Product
  14. 14. Ideas for Law Firms: Know your Buyer
  15. 15. A Few Thoughts About Analytics• Retailers focused on maximizing sales – Numbers guide store merchandising decisions • Positioning in store, distribution in region – Numbers also guide future investment and distribution – But this is always balanced with forward-thinking • Introducing untested fresh ideas, new looks (Europe trips)• For law firms – Analyze true “sales” • Use billings to figure out which areas are hot and which need more “front of store attention” – Use website analytics to understand what is getting traction on your website • Use that knowledge to package content and seize “trend” opportunities – Know how to sell the content • Public interest/people stories often most effective (see yourself wearing that) – Build business cases and plans based on analysis and fact • This helps keep decisions objective – But balance this with forward-thinking • What are you seeing in the marketplace that your clients haven’t seen yet?
  16. 16. Principles fromMerchandising
  17. 17. In-Store Display• Department displays• Vertical merchandising• Product groupings
  18. 18. Department Display
  19. 19. Visual Displays• Pyramids• Odd Numbers• Storytelling• Colorization
  20. 20. Pyramid
  21. 21. Pyramid
  22. 22. Odd Numbers
  23. 23. Colorization
  24. 24. Web Examples: Airbnb
  25. 25. Storytelling
  26. 26. Pyramid
  27. 27. Vertical
  28. 28. Colorization
  29. 29. Departmental display
  30. 30. Product Grouping
  31. 31. Content Merchandising on a Law Firm Website: We Started Imagining How it Might Work
  32. 32. How to Get Started• Understand the needs of your audience• Review your analytics• Map out your current content• Plan for future content needs• Always consider cross-sell opportunities• Think about grabbing the attention of reader• Include a call to action• Keep an eye out for what’s nextInspired by:
  33. 33. Thank You & Questions