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ARAHD Brochure

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ARAHD Brochure

  1. 1. Research Organ and Tissue Donation Enhances Lives Donated tissues allow for lives to be saved, medical advancements to be made and research to progress. The tissues ARAHD recovers can help lead to: • New transplantation opportunities • Breakthroughs in life saving medical techniques • Improved surgical outcomes • Reduced recovery times • Drug development • Advanced research into currently non-curable diseases Just one donor who allows their tissues to be used for research and education enhances the lives of hundreds of people and helps save the lives of future generations. Everyone Can Participate Researchers need donors both with and without disease. Therefore, research tissue can be recovered from patients with cancer, Alzheimer's, HIV or other medical conditions that are not ordinarily suitable for transplant. Everyone can contribute to move forward the mission of curing diseases and advancing medical science! YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DONATE LIFE Enhanced Life. Renewed Life. Find comfort in knowing that your loved one enabled others to live life more fully. Your donation provides hope for the future. There are never any costs to the donor or their family as a result of organ & tissue donation. Instructions about Donation Please call ARAHD as soon as possible after a patient’s death. The body should be transferred to a funeral home of the family’s choice with instructions to coordinate with ARAHD. Current research projects require that tissues be removed as quickly as possible after death but prior to embalming or other funeral preparations. We will attempt to perform the recovery of tissues less than 12 hours after death if possible. In some cases this time may be exceeded, this will be evaluated on a case by case basis. . Medical history questions will be asked at the time of consent for donation. This helps us maintain comprehensive information the scientists need to correlate research studies. Copies of the documented recorded consent and/or the hard copy consent signed by the next of kin will be kept on file at ARAHD as required by regulatory agencies. Arrangements for Tissue Recovery An ARAHD Donor Coordinator will facilitate the necessary arrangements with the referring facility and funeral home. The recovery staff will ensure that all research protocols are followed. ARAHD will also arrange for the transportation of the donor to the appropriate recovery facility. After tissue removal the donor is released to the family and transported to the funeral home chosen by the family. Please contact the ARAHD team is here to support you at any time. Advance Research and Human Development, LLC Helping Scientists, Helping Patients Advance Research and Human Development 305-726-6202
  2. 2. ARAHD recovers organs and tissues from consented donors for medical research. The donated organs and tissues are recovered for national and international research institutions, academic institutions, and the biotechnology industry. Our goal is to aid our researchers’ in furthering medical research and education. It is our aim to extend the opportunity of donation to as many families as we can throughout our service area. Life Saving Medical Science Whether you are young or old, relatively healthy or facing health challenges, we all know someone or have been personally affected by circumstances related to our health conditions. Research donation is an opportunity to improve the current and future options we have for healthcare. Our research projects allow researchers nationwide to examine medical conditions and evaluate treatment options in the following areas: • Disease Research • Drugs Discovery • Neurological Disease Research for diseases including: Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, Dementia. • HIV • Orthopedics The Power to Save Lives! You have the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of our health outlook. Your donation provides physicians and medical scientists the opportunity to positively impact the lives of those suffering due to medical challenges.. You donation can be the key to opening the door to a long life and improved health for generations to come. Our research partners conduct a wide range of studies to improve the health options of our growing society. Their research leads to improved medical treatments for a number of ailments and conditions. Advancements have allowed for reduced pain after surgery and shorted surgical recovery time. Organs and tissues donated for research are valuable gifts that allow medical science to continue to improve and expand. The gift of each donation can provide the resources needed to improve the health outlook of many generations to come. FAQ’s Frequently asked questions about the opportunity to donation organs and tissues for research: Are there any fees or costs to my family for donating organs or tissues? No, there are no costs to the donor family for any organ or tissue donation. My loved one had a chronic disease or illnesses can they still donation organs and tissues for research? Yes, your loved one may still be able to donate. Many researchers are looking for organs and tissues from donors that have cancer, diabetes, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or other diseases. In fact, many researchers are often requesting the affected organs and tissues from these donors to enhance their research. Can I still have a viewing if we choose to donate organs and tissues for research? Yes, organ & tissue donation does not exclude you from having an open viewing as your chosen funeral arrangement. ARAHD personnel will not recover any organs or tissues that would prohibit a viewing or that would cause any disruption to viewing arrangements. ARAHD prides themselves is supporting the wishes on their donor families.