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Entrepreneur is the Next Designation of a Freelancer


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Freelancing can be the great source of funding, but Entrepreneurship should be the ultimate goal of a freelancer.

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Entrepreneur is the Next Designation of a Freelancer

  1. 1. Are you a Freelancer?
  2. 2. Then this is the right presentation for you
  3. 3. What do You do Daily?
  4. 4. Let me guess
  5. 5. Search for new job post at marketplace
  6. 6. Refresh the job feed every single moment to check new job
  7. 7. And apply there either using a copy paste cover letter or by writing a custom one
  8. 8. Then you are doing it
  9. 9. Each and every Freelancer stay busy, What about You?
  10. 10. Let me guess again
  11. 11. Hmm!!! you might have lots of active clients which keeps your schedule busy.
  12. 12. Or You don’t have sufficient clients and you are very busy trying to get new clients
  13. 13. I Know How a Freelancer Passes his day • Need to Work on active projects • Need to Find New Project • Need to Create Report for running Project • Need to find new ways to attract clients • Need to communicate with clients whenever they want • Need to research for self improvement, and so much more
  14. 14. And Lots More ………….
  15. 15. I know all of these because 3 years ago I was doing the same thing, same way
  16. 16. Then just moved my business to
  17. 17. I teamed up with talented professionals in my virtual business
  18. 18. Created my own system of work
  19. 19. Enhanced my Skills and Trained others
  20. 20. Became Organized
  21. 21. Worked hard to create a reputation and make most of our clients happy
  22. 22. It works
  23. 23. Now We Get Clients through •Recommendations •Social Media •Search Engine •Professional Networks
  24. 24. Now we don’t have to search for clients all the time
  25. 25. Sometimes we have to turn down potential clients due to heavy workloads
  26. 26. Here How I did it
  27. 27. Critically analyzed my own business more than three years ago
  28. 28. Created few websites for passive income
  29. 29. Sad News:
  30. 30. Not all of my websites did well
  31. 31. Few of those were total loss-making projects
  32. 32. I didn’t lose my hope
  33. 33. Because I knew, just couple of successful projects can change my life
  34. 34. And
  35. 35. I am running a small business employing 18 full time and part time staff members and recruiting one more to the list by the end of this year
  36. 36. I am not saying that I earn a lot or I am the best
  37. 37. But I am doing my best
  38. 38. Freelancing can be a great source of funding for your online business
  39. 39. But it should not be your primary
  40. 40. Create Your own business and let the clients find you instead of finding the client
  41. 41. It’s not too difficult but you must have the willingness to be a business owner
  42. 42. Don’t Waste time, Just start today
  43. 43. Because “Will do it from tomorrow” doesn’t really work
  44. 44. I will show you how to create your own business
  45. 45. It’s Free Join me at