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Lingui Description


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Lingui is an intelligent new way to translate apps straight from the cloud. It has changed the rules for developers, and makes life easy for app users worldwide. 85% of people would prefer to use an app in their native language, and Lingui now makes this possible with the help of cloud technology. Users can translate their app via crowd, machine and professional translation methods, provided by localization experts One Hour Translation. The easy to use app is suitable to beginners and experts alike, and translations are available online or offline. Developers no longer need to constantly update apps and release new versions, Lingui does it for them.

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Lingui Description

  1. 1. App Localization The easy way! Cloud localization in a touch of a button! No more releasing new versions every time languages are added or translations are changed. Your users are updated insta-magically! Make your international users happy :) Simply paste a few lines of code – and your app is localized! How It Works ? Add Lingui Select target languages Select translation method Get translation from the cloud Lingui scans the app, extracts the strings and enables crowd, professional or machine translation. The app is updated with the translation or with new languages directly from the cloud.
  2. 2. Lingui is full of benefits Get International Customers Lingui handles all the hassles of localization, perfect for beginners and experts alike Easy Localization Paste the Lingui SDK to your app and that’s it. Instant No need to republish or update the app. Cloud direct Add & update translations and languages directly from the cloud. Flexible Use your own translator or your users community. Your users will love it! Switch easily between languages See your app in their native language Translations are available online and offline ©2015 All Rights reserved. Contact us: Get it Free! Lingui localization system is Free for developers (Save $100/ month) Did you Know? 85% of mobile app users rather use their native language. With Lingui you can instantly increase your potential install base.