Mobile Research Bible


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In just over a year, On Device Research has delivered one million surveys across 53 countries. To mark the milestone we’ve analysed our data and put together eight best practice principles for creating a successful mobile survey.

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Mobile Research Bible

  1. 1. At On Device Research, we use the mobile Internet to access consumer opinions, around the clock and across the globe. In just over a year, we’ve delivered one million surveys across 53 countries.Why do we specialise in mobile Benefits of mobile research In the moment: Mobiles can be turnedresearch? into diaries to track consumers’ opinions Extended reach: Mobile enables you to at the precise moment of exposure toThe world is going mobile: Our research reach out to people in developed and advertising, allowing you to isolate thehas shown the global ‘mobile only’ emerging markets - such as India and most impactful communication on thecommunity where people solely use China - even in rural areas. It also allows path to purchase.mobiles to connect to the Internet is you to carry out research across everygrowing, making mobile a significant and continent in one project. Survey respondents: Our mobile surveysnecessary research tool. are representative of under 55’s in the Highly targeted: Survey respondents developed markets and under 45’s inProfiled research panels: The high up can be recruited by specific web enabled the emerging markets. This is an excitingtake of mobile devices allows for the mobile devices, demographics, country, group of people to research; especially increation of global panels and massively region or lifestage. developing markets where you have anreduces the cost and speed of accessing emergence of new middle classes withpeople, especially hard to reach increased spending power.audiences. 2 +44 (0)207 278 6627 3
  2. 2. To mark the milestone of our onemillionth survey, we’ve analysed ourdata and put together eight bestpractise principles for creating asuccessful mobile survey.1.Short and sweet 3. Less is more 5. Engaged respondents 7. All-phone technologyShorter surveys yield the highest Ten is the maximum option list length The completion rate of surveys answered In India, 80% of respondents useresponse. After 15 questions, the for question choice. We discovered by On Device Research’s panel (more a feature phone. So our surveypercentage of people who drop off per that after ten multiple options, 3% of engaged users) is nearly 80%. The UK technology works on both featurequestion doubles. UK respondents and 4% of Indian average completion rate for mobile river phones and Smartphones. respondents do not complete a question. sampling surveys is 49%.2. No need to keep it simple 8. IncentivesContrary to popular belief, routing, rating 4. Succinct questions 6. The right time Our research has shown the drop offscales and complex questions are all After a respondent has been exposed to Sending out surveys at the right time is rate in emerging markets depends onachievable on web enabled mobiles. a long question, the average UK drop off crucial both for quality of data and high incentive rather than question difficulty. rate increases +4.8%, in India +6%versus response rate. Our specialist team can Incentives such as airtime transfer a short question. So Twitter is right with a advise on both the best day of week and are ideal for rewarding respondents in maximum 140 characters. right time of day for sending your survey. emerging markets.4 +44 (0)207 278 6627 5
  3. 3. We make mobile research workSuccess depends on our technology and skillat creating mobile surveys that deliver highquality data from our panel of profiled globalrespondents.Expertise in running mobile research projectsThere are numerous of variables to consider in mobile research,including devices, survey design, locations, time of day, samplesand cultural differences.Intelligent technologyThat works across any web-enabled device – feature phones,Smartphones, tablets and computers.Profiled survey respondentsRecruited through our network of mobile publishers, available in anycountry and prepared to take part in studies anytime, anywhere.6 +44 (0)207 278 6627 7
  4. 4. Some of our clients8 +44 (0)207 278 6627 9
  5. 5. About On Device ResearchWe’re a mobile research specialist company, who use the mobileInternet to gather consumer opinions.By conducting research on mobile phones and tablet computerswe can reach consumers wherever they are, at any time and inany location.Mobile research brings fresh, instant responses that accuratelycapture consumer’s feelings, thoughts and opinions.Talk to us about how you can create a successful mobile survey:+44 (0)207 278 6627info@ondeviceresearch.comSign up to our mailing list to receive free monthly Follow us on Twitter: @ondevice