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Module 6 other saved as

  1. 1. Menu • Slide 1- Title Slide • Slide 2- Menu Slide • Slide 3-5- The Pro’s and Con’s of texting and IM. • Slide 6-8- Ten ideas for getting started with 21st century teaching and le • Slide 9-11- 25 ways to teach with Twitter. • Slide 12-Conclusion • Slide 13-Works Cited Page
  2. 2. The Pro ’s and Co n’s o f Te xting Aha Moment • “text messaging and instant messaging have become so widely used by teens that teachers have noticed a drastic change in writing habits.” • Not all texting is negative, however the positive seems outweighed by the negative. • A British study found kids who text scored higher on tests like reading and
  3. 3. The Pro ’s o f Te xting • Parents can used it to find their kids or arrange for a ride. • Used to instantly communicate. • Teachers use it in the classrooms. • Students use texting and text speak to help with class work.
  4. 4. The Co n’s o f Te xting • Texting while driving causes serious injury and death. • Decrease in writing skills. • Cheating during tests, distractions and disruptions in class, spreading rumors.
  5. 5. 10 Ideas for Getting Started with 21st Century Technology Aha Moment • “The mistake some people make is believing educators instantly need to become producers of websites, blogs, wikis etc.” • It is no longer actable for educators to not have a social network. • Teachers have to learn to function in these environments.
  6. 6. 3 Ideas for Getting Started • Innovation Integration Plan, there has to be a good plan when introducing technology into the classroom. • Standards- Become familiar with the ISTE’s technology standards for teachers and students. • Get ideas on how to enhance the curriculum with technology.
  7. 7. 3 More Ideas for Getting Started • Join a social network. It is no longer acceptable not to for educators. • You can find some great education blogs to help you. • Make sure any site you and your students visit is safe form virus’ and predators.
  8. 8. 25 Ways to teach with Twitter25 Ways to teach with Twitter Aha MomentAha Moment • ““When you think ofWhen you think of Twitter as a micro-blogTwitter as a micro-blog you will find that Twitteryou will find that Twitter can be a valuable tool forcan be a valuable tool for professionalprofessional development.”development.” • You can scheduleYou can schedule meetings or set up ameetings or set up a tweet-up.tweet-up. • You can join a teachingYou can join a teaching Twib.Twib.
  9. 9. 3 Ways to Teach with Twitter3 Ways to Teach with Twitter • Teachers can ask forTeachers can ask for recommended books,recommended books, lesson ideas, andlesson ideas, and teaching tools.teaching tools. • Ask for other teachersAsk for other teachers opinions.opinions. • Celebrate or beCelebrate or be informed of events.informed of events.
  10. 10. 3 More Ways to Teach with3 More Ways to Teach with TwitterTwitter • Link to a web video,Link to a web video, website, or, or booklist. • Start a book club forStart a book club for the students so theythe students so they can ask youcan ask you questions about thequestions about the books their reading.books their reading. • Share stories andShare stories and experiences withexperiences with other teachers.other teachers.
  11. 11. ConclusionConclusion • Technologyisabigpartofourworld.IncreasinglyitiswormingitsTechnologyisabigpartofourworld.Increasinglyitiswormingits wayintooureverydaylife.Idon’tknowwhatI’ddowithoutmyiPodwayintooureverydaylife.Idon’tknowwhatI’ddowithoutmyiPod oriPadforaday.ThismeansasfutureteacherswemustbeawareoriPadforaday.Thismeansasfutureteacherswemustbeaware ofthewaysthattechnologywillbecomepartoftheclassrooms.ofthewaysthattechnologywillbecomepartoftheclassrooms. WemustbeuptodateonthesetechnologiessothatourWemustbeuptodateonthesetechnologiessothatour studentscangetthebestpossibleeducationfromus.studentscangetthebestpossibleeducationfromus.
  12. 12. Works CitedWorks Cited • Loftis, K. (2009, January 08).Loftis, K. (2009, January 08). The pros and cons ofThe pros and cons of texting and imtexting and im . Retrieved from. Retrieved from • Nielsen, L. (2009, August 14).Nielsen, L. (2009, August 14). Ten ideas for gettingTen ideas for getting started with 21st century teaching and learningstarted with 21st century teaching and learning .. Retrieved fromRetrieved from • Cole, S. (2009, June 4).Cole, S. (2009, June 4). 25 ways to teach with25 ways to teach with twittertwitter . Retrieved from. Retrieved from