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Jayanda® Company Presentation - Updated version for August 2010

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Jayanda® Company Presentation

  1. 1. August 2010 Company Presentation optimized for Apple iPad
  2. 2. Facts & Figures What we do Jayanda® is the new heart of the gaming field. As a consultant we cooperate closely with our clients and partners from all over the world to breathe life into the sector. Our experience both as gamers and publishers allows us to foresee trends, developments and opportunities and tap the full potential. From monetization and payment via publishing and media partnerships through to sourcing and external development – we are always happy to create a tailor-made solution for you! Short Facts •  founded 2010 •  3+ employees •  extensive partner network with over 100 partners and clients •  nearly two decades of combined experience in browser-based gaming 2 Jayanda® Company Presentation
  3. 3. Partners & Clients (Partial list) 3 Jayanda® Company Presentation
  4. 4. Growing Market Online Games The online and especially the browser games market has accumulated over 3,000% growth over the past 5 years. And the sector will confirm its upward trend according to a recent PWC study. $30,593 bn $14,127 bn $3,887 bn 2005 2010 2014 4 Jayanda® Company Presentation
  5. 5. Case Studies Crafty Studios – DevilFight II Jayanda® is consulting Crafty Studios in order to ensure a fast and successful international roll-out of their latest flash-based browser game DevilFight II. Among our tasks is the creation of effective B2B communication materials, the screening of markets and acquisition of potential media and publishing partners, and ongoing project supervision and partner support. 5 Jayanda® Company Presentation
  6. 6. Case Studies Klarna Swedish payment operator klarna has teamed up with Jayanda® to boost its awareness and to enter the gaming field. Our key task is to explain klarna‘s services and features to the industry‘s leading companies and to identify potential factors detrimental to the integration process. 6 Jayanda® Company Presentation
  7. 7. Case Studies Sound of Games Sound of Games is the first music label that has made it its mission to release the most popular and best-known video games music on a sampler. Jayanda® is helping to boost the marketing by acquiring prominent media and distribution partners, as well as adding value to the product by integrating additional content. 7 Jayanda® Company Presentation
  8. 8. Case Studies Your company? How should your online gaming success story play out? At Jayanda® we are always happy to meet your exact needs and help you to further develop your business within the scene, with tailor-made solutions that suit all niches. 8 Jayanda® Company Presentation
  9. 9. Get in touch For more information, please contact us: Jayanda® UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) Buergerstr. 6 D-37073 Goettingen Germany Mail: team@jayanda.com Web: www.jayanda.com You can also find us on: https://www.xing.com/companies/jayanda%2525C2%2525AE http://twitter.com/jayandacom http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jayanda/132032443490682 http://www.linkedin.com/companies/1010016 9 Jayanda® Company Presentation