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10 Dabbawalla facts that'll stun you! is India's largest online contract staffing marketplace. In this presentation Oncontract explores Dabbawallas of Mumbai & what we ll can learn from them. 10 facts tha will stun us all.
at Oncontract, We are a team of senior industry professionals across segments like Technology, Business Development, Marketing, Gaming and Media.

We have run and managed large and small businesses around the world. While managing these businesses, majority of our time has been spent on planning, identifying, assessing and deploying right talent. So deployment of the 'right talent, at the right time and at the right cost' has always been the biggest critical success factor in our professional careers so far.

So whether you want to develop a cutting-edge technology application or build the most sensational gaming experience or develop a brand image that speaks for your work the biggest asset is the right talent!

However, we have learnt the hard way that having great Talent does not necessarily make business prosper! What we understood in all those years was that apart from high quality Talent; what is most important is whether the business has the flexibility to 'Pay-per-Productivity' and whether the business is getting absolutely 'Fat-Free-Performance' from its Talent.

When we looked at Indian staffing ecosystem, we observed that businesses are unable to achieve flexibility and variability of their staff due to traditional mind-set around permanency of employment. However, this is rapidly changing and many businesses are now adopting just-in-time, just-for-time staffing to ensure that either high quality and specialized Talent is used only for the time needed or non-core skills that can be outsourced on flexible staffing basis.

While Contract staffing has been in existence in India, there was a challenge in getting the required staff and services in a Quicker, Convenient and Credible way and in the shortest possible time. Thus the genesis of is an aggregation of companies and individuals in the Contractual staffing and Services domain.

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10 Dabbawalla facts that'll stun you!

  2. This presentation on DABBAWALLAS is an effort byONCONTRACT.comIndia’s largest online contract staffing marketplace.
  3. DABBAWALLASare not employees! Each dabbawalla is an entrepreneur & an equal shareholder in the Dabbawalla Trust.
  4. DABBAWALLAS’is a flat organization Yet there is a team lead for every 25-30 dabbawallas, chosen from the team, by the team!
  5. STRICTCODE of CONDUCT Always carry ID No alcohol Gandhi topi NO undercutting
  6. 5,000DABBAWALLAS cover60 sq. & around Mumbai
  7. 200,000 deliveries 400,000 transactions EVERY DAY!
  8. 1 in 16 million ERROR RATE(Better than)Image:
  9. 98% on-timemany-to-many combinations
  10. 5,000Say NO to motorvehicles, AvoidpollutionSAVE COSTS Image:
  11. 35 clients eachEveryone makes the same money!
  12. Show me the MONEY! Annual turnover is INR 50 crores