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5 Tips to an Effective and Scalable Influencer Marketing Strategy


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This slide deck will present you with some valuable tips to start and especially scale an influencer marketing strategy.

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5 Tips to an Effective and Scalable Influencer Marketing Strategy

  1. 5TIPSto establish an effective influencer marketing strategy
  2. Set clear objectives for your strategy, and align them with achievable metrics to help measure the success of your efforts. ROI? BRAND RECOGNITION? MARKET SHARE? objectives define clear 1
  3. identifyyour influencers2 Remember, influence is contextual. Pick the right people for the right topic. Don’t focus on social scores, you want to look for more mature social data.
  4. And somebody that has 150kfollowers may be popular but is not necessarily an influencer. Don’t mistake popularity for influence. identifyyour influencers2
  5. engagement plan your 3 Work out best practice for dealing with engagement opportunities ahead of time.
  6. Look at different ways of engaging with an influencer. Think of: offline conversation content co-creation RTs and Mentions interviews quotes “ ” value Quality content is nice but it’s all about the way you digitally amplify it to maximise its reach. events hangouts podcasts engagement plan your 3
  7. listen up4 You need to know what your influencers are talking about to identify influencing opportunities. Once you know what they talk about make sure you contact the right people, with the right engagement at the right time.
  8. engage & scale5 You know your brand best so get started. Technology delivers opportunities to scale, be sure to use it effectively.
  9. engage & scale5 Here are some final tips, before you know it you are an influencer marketing pro: Engage with influencers one at a time. Use the right tools for each job. Be sure to influence regularly. Measure your activity.
  10. Scale your influence now.
  11. Interested in running an influencer program? I AM NOW!