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#1NWebinar – Inspiration & Innovation


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From touch-friendly sites and responsive design to content marketing and enhanced filtering/search, new trends and technologies are impacting the look, feel and functionality of law firm websites and mobile experiences. Join One North Founder and CEO John Simpson as he explores how law firms can use these sites to start conversations, deliver genuine value, engage clients and prospects and – ultimately – make it easier to grow relationships.

During this webinar, we highlight some emerging trends and show examples of how they are being used by businesses, both in and out of the legal industry, to create engaging and interactive user experiences. We also weave in insights from a recent General Counsel Survey ( to better understand how a law firm’s target audiences’ use of the Web is evolving.

To view a recording of the webinar, visit

Published in: Business, Technology
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#1NWebinar – Inspiration & Innovation

  1. 1. 15 May 2013Inspiration & InnovationWebinar
  2. 2.  Collapse of Mass Communication Fragmentation of our audiences’ “occasions for use” Primacy of trustIts all about the user experience.As marketers, if we are trying to flatter andadvertise our audience into submission, we aredoing it wrong
  3. 3. “As you have realized but most likely not come togrips with, you are being evaluated 24/7 incountless conversations that have zero to dowith your ad slogan. On the contrary, they areabout your brands essential self--which behoovesyou to think very hard about your essential self.This has ceased to be an option. History has madethat decision for you.”Source: Forget Product Positioning, This is the Dawn of the Relationship Era. Advertising Age. 2012
  4. 4. >$1B in sales on only $18M in advertising75% of revenue from repeat customersUser experience – An example
  5. 5. How Can You Use Your Website to GrowRelationships? Start Conversations Deliver Genuine Value Make it Easy Move & Engage
  7. 7. “I would imagine that, through preferences that couldbe set on a website, firms might be able to morecarefully tailor content so that more wouldbe useful to me”One North General Counsel
  8. 8. "How do you, as a marketer, get the subset of theloyal customer who doesnt just buy your product againbut ... writes those positive reviews? They share yourlinks and retweet you on Twitter and post a photo ofthemselves with your product on Facebook and "likeyou on Facebook and generate all these networkconversations.”Source: Forget Product Positioning, This is the Dawn of the Relationship Era. Advertising Age. 2012
  10. 10. “We would like to get the firm’s knowledge from theirwebsite. We might pay for it, and it’s obviously better ifat least some of it is free, but we want to have access tothings like forms and other knowledge the firm has.”One North General Counsel
  11. 11. MAKE IT EASY
  12. 12. “Being able to search or dive down through thelistings of practice areas, and findthat type of expertise, find who the sectionhead is, can be quite helpful.”One North General Counsel
  13. 13. Type-Ahead SearchFeaturesFilter Results
  14. 14. Social-MediaStyle trending topicsUser-Driven “Topics”
  15. 15.
  17. 17. “…this company has the resources to put intotheir website; they care about their reputation.That does make a difference, there’s noquestion about that.”One North General Counsel
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Bianchicafecycles.comrei
  20. 20. The Relationship ExperienceThe Relationship Experience
  21. 21. Questions?