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10 mistakes to avoid when naming your business


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What shouldn’t you do when naming your new business?

Choosing your business name is the most important first step on your way to a strong brand and a growing business. Take the time to do this right, so you don’t have to rebrand later. There’s no time for amateur hour when your business is at stake! Here are the most common business naming errors, blunders, and mistakes a new business owner can make.

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10 mistakes to avoid when naming your business

  2. 2. So you’re starting a business...
  3. 3. You need a name, a logo, and a website
  4. 4. Plus a million other things
  5. 5. And sure, Branding takes time but Re-branding is a pain in the BEEEEP
  6. 6. So let’s do this right the first time!
  7. 7. Here are the top 10 mistakes people make when naming their business
  8. 8. rushing the process
  9. 9. You need your name to say who you are as a company, so take your time and weigh all your options
  10. 10. not enough ideas
  11. 11. Don’t stop with 1 or 2 good names, write a long list -- you never know when you’ll stumble onto something great
  12. 12. Going old school
  13. 13. People don’t use the Yellow Pages anymore, no need to have your name start with “A”
  14. 14. being a copycat
  15. 15. Is your name too similar to a competitor?
  16. 16. We shall be called Dairy King
  17. 17. You’re better than that!
  18. 18. ignoring spell check
  19. 19. Will someone have trouble Googling your name?
  20. 20. domain’s taken
  21. 21. Don’t save this step for last, chances are your favorite URL’s are taken
  22. 22. Being loooooooong winded
  23. 23. Microsoft Windows Server Base Operating Systems Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 How’s this for a name?
  24. 24. On the plus side, we have a pretty good idea what this product is
  25. 25. On the minus side, we’ll never remember the name. Ever.
  26. 26. Looks awkward
  27. 27. Innocent sounding business names can be ruined when websites are created for them...
  28. 28. “Choose Spain” becomes “” (Chooses Pain?) “PJ’s Limo” becomes “” (PJ Slimo?)
  29. 29. no room to grow
  30. 30. Descriptive is good, too descriptive is limiting
  31. 31. Dollar Shave Club sells inexpensive razors...
  32. 32. While Harry’s – their main competitor is building a premium bathroom brand
  33. 33. too close to home p
  34. 34. Your business is bigger than your town
  35. 35. think big
  36. 36. Need a new logo?