Things you didn't know about Lijjat papad!


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Things you didn't know about Lijjat papad!

  1. 1. This presentation onThings you didn’t know about Lijjat Papad is an effort by
  2. 2. Founded by 7 lady tenements of Lohana Niwas
  3. 3. It Comes in 14 different variants
  4. 4. It is more than just a household name
  5. 5. What started off with a modest loan of
  6. 6. Now has an annual turnover of over
  7. 7. It provides employment to over
  8. 8. Infuses the Gandhian simplicity in all its processes
  9. 9. Its members include • Agents • consumers • Society
  10. 10. Head office procures raw material Sends raw material to Branches all over India Depot of that area Merchant exporter collects Distributor collects goods goods Distributes to retail outlets Exports to various countries within its territory
  11. 11. Mumbai alone has16 branches and 6 depots has16
  12. 12. The US, UK, Singapore, Thailand, Netherlands etc.
  13. 13. The dough is kneaded in the Lijjat branch
  14. 14. It is then collected by other women who roll them into papad
  15. 15. Vanai (rolling charge) is paid to every member for the work she does everyday
  16. 16. The papads are then packed into a box Each box WEIGHS13.6 kg WEIGHS13.6
  17. 17. The production of that area is transported to the depot of that area
  18. 18. All decisions are based on consensus among members Each and every member has the veto power
  19. 19. All the members are called ben (sister) All the members are the ownersAll profit or loss is shared
  20. 20. Gold coins are bought with the profit made which is equally distributed amongst all
  21. 21. Chhaganbapa Smruti scholarshipto the daughters of themember sisters
  22. 22. Hobby centre for rural woman in Valod
  23. 23. Teamed up with UNICEF to organize a child care & mother welfare seminar
  24. 24. Distributes Nutritious FOOD TO THE POOR KIDS
  25. 25. Donates MONEY for community marriages
  26. 26. Conducts Blood donation camp
  27. 27. Lijjat Papad won the Best Village Industry award
  28. 28. Jyoti Naik, President, Lijjat Papad won Businesswomen award for corporate excellence by the Economic Times
  29. 29. Thank YouImage Courtesy to/3353322434_fca087ff55_z/ 2/08/10/the-end-or-just-the-beginning/