#1NWebinar - Microinteractions: The Details That Delight


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Great client service means going that extra mile to satisfy the needs of those that you partner with. However, oftentimes that mile is comprised of many small steps – or gestures – that work together to create an overall exceptional experience. These small moments are known as microinteractions, and they make the difference, particularly in digital communications, between something you tolerate and something you love.

Join Jessica DeJong and Pete Amundson as they discuss the little things you can do to make digital moments experienced with your firm stand out among the rest. During this webinar, they provide real-world examples of how businesses are adding that extra 1% to differentiate their products and services from those of their competitors. They also explore how Creatives and Technologists have partnered together to inspire and produce great digital microinteractions, and they speak to ways you can carry microinteractions into your offline communications. You’ll leave this session with a list of things you can do now to help amplify your user experience.

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#1NWebinar - Microinteractions: The Details That Delight

  1. 1. 12 December 2013 Microinteractions: The Details that Delight Webinar
  2. 2. Hi, there. Nice to meet you!
  3. 3. EFFORT EFFECT Microinteractions
  4. 4. So … What’s a Microinteraction?
  6. 6. Tiny, Humanizing Details Microinteractions make systems: •  Delightful •  Humane •  Effective
  7. 7. Microinteractions are the little details that separate something you tolerate from something you love.
  8. 8. MICROINTERACTIONS The Details that Delight
  9. 9. Microinteractions are the final 1%, like the custom tailoring of a suit.
  10. 10. “The details are not the details, the details make the design.” —CHARLES EAMES
  11. 11. Familiar EXAMPLES
  12. 12. Hey, here’s some text
  13. 13. Hey, here’s some text
  14. 14. Creating SIGNATURE MOMENTS
  15. 15. Microinteractions and the MULTI-PLATFORM EXPERIENCE
  16. 16. Ideas YOU CAN USE!
  17. 17. MICROCOPY Every Moment Is a Branding Moment
  18. 18. Microcopy Opportunities •  Search fields •  Confirmation Messaging •  Error pages Remember: Clarity is essential and microcopy should never confuse the user. Every moment is a branding moment. Even when it’s not.
  19. 19. SPEAK HUMAN What can we help you find?
  20. 20. IDEAS FOR YOUR SITE Transitions & Animations
  21. 21. Examples for Your Website •  CSS3 Transitions •  CSS3 Transforms •  Contextual Animations
  22. 22. What does this mean FOR YOUR BRAND?
  23. 23. “Details demonstrate that care has been put into the product and attention has been paid to the user and their needs.” —DAN SAFFER
  24. 24. We Experience Moments Every Day
  25. 25. Thank you!
  26. 26. Resources •  “Microinteractions”, by Dan Saffer microinteractions.com •  Microinteractions Quick Reference microinteractions.com/downloads/ Microinteractions_QuickRef.pdf •  Examples from today’s webinar microinteractions.onenorth.com