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  • OnMyCalendar For Schools 111114

    1. 1. Make The Web Work For You November 14, 2011
    2. 2. Goals & Objectives• More effective communication• Reduce effort to “process” information• Take advantage of “instantly available”
    3. 3. How OnMyCalendar Fits InOnMyCalendar is a “bottom-up” tool set.Orientation Bottom-up Top-downExamples OnMyCalendar, Student Information Email, Word, Excel SystemsControl Automate your System dictates how processes school operatesModularity Use pieces that fit Generally all or nothing your needsFlexibility Taylor tools to your Rather rigid process
    4. 4. Reduce Effort, Simplify• Enter data once, use everywhere• Public website, staff website, e-mail, in print• Eliminate middlemen• Users input directly into system• Users view info when they need it, wherever they are• Let system do the mundane• System insures correct / valid data• Make system as simple to use as possible
    5. 5. OnMyCalendar Modules• Enterprise Website Manager• Central Calendar & Announcements• Staff Website• Web Forms• Teacher/Dept Websites• WhatsUp for Parents & Students
    6. 6. Enterprise Website Manager• Automate your main website• Flexible Content Management System• Custom layout, banners, colors, and look• No more web programming• Changes updated immediately
    7. 7. Central Calendar & Announcements• Multiple Calendars “Upcoming Events”, Monthly, Topic-specific• News Listings• Doesn’t look tacked on to page• Enter once, display & print everywhere• No tech skills• Multiple userids
    8. 8. Central Calendar & Announcements• Variety of formats• Lists• Grids• Hourly Schedules• Date ranges• Select fields to display
    9. 9. Central Calendar & Announcements• Keep details short• Or give users the details they want
    10. 10. Staff Website• Password-protected site for staff• Integrated staff calendar• Resource schedules for labs, rooms, devices• Add as many pages as you need• Integrated web forms• Same interface as used by teachers
    11. 11. Web Forms• All kinds of forms Registration, staff leave requests, “Got-a- question” forms, etc.• 5 easy steps:• Create forms in minutes• Put in email or web page• User fills out anytime• System validates data• Load data into Excel
    12. 12. Web Forms• Many different kinds of fields:Text, number, currency, date, e-mail address, checkbox, phone number, state code, zip code, dropdown list, radio button list• Include instructions and other text
    13. 13. Web Forms• View responses online• Download data to Excel
    14. 14. Web FormsCollect info from: Parents Staff Students • Registration • Leave request • Yearbook survey • Health info • Counselor survey • Student Council • Update student info • Emergency contact • Shirt design vote • Media Release form info • Club membership • PTA member info • Faculty profile update • Math tutor signup • Volunteer Sign-up • Copy request • Athletic info • Open House • Essay scoring form • Tryout letter Feedback • Laptop checkout form • Community Service • Staff login request Log
    15. 15. Personal Web Sites• For teachers• For departments• As sections of main website• Clean and organized• Flexible• Very easy to use – No web programming• Archive of information• Site format matches school web site
    16. 16. Personal Web Sites for Teachers• No web programming• Lets teachers focus on their needs • Upload assignments, handouts • List class work and/or homework • Provide reference/study information• Create pages as needed• Built-in calendar to display homework• Built-in web forms
    17. 17. Personal Web Sites for Teachers
    18. 18. Personal Web Sites for Teachers
    19. 19. Personal Web Sites for Teachers
    20. 20. Personal Web Sites for Teachers
    21. 21. Personal Web Sites for Teachers
    22. 22. Personal Web Sites for Teachers
    23. 23. Personal Web Sites for Teachers
    24. 24. WhatsUp For Parents & Students• Parents and students can each have personal list-of-events page• Provides a one-page list of upcoming assignments and events
    25. 25. WhatsUp Page• For parents• For students• Extra-curricular organizations