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Rankbrain, Machine Learning & AI - SEOonTheBeach 2018


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@FrancoisGoube, Oncrawl CEO, talks about how machine learning and AI might be used by Google Search Engine.
Special focus on Search engines constraints and how they need to arbitrate between their constraints, ressources and efficiency in SERPs.

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Rankbrain, Machine Learning & AI - SEOonTheBeach 2018

  1. 1. By @FrancoisGoube, CEO @Oncrawl Embrace Augmented SEO How to deal with Rankbrain & AI
  2. 2. I ❤️ SEO on the beach
  3. 3. I 🧡 to Read Google Patents
  4. 4. I Spend all my Free Time at The Beach
  5. 5. Data-driven SEO Crawler and Log Analyzer
  7. 7. Artificial Intelligence is when a computer: Can feel Can exhibit intelligence Can understand their environment Can understand your reaction Can adjust its actions to achieve a goal What is the difference between AI & ML?
  8. 8. Machine Learning is when a computer: Is fed with Data to do very boring work for you Executes algorithm(s) Know only what it is taught for Can do only what it programmed for Can take decisions regarding a specific problem Can learn from experiences Takes better decisions than tons of humans What is the difference between AI & ML
  9. 9. What’s in For SEOS?
  10. 10. Is that page beautiful? It’s blue so I love it I love it If you tell me where Sarah Connor is AI & Humans Machine Learning CTR of page A is 48% Average CTR of Topic is 32% I ❤️ this page
  11. 11. The rise of Machine Learning leads us to be Augmented SEO Pros
  12. 12. But How ?
  13. 13. Combine YOUR DATA
  14. 14. Back to Basics
  15. 15. Crawl 1 32 RankIndex discove r organiz e respon d Re- Ranking How a search engine works
  16. 16. Uncover What Google is Not telling you
  17. 17. Google consumes annually as much energy as the city of San Francisco journaldugeek 12/12/2016
  18. 18. Google Crawl Budget Are the resources $ that Google setup to crawl your website optimized?
  19. 19. What Google says about crawl budget If you observe that new pages are usually explored the same day they are published, then you don't really have to worry about the exploration budget […] if a site has less than a few thousand URLs, it will be browsed correctly most of the time […] we do not have a single term to describe everything this term seems to mean on the outsidene
  20. 20. What Google should say is… Help me point in the right direction, Help me discover and value your money pages!
  21. 21. What Google should say is… Help me point in the right direction, Help me discover and value your money pages!
  22. 22. What Google should say is… I hate your 💩 pages I am crawling every day.
  23. 23. Read between the lines SEO Best kept Secrets
  24. 24. If it can’t scale, it can’t be merged into Google Algorithms need Data Algorithms will “decide” based on the learnings from every topic and every website indexed Demystify Google updates and algos We know that some metrics are more important than others to trigger the increase in crawl frequency
  25. 25. Demystify Rankbrain
  26. 26. Interpretation of the query Matching with the knowledge base Assumption of what the Internet user is looking for (Context) Does the user like the result? CTR / BOUNCE RATE Yes Perfect, I keep my ranking I'll try a new ranking next time.No What we know About Re-ranking
  27. 27. Our (Rankbrain) algorithm is able to represent strings of text in very high- dimensional space and “see” how they relate to another NLP as Rankbrain’s foundation
  28. 28. ????????????????
  29. 29. is the collective name for a set of language modeling and feature learning techniques in natural language processing – NLP - where words or phrases from the vocabulary are mapped to vectors of real numbers Word Embeddings
  30. 30. Google maintains a knowledge base on named entities and understands the relationships between entities: Automated Language & Rankbrain Processing
  31. 31. Entity #1 Entity #2 vectorized distances related entities vectorized distances related entities Automated Language & Rankbrain Processing Google can then evaluate the distance between two concepts
  32. 32. For the machines to understand Each entity or concept is vectorized
  33. 33. For each entity, Google knows: Entity#1 Sentences that contain the entity In which context / topic the entity is used Often used with entity #2 in a paragraph Often used with entity #2 in a site on the subject Often used with entity #2 on the same page
  34. 34. how old is the wife of bill gates ? Assumption of a request on age Type of relation = wife Individual / Personality This is what helps Google doing that:
  35. 35. An example: “Apple” Phone Computer Brand /Apple Local store /”apple” Search intent is everything Fruit
  36. 36. Phone Computer Brand /Apple Local store / ”apple” It is entity detection that infers the context & Search Intent Search intent is everything Rankbrain learns from:  Entities in queries  What pages were clicked  What is the CTR of my SERPs  Is there some deviant Bounce rates? Fruit
  37. 37. For my SEO? WTF?
  38. 38. You need to help Google! (Free takeways)
  39. 39.  Google classifies types of request: • Transactional • Informational • Navigationnal • Use your usage metrics • Time spent on page • Pages per session • Bounce rates  Oncrawl’s flexible segmentation allows you to map your website with these metrics Classify your pages by search intent Exemple : Page ranking high + High bounce rate = High probability of page ranking on Informational intent = You should try to get the “Position 0”
  40. 40.  So you know what content you have and how you should enhance it with other entities Easily check your entities
  41. 41. Understand your Website Map your website by: • Type of content • Pages categories Understand which entities are present in my content  Anchors Texts  Analyze how pages with entities are linked in my site
  42. 42.  Help Google understand your content with rankbrain’s eyes:  Use named entities in your link anchors  Create packages of linked pages according to entity typology  Example of a media site: Quick wins Help Google infer the context
  43. 43. Average Crawled pages by Google Ignored pages Number of pages concerned 875 256 1 340 872 Number of words 897 457 Number of entities in the content 18 3 Number of entities in anchors 6 0 Which steps?  Crawl your site  Categorize your pages with groups  Extract named entities by page group  Identify pages with/without entities  Adjust your content  Monitor the number of words per group of pages / per packet  The goal is to define the “ideal content metrics” to maximize your crawlability  Data Explorer export  Comparison with log data  Filter by group
  44. 44. Assume your average CTR is your topic Average CTR  If the standard deviation is big:  Below average CTR  Pages at Risk  Over average CTR  Pages that will rank higher Identify your pages at risk
  45. 45. Use Oncrawl Rankings to detect pages that might be boosted or penalized by Rankbrain
  46. 46. One more thing…
  47. 47. Please Keep your SEO SAFE (and your basics right)
  48. 48. Google does not like digging too deep into a site Don’t make stupid mistakes
  49. 49. It’s easy to know which ranking factor you need to work on
  50. 50. Ex: Should I use, what can I gain? Predict your ROI
  51. 51. 1 month Free Trial (Catch @Marion_OnCrawl)
  52. 52. Thank you! @Oncrawl
  53. 53. See your website with Google’s eyes.
  54. 54. 1 month Free Trial (Catch @Marion_OnCrawl)