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DFWSEM - Log analysis: How to use it in your daily SEO routine


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Alice Roussel was at DFWSEM in Dallas last March, 13th to talk about log files analysis and how it can leverage your technical SEO audits.

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DFWSEM - Log analysis: How to use it in your daily SEO routine

  1. 1. Log analysis How to use it in your daily SEO routine?
  2. 2. Futuristic Approach Customer Centric Positive Attitude & Good ideas Laura Bony VP Sales @OnCrawl Developing OnCrawl on the North American Market
  3. 3. Web enthusiast Technical seo geek Scraping addict & Good ideas Alice Roussel Customer Success Manager @OnCrawl 5+ years of experience in SEO Former SEO Director in a web agency
  4. 4. THE platform for optimizing your SEO OnCrawl SEO Crawler Analyze your site the way Google does OnCrawl Log Analyzer Track bot and visitor behavior OnCrawl Data³ Understand the influence of ranking factors on indexability
  5. 5. trust us for their daily SEO audits 800+ clients
  6. 6. Log analysis: how to use it in your daily SEO routine
  7. 7. I do not mean to scare you but here’s the truth... - - [07/Feb/2018:17:06:04 +0000] "GET /blog/ HTTP/1.1" 200 14486 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +" "-"
  8. 8. 1. Current daily SEO routine 2. Opening the black box 3. Rockstar SEO routine (French accent included) Flight plan
  9. 9. 1. Current daily seo routine
  10. 10. objective SEO roadmap we drive SEO optimizations to improve website performances obtaining traffic we try to rank for top keywords with an high search volume driving conversions we help build relevant pages to drive conversions / revenue audit we audit websites with a tri- dimensional approach of SEO
  11. 11. we, technical SEO, fill our toolbox To do Done Details ● Product pages: price, availability, reviews… ● Breadcrumb 1 Structured data ● Subdirectories ● Hreflangs ● Sitemaps 2 Languages ● ... 3 ...
  12. 12. let’s be honest...
  13. 13. sometimes, organic traffic increases but you did nothing specific 100 000 SEO sessions 200 000 300 000 400 000 500 000
  14. 14. 2. Opening the black box
  15. 15. Hey! What if …?
  16. 16. you find and process your log files
  17. 17. you never know what you will find were you right when you were optimizing this specific page?
  18. 18. sometimes all your beliefs turn out to be completely false
  19. 19. well… that’s how powerful log analysis is!
  20. 20. spot the wrong crawling scheme The key is to look at your data from a specific point of view. We called that: custom segmentation. If you define your most important pages from a business point of view, you can easily pinpoint low hanging fruits.
  21. 21. from guesses to factual insights Use meaningful SEO KPIs to put numbers to Google’s behavior. Fresh Rank: average number of days between the date of first crawl and the date of the first SEO visit.
  22. 22. spot unnecessary hits There is no reason to let Google hit pages that do not longer exist: distribute this legacy to your most important pages.
  23. 23. understand the combo: crawl + fresh content How does Google treat your fresh content? Is your old content still relevant enough to users that it lets Google think so as well?
  24. 24. understand the expectations of other bots Only Ads bot are hitting resource pages...
  25. 25. 3. rockstar seo routine
  26. 26. see if your efforts are worthless Where do you need to be crawled? Discover what kind of technical SEO magic you need to do on those pages.
  27. 27. are your pages crawled AND ranked? Some pages from a silo may end up being created for nothing: your top page is maybe sufficient to let Google know you are legitimate on this subject.
  28. 28. let the data build your SEO action plan Build a data viz that lets you directly see where you need to activate an SEO action plan and why. Now your SEO is FACTUAL.
  29. 29. now you can master googlebot this is youthis is googlebot
  30. 30. thank you!