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How small businesses save money on shipping through OneMorePallet


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How small businesses save money on shipping through OneMorePallet

  1. 1. How helps small businesses save time and money on shipping
  2. 2. The Problem   Shipping one or two pallets is expensive if you don’t ship a lot. LTL carriers (truckers) charge small shippers full price because of low volume. You can't negotiate great discounts if you don’t ship a lot.
  3. 3. The Opportunity   Many LTL carriers average 30-40 percent empty space that goes unused. Filling that space means higher efficiency and profits for the shipper (you!) and the carrier.
  4. 4. How OneMorePallet helps you save money     Think of as a discount travel website, but for shipping. At OneMorePallet, you Name Your Freight Rate™. Your flexibility in pickup and delivery times allows you to name a great rate with a dependable carrier. You save 20 to 50 percent on your shipping rates over what you normally pay.
  5. 5. How Does OneMorePallet Work? 1 Enter your pickup and delivery information
  6. 6. How Does OneMorePallet Work? 2 Tell us about your shipment
  7. 7. How Does OneMorePallet Work? 3 Then Name Your Freight Rate™
  8. 8. How Does OneMorePallet Work? 4 OneMorePallet found you a great rate at a price that you named!
  9. 9. How Does OneMorePallet Work? 5 In less than 10 minutes, you complete your shipment and get a great rate! Shipper Confirmation Bill of Lading
  10. 10. OneMorePallet Carriers   We only work with top-of-the-line freight carriers to move your freight safely and economically throughout the continental U.S. We’ve dedicated countless hours toward company background checks, analyzing safety records, and developing personal relationships with all of our carriers.
  11. 11. Want More Information? Learn more about OneMorePallet, or make your first shipment today at 9891 Montgomery Rd Suite 122 Cincinnati, OH 45242 Call: (855) 438 - 1667 Email: