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Additional Music Research Questions August 2012 Olympics


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Additional Music Research Questions August 2012 Olympics

  1. 1. OLYMPICS PRE & POST Entertainment Media Research Field work: Pre wave in July and post wave in August Sample: London listeners aged 25-44 Sex: 60% Male Stations: 50% Absolute P1s
  2. 2. BEFORE THEY STARTED, 53% OF OUR LONDON LISTENERSSAID THEY WERE LOOKING FORWARD TO THE OLYMPICSWHILE, AFTER THE GAMES, 78% SAID THEY DID ENJOY THEM How much are you looking forward to/did you enjoy the London Olympics? Looking forward to Did enjoy 60 28 25 22 18 13 14 11 5 4 Very much 4 3 2 Not at all
  3. 3. 68% OF OUR LONDON LISTENERS SAID THEY WOULD BEWATCHING OLYMPIC EVENTS ON TV, 90% DID. 15% PLANNEDTO VISIT BT LONDON LIVE, 20% DID. Will you be/Are you planning to/Did you... Planned to Did 90 68 42 27 27 23 20 15Watch any of the Olympic Listen to any of the Attend any of the Olympic Visit the BT London Live sporting events on TV? Olympic sporting events sporting events? event in Hyde Park during on the radio? the Games?
  4. 4. 13% RECALLED THAT LLOYDS TSB SPONSORED JOHNNYVAUGHAN LIVE FROM HYDE PARK AND 35% SAID IT MADETHEM FEEL MORE POSITIVE TOWARDS THE BRAND. Johnny Vaughan Live from Hyde Park on Lloyds TSB was the sponsor of Johnny Absolute Radio was sponsored by which one Vaughan Live from Hyde Park. Thinking of these brands? about Lloyds TSB and any sponsorship or advertising for it that you may have seen or heard recently, did it make you feel more orLloyds TSB 13 less positive towards the brand?Coca Cola 12 Much more positive 7 Samsung 10 A little more positive 28McDonalds 4 Neither 59 Visa 4 A little less positive 4 BMW 1Dont know 57 Much less positive 2