Mobile Malaysia - ahead of the south-east Asia pack


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This report looks at all the important Malaysia trends - mobile, social, ecommerce. Malaysia is clearly ahead of the pack in south-east Asia - it's higher income, better connected, and more affluent compared to its neighbours like Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and others.

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Mobile Malaysia - ahead of the south-east Asia pack

  2. Malaysians are internet-savvy, welleducated and fashionable consumers… population 65.8% internet penetration …with broadband, smartphones and disposable income. ! Source: Euromonitor (2013)
  3. Key internet & mobile statistics POPULATION ^ 29 Million 34% INTERNET  USERS*,  %  POPULATION g %  POP.  AGE  15  –  34  YEARS INTERNET  USER  GROWTH  (2009-­‐12) 66% MOBILE  PHONE  PENETRATION O 140% 18% 3G  SUBSCRIPTION 10 Million Source: The World Bank (2012), Euromonitor (2013), Household Size Economies: EAP (2011), Wikipedia (2014), Ministry of Communication (2011)
  4. Beating Indonesia & USA Malaysia is extremely mobile friendly, with mobile penetration rates higher than its famous neighbour, Indonesia, and the US. ! Source: The World Bank (2012)
  5. Mobile phones are primary devices at home that connect to the internet Which of these items does your household currently own? 100% Mobile phone 90% 80% 70% A computer 60% 50% 40% 30% ! Source: Euromonitor (2013) 2009 2010 2011 2012
  6. 13 million mobile internet users thanks to affordable data plans and free wifi Where do you tend to use your smartphone? 96% 83% use their phone at home Source: Google (2013), BuzzCity (2014) use their phone at work 72% use their phone on the go
  7. Feature phones still rule, not for long Feature phone 65% Smartphone 35% Of all mobile phone owners: 53% own just one phone 47% own multiple phones McCann prediction: “Smartphones will rise to 60% by 2015” ! Source: Google (2013), McCan (2012), Euromonitor (2013)
  8. Malaysians replace their mobiles every 
 21 months, more often than other devices How often do you replace these devices? Mobile phones Mobile Phones 21 US 22 Tablets UK 22 Cameras KR In-car navigation ZA Video players JP 46 Laptops DE 46 Televisions BR Camcorders IN 0 10 20 30 Months ! Source: Phone arena (2011), Euromonitor (2013) 40 50 27 38 81 94
  9. They spend more to upgrade their feature phones to a smartphone As a result unit price is higher, but mobiles phones are becoming CHEAPER as competition grows and new models are released. ! Source: Euromonitor (2013)
  10. Good time for consumers - three competing mobile operators drive down prices Android 65% Digi 28.9% Celcom 37.8% Smartphone OS Maxis 33.3% Windows 13% Blackberry 9% Smartphone OS only Source: Euromonitor (2014) iOS 13% Handset carrier
  11. Malaysia has relatively high levels of 4G coverage, far above other developing Asian countries! Malaysian 4G networks DiGi (from $4.50/month) Network with cheapest package Maxis (75Mbps) Fastest network with LTE Celcom (96.07%) Most reliable 4G coverage Other countries with good 4G coverage: Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong Source: Leaping Post (2013), OpenSignal (2014)
  12. 4G LTE is limited to the major cities… Existing 4G networks in Malaysia are: +325% Better than the average US city +506% Better than the worldwide average Plus… Last year, DiGi further improved its 3G networks to be able to reach 95% of Malaysians, as well as becoming LTE technology ready! Source: Euromonitor (2014), OpenSignal (2014) for now!
  13. Malaysia ranks highest for daily internet usage in South-East Asia Average number of hours per day spent by internet users on the internet 3.1 2.5 2.1 2.1 2 1.9 1.7 1 Malaysia Malaysia Source: We are Social (2014) Indonesia Hong Kong World Average Singapore China Vietnam Japan
  14. 79% of smartphone owners use their phone for social networking Source: PwC (2013)
  15. 98% of internet users are on social media 98% Any social network 72% 95% Facebook 59% 77% Google+ 32% 57% Twitter 23% 40% Instagram Linkedin 16% 32% 9% Own an account Source: We are Social (2014) Used in the past month 18 million Malaysians
  16. 70% of Malaysians refer to brand’s social media presence before making a purchase decision
  17. “Malaysian netizens view social network sites 14 billion times every month” That’s 731 times per person Source: We are Social (2014)
  18. Malaysians have the highest average number of friends on social networks in the world. G 233 friends on Facebook which is nearly 80% higher than the global average. Source: we are social (2011)
  19. HUNGER FOR ENTERTAINMENT! 9 out of 10 use their phone for video, music, games ! Source: Google (2013), photo: John Ragai
  20. ”80% of internet users in Malaysia stream online video content each month, and 51% have an active YouTube profile.” Simon Kemp, we are social Source: we are social (2012)
  21. 74% play games on their phone Social platform like Facebook and Line messenger have helped boost the popularity of casual games. ! Role playing games have a very strong presence in the highest grossing games both on iOS and Android. ! On iOS the first non-game in the highest grossing category is Skype only at #77!* Source: Euromonitor (2013), *AppAnnie (25.02.2014)
  22. J ”Malaysians are used to making payment online in recent years thanks to the AirAsia wave since 2001 and daily deal sites invasion since 2011.” CK Wong, ecommerce.milo @ckaywong Source: we are social (2012)
  23. 91% of connected Malaysians shop online . $ $380 mil $2,000 ecommerce turnover in 2013 average yearly spend on online purchases Source: Euromonitor (2013), we are social (2012)
  24. Buyer’s remorse 71% of Malaysian shoppers regret their online purchase because products looked different than advertised or were of poor quality. fkfkf kfkkf Source: Rakuten (2013)
  25. Why hasn’t m-payments taken off? Only 0.3% of transactions are m-payments… • Existing popular methods • Lack of infrastructure • Low awareness Bank transfers Credit cards Other PayPal, cash on delivery, Celcom AirCash etc Source: Ecommercemilo (2013), World Pay (2013) 38% 50% 13%
  26. Mobile Money M-Money on a mission to change that - offers both the convenience and infrastructure Malaysia needs to speed up the adoption of mobile payments. ! Teaming up with Western Union, Malaysians can pay into their M-Money accounts using their phone, online or through “cash-in” channels. They can then top-up their airtime, pay their bills, and purchase items such as cinema tickets. ! M Money cash-in channels >1000 retailers Bank Islam CIMB Public Bank Hong Leong RHB Source: Ernest & Young (2013), WorldPay (2013), comScore (2009) Mobile Money Transfer Service
  27. Mobile Malaysia ! • Very well connected - 66% population online • Shopaholics - majority have bought things online • Ahead of neighbours - higher average income, 4G coverage, ecommerce penetration ! ! Malaysia is ahead of Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and other southeast Asian up and comers.
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