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#1NWebinar – The Digital Stylist: Finding THE “Look” for Audiences by Pairing Content & Channels


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Last year, we explored the notion of “Content Merchandising.” In short, we borrowed theories and practices from the retail world and suggested how to apply them to content marketing strategies at law firms and other professional services organizations.

This year, Jen Bullett is back at it. She takes inspiration from the world of the Fashion stylist and examines how marketers can use ethnographic research techniques to understand client behaviors and determine what content and distribution channels are most appropriate for different audiences. Jen helps you figure out how to create a head-to-toe “content” look tailored specifically to the likes of targeted audiences, and she includes in and out-of-industry examples of businesses that are successfully pulling winning looks.

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#1NWebinar – The Digital Stylist: Finding THE “Look” for Audiences by Pairing Content & Channels

  1. 1. 03.27.14 The Digital Stylist: Finding THE “Look” for Audiences by Pairing Content & Channels Webinar
  2. 2. Welcome! Jen Bullett Managing Director, Marketing 312 873 6875
  3. 3. Imagination & Creativity
  4. 4. In 2012/2013: Produce Content!
  5. 5. In 2013….Inspiration for Merchandising
  6. 6. More Content Then Ever
  7. 7. So Many Digital “Channels”
  8. 8. Client Expectations Have Changed Omni-Channel Marketing
  9. 9. In 2014: Content + Channel + Context
  10. 10. Technology is Helping Content Targeting Re-Targeting Geo Targeting Time Targeting
  11. 11. In 2014….Inspiration from Stylists
  12. 12. Research Into Stylists
  13. 13. Get To Know Their Clients “These [stylists] know what their clients like and dislike and what suits their body shape. That’s what a really good stylist does.”
  14. 14. Take Time & Hassle Away “Big stars don’t have the time to decide what to wear on a red carpet or for a week-long press junket. They need help.”
  15. 15. Push The Boundaries “Make me try on things that I wouldn't normally choose on the hanger, but it still falls within the boundaries of things I would like anyway.”
  16. 16. Know the Trends & Be the Experts “[The Stylist] knows brands [trends] and stores I don't, she can see the way something will hang before I try it on, she can make an outfit look unique and not like.”
  17. 17. Customize & Tailor to your Client “If you're on the styling career path or oversee the need for clothing to look perfect in the media, learn professional fit techniques [including]… pinning for fit, taping hems, keeping plunging necklines in place, working with clips, and more” “We tailor 85% of Red Carpet looks!”
  18. 18. Stylists are “Relationship” Businesses Too • “It’s a marriage. I lasted with some of my clients for 7 years, 17 years. You take a girl who is not the girl whom everyone wants to dress, and you build her, and you build her, and now she wants a change. It’s O.K. As long as you both walk away feeling good about each other, and it’s not awkward. That’s the thing.” • “Stylists have no security. Sometimes she’ll have eight million clients, and then she has two. But she will come back. Actresses hear about new hot stylists, and it’s like a great restaurant—they want to try it.”
  19. 19. Putting this into practice
  20. 20. Applying Principles from Stylists 1. Get to know your clients 2. Know your “options” 3. Create a “look board”
  21. 21. Know Your Clients VP, HR VP, BD VP, PRODUCT  Influencers & consumers  Know the business  Contribute to growth  Work across groups Profiles are from a collection of different people/interview
  23. 23. WILLIAM DEALER • Twitter - Listen • Email • Phone • Laptop • Articles/Reports • Infographics • Influencers Motivation Environment Decision-Making Triggers • Loves making deals • More deals greater growth • Business. No Drama • It’s all about the facts. VP, BD • Positioning with board • Aspiration to be CEO/GM • Business-case driven • Structured. Prescriptive • Independent but manages up • Regimented approach • Insight from analysts & consultants • Thorough factual research • Unsuccessful deal • Organizational shift • New Opportunity • Skills/Team Deficiencies
