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Predict your SEO ROI thanks to your business data - Ungagged


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François Goube showed how to predict your SEO ROI thanks to your business data during the Ungagged conference.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Predict your SEO ROI thanks to your business data - Ungagged

  1. 1. Predict Your SEO ROI By @FrancoisGoube, Founder @Oncrawl
  2. 2. I!to Read Google Patents
  4. 4. 1 month Free Trial Send an email to
  5. 5. Le SEO is not art
  6. 6. SEO is Science
  7. 7. Stop Gambling, Start Predicting
  8. 8. Because SEO is a serious game *Source : & Emarketer 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% Natural Search Direct Paid Search Referral Email Affiliate Display Social Other European Website Traffic Sources Based on 1,500 websites in the Media & Entretainment, Retail, Travel, Finance, Automotive andHealth Industries Growing Websites (Visits increased between Q2 2018& Q3 2018) Srinking Websites (Visits Decreased between Q2 2018& Q3 2018)
  9. 9. Keep Calm and do your job
  10. 10. SEOs need to understand business constraints Conversion Rate Avg OrderValue RPV (…)
  11. 11. Keep the main thing the main thing
  12. 12. ● Ecommerce: ü Revenues ü Nb of transactions ü Average Order Value ü … ● Online Media ü Revenue Per Visit ü Returning readers rate ü Pages / session ● Corporate website: ü How many business leads? ü … Keep the main thing the main thing
  13. 13. #webisland Let’s get the party started
  14. 14. The first step is to see your website through “business eyes” ● Build several segmentations ü One per business dimension ● Oncrawl’s data ingestion simplify the process" Focus on the method
  15. 15. ● Oncrawl data ingestion We make it more open and connected
  16. 16. Economics vs SEO challenges
  17. 17. Obviously, money pages should be located close to your homepage Your Business metrics from a SEO POV
  18. 18. Is you internal linking architecture good enough? Your Business metrics from a SEO POV
  19. 19. Are you really sure? Your Business metrics from a SEO POV Hell No!
  20. 20. Digg into the InRank© score: Is Internal Popularity well oriented? Your Business metrics from a SEO POV All good! Need improvement Really stupid
  21. 21. There’s a big trend about trashing inactive pages
  22. 22. There’s a big trend about trashing inactive pages
  23. 23. Be very careful: Don’t do it without finesse Don’t remove the ones who convert well
  24. 24. Business Data vs Rankings
  25. 25. How to start predicting your SEO ROI simply Get back to school: do your math
  26. 26. ● Visitors and sessions from organic results ü I know how much traffic I get for each position in SERPs ● GSC Data ü I know my AVG CTR for each Position ● Crawl Data ü I know which pages have Structured Data My dataset Let‘s do your Math
  27. 27. If I am adding Structured Data to pages that do not have this markup, Then I can Improve their CTR
  28. 28. Without Structured Data Impressions CTR Clicks URL A 4 387 1,67% 73 URL B 8 093 0,98% 79 URL C 1 234 2,70% 33 URL D 4 319 3,30% 143 Adding Structured Data Impressions AVG CTR of pages w/ Structured Data Clicks URL A 4 387 12,50% 548 URL B 8 093 12,50% 1012 URL C 1 234 12,50% 154 URL D 4 319 12,50% 540 328 organic visits 2254 organic visits
  29. 29. You can even do some ML to predict more Start with linear regression Use E- Prediction Algorithms Get Some Trainings
  30. 30. Keep it
  31. 31. Lot’s of business constraints : Job listings stay online ~90 days à Your 301, or 410 might hurt your crawl budget The internal linking structure needs to adapt to the evolutions of Employment: What cities are creating jobs? What are the recruiters? Which skills are trending? … à You need yo push the right pages Your pages that are sending most of your internal popularity should have a very high crawl frequency Hands on:
  32. 32. Step1: Get your priority pages àIdentify pages or groups of pages that are « desperate » àJust ingest the data Handson: Let’s revamp everything
  33. 33. ▪ Let’s Tame the Page Depth ▪ Set up a Max Depth Target. ▪ What are the link funnels to get to every segment? ▪ One link alone is better that no link at all In doubt? Build an HTML Sitemap Action mode: ON Purge your Orphans and Old Inactive pages
  34. 34. ▪ Page Depth Max: 5 ▪ Build Cascading HTML Sitemaps Rebuilding the Internal linking Architecture
  35. 35. Ask your IT for SEO zones Define SEO blocks on every page template to add links or content Do it very soon!
  36. 36. Get the right threshold I know what InRank I need I manage the contribution of each page group to another
  37. 37. Results: My Internal Linking Structure matches to my business constraints#
  38. 38. This is SEO Data Driven $ Your Internal linking structure is managed and supervised Combined analysis confirms Google is crawling more frequently my top priority pages + Business Priority -
  39. 39. Don’t do Stupid things
  40. 40. 7 Seconds analysis You need to work very hard on your internal links
  41. 41. Is Google Business Friendly?
  42. 42. Is Google Business Friendly?
  43. 43. Is Google Business Friendly?
  44. 44. Identify Search Intent
  45. 45. Transactional, Navigational Pages that sell are obviously Transactional
  46. 46. Questions ? @OnCrawl
  47. 47. 1 month Free Trial Send an email to