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Alternative Work Area in BCM


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Alternative Work Area in BCM

  1. 1. A small handout onAlternative Work Area inBusinessContinuityManagement About Author Amit Abhyankar AVP & Practice Head - BCP Amit Abhyankar is an AVP and a Practice Head for Omnitech’s Business Continuity Services division. He has a total of 20 years of professional experience, of which, the past 4 years have been exclusively spent in developing the Business Continuity Services for Omnitech. His present role as a Practice Head involves evangelizing BCM, business development, driving top line as well bottom line growth for the division and identifying strategic geographical locations where Omnitech can o er Business Continuity Services to aJanuary 2011 global clientele. He has recently been awarded the Member grade by the
  2. 2. 01IntroductionAs businesses become increasingly competitive, the pressure of being able to meet customer and regulatory mandates increases multifold.Compliances such as BASEL II, HIPAA, and SOX cannot be wished away. Add to this, Corporate Governance policies and stricter SLAs and wehave a perfect recipe for insomnia!While most CIOs would be confident about the resilience of their IT systems, one needs to introspect honestly whether their CEOs exude thesame confidence with respect to availability of ‘personnel’ and ‘processes’ during potential outages.Pillars of Business ContinuityCIOs are responsible for IT Disaster Recovery (DR) plans but theseplans generally do not cover People and Processes since it’s beyondscope.DR focuses on recovery of Data and Equipment. But Business Continu-ity Management (BCM) is an inclusive term and a superset of DR.Hence, IT teams must realize that while they may have IT DR in place,they may not have resilience at business level.Two additional pillars ensuring successful recovery are ‘People’ and‘Processes’. For both one may need a formal site known as AlternateWork Area and the strategy of keeping such recovery sites in‘perpetual readiness’ is called Work Area Recovery (WAR) prepared-ness. There are schools of thought that profess ‘work from home’ orother ad hoc solutions which may be effective but not necessarilyrobust and bound by SLAs.A typical Work AreaRecovery SiteAn ‘alternate site’ is an arrangement done to continue work at alternate premises in case of an outage. Such a site has to address the require-ments for recovery of Processes, Equipments and People pillars adequately to qualify as a WAR site as follows Processes – Workstations, access to applications, databases, voice solutions, resilient power (UPS+DG Set) determined by the process RTOs ICT – Structured cabling, networking equipment, resilient connectivity, communication infrastructure, reprographics, NOC Security – Secured access, physical and logical security, Intelligent Building Management Systems, SOC People – Ergonomic furniture, on-demand medical assistance, R&R (Recuperation & Recreation) Cafeteria, Dormitory, TV, indoor gamesCopyright © 2011 Omnitech InfoSolutions Ltd Alternative Work Area in Business Continuity Management
  3. 3. 02BCM is more about PeoplePeople are likely to react differently, guided by circumstances and emotions. Even trained key personnel can fumble in adverse situations, feeldespair, or completely give-up. Worse-they may refuse to report to work, citing family priorities. This will lead to a complete collapse ofplanned recovery procedures as no organization has 100% automation and people dependence is inevitable.During outage, IT teams can simply switch pointers to the DRC but the process teams need to move to the alternate site, sometimes underadverse conditions such as fire, malicious insider attack, terror attack, or a catastrophe. They are likely to have witnessed loss of human lifeand the stress can be overwhelming. Under such conditions, simply ‘switching’ over to the alternate site and resuming operation can beextremely challenging!Experts across the world agree that BCM is all about people. To ensure that recovery strategies are implemented and executed successfullyone has to invest in people, training, motivation, and wellbeing.The R&R facilities of professional WAR sites will are much needed during these trying times, as they can help mitigate trauma and allow recov-ery personnel to focus more on given tasks and achieve the RTO and RPO as desired and bring about recovery.BCM InitiativesBy making BCM a Boardroom Agenda and driving it through a formal BCM policy is the surest way of ensuring BCM readiness.It has to get embedded in the organization’s culture! This involves training, practicing, learning from mistakes, carrying out Root Cause Analy-sis, followed by retraining.The organization should provide incentives to personnel to voluntarily become a part of BCM culture and reward employees who displayhigh level of enthusiasm.Way AheadWhile the approach to BCM is always a Science, its adaptation to meet the local compulsions will always remain an Art! However, ambiguitiescan be put to rest by referring to BS25999, which is the global standard, defined by BSI and accepted globally.Organizations have positions of independent