  24. 24. Range of Options Merger & Acquisition Strategies & news Facts, survey results and market size. Infographics Company integration examples and learnings Get to know Analysts and Consultants Twitter Website Email Information-rich white paper Breaking news, insights or scoop 8am – 7pm 15% Travel iPhone Work Computer Information Delivery Consumption
  25. 25. Create a Look Board
  26. 26. JANE DRIVER • Phone • Laptop • LinkedIn • Coffee meetings • Networks • Referrals • Short-form articles Motivation Environment Decision-Making Triggers VP, HR • Doer & Driver • Results-oriented • Historically slow-moving • On verge of transformation. • Strategy & Innovation • People’s development • Purpose & passion • Layered • Consensus & collaboration • Gains buy-in • Always starts with network • Scans curated content • Old procedure/Ineffective • Team skills gap • Transformation • Risk & crisis
  27. 27. Range of Options Information Delivery Consumption Change Management strategies Well respected and well known Subject info HR Updated Basics – Policies and procedure Short and sweet content. Scannable Receive content & information from network Thoughtful and well curated content items 8am – 5pm. Evening sessions No travel Work phone Work laptop iPhone LinkedIn and Email primary channels
  28. 28. Create a Look Board HR & Talent Management Executive
  29. 29. MATT DREAMER • iPad (mini) • Laptop • iPhone • Twitter - Publish • LinkedIn • Face to face Motivation Environment Decision-Making Triggers VP, Product • Great products • Imagine something better • Dynamic & Fast-paced • Creative but well organized • Developing ideas • Patent & IPO • High growth • Transparent • Fluid & decisive • Limited buy-in—manage up • Ideas from broad scope • “In It” & Involved • Competitive threat • Market opportunity • Innovation • Organizational changes
  30. 30. Range of Options Information Delivery Consumption Product lifecycle strategies, tactics and IP Market, Client, Industry or Subject trends Get published in relevant periodicals eBooks Twitter LinkedIn Email Well designed. Long form trends articles Full Speed or Turned Off “On” most of the time. 7am – 8pm. 40% travel iPad is primary device. iPhone then laptop Big ideas. Innovations
  31. 31. Create a Look Board
  32. 32. Some “Real” Examples
  33. 33. PWC: CEO
  35. 35. The Waterfront Cafe PERKINS + WILL: ECO-Conscious Builders
  36. 36. PERKINS WILL: ECO-Conscious Builders
  37. 37. The Waterfront Cafe DELOITTE: HR/Talent Management
  38. 38. Deloitte: HR/Talent Management
  39. 39. Final Thoughts
  40. 40. Understanding The Relationship Cycle Adaptation of the McKinsey Consumer Decision Journey.
  41. 41. Audience Content& Channels GC (With interest in China) Blogs Event Fast/Alerts Entering China top issues
  42. 42. Content Type YES! MAYBE NEED DON’T NEED White Paper Video Surveys Articles Presentations Blogs Case studies Experience Press Release Media Interview Photos Infographics
  43. 43. Channel YES MAYBE NEED DON’T NEED Website Email Twitter LinkedIn Blog SlideShare YouTube/Vimeo SEO/SEM Pinterest Media Interview Flickr Facebook GooglePlus LinkedIn Careers
  44. 44. Targeting Businesses Interested in China GC Expanding to China International Business Contacts Q2 Awareness Consideration Follow-up Trust/Advocate Awareness Consideration Follow-up Trust/Advocate Organic search drive to mini-site Personalized content by “role” CEO/GC Call to action to white paper “Go China” LinkedIn group (1 day post white paper download) Targeted LinkedIn ads drive to mini-site Invitation through LinkedIn to Local Seminar (Every 2 months) “LinkedIn” invitation post event by lead attorney (immediate) Follow-up with “slideshare” materials & invitation for personal meeting (Week of event) Top strategies for China alert/trends (Every month) Invite to speak at annual “China or Bust” event Cross-sell from “international” alert newsletter If no click: packaged email content from relationship partner driving to mini-site (2-days post newsletter) Direct client to white paper on mini-site (Pre- filled whitepaper form) Invite client to “Go China” LinkedIn group (I day post white paper download) Invitation to local Seminar Follow-up from relationship partner with link to “slideshare” Note to: Please share if you think helpful (immediate) Make presentation information easily shareable on mini- site, slideshare and LinkedIn Marketer to measure and monitor shares and likes
  45. 45. Not Convinced?
  46. 46. Carrie Underwood Before After
  47. 47. Angelina Jolie Before After
  48. 48. Sarah Jessica Parker Before After
  49. 49. Thank you!!