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Personal Branding And Your Job Search


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A presentation I gave to the OCNSG on Personal Branding during a job search; what to do and what to avoid.

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Personal Branding And Your Job Search

  1. 1. Personal BrandingWhat you need to know about BRAND “YOU” when looking for a Job.Jeff QuandtInbound Marketing Consultant
  2. 2. Something to Think About
  3. 3. So what does YOUR Brand Look Like?
  4. 4. You as a “Brand”Are You theProduct?Are You theService?
  5. 5. Really…You are… The Solution
  6. 6. Marketing BasicsThe Four P’s Product P Price P Packaging Promotion
  7. 7. Product YOU What do you want to be? Skills Abilities
  8. 8. Price YOUHow much do you wantto make?Now?Future?
  9. 9. Packaging YOU Appearance Business Cards Resume Cover Letter Elevator Speech Email Address
  10. 10. Business Cards
  11. 11. Elevator Speech Make it memorable Make it short Repeat your name Practice, but sound “real”
  12. 12. Promotion YOUIt’s All AboutNetworking10%Social Networks
  13. 13. Let’s Talk About LinkedIn Profile Complete What Others See Professional Photo Sharing Posts Involved In Groups Follow Companies
  14. 14. ProfessionalPhotoCustomize Titlewith a BenefitNetworkUpdatesExperienceEducationRecommendationsConnectionsLinksPublic Profile
  15. 15. SummarySell YourselfPacked withKeywords Specialties
  16. 16. ExperienceAdd benefitsAccomplishment
  17. 17. LinkedIn Branding TipsParticipate in Groups/Discussions Answer QuestionsSection`s Applications• Skills • Blog Link• Certifications • Reading List• Honors and Awards • Box Net• Volunteer Service • SlideShare• Patents • Real Estate Pro
  18. 18. Let’s Talk About Facebook Find a Job? Profile
  19. 19. What You Can DoFollow CompaniesEngage in the conversationAsk questionsNetwork with people at thecompany on Facebook
  20. 20. Your Facebook Profile
  21. 21. The Dark Side
  22. 22. Yes, There is Dark Side to Social Media How Open Are You? What are your Privacy Settings? Can someone Tag you? What have you said in the past?
  23. 23. Why Would Someone Hire YOU?
  24. 24. How Do You Build Trust?
  25. 25. Discovering Your Brand
  26. 26. Social media is about Conversations Listening Engaging Publishing Not a Replacement
  27. 27. Another way to increase your Brand
  28. 28. BlogsGet PublishedBe a SMEShareMore personal
  29. 29. LINKS Cross Links
  30. 30. Questions
  31. 31. Jeff QuandtInbound Marketing Consultant W L T @jefflquandt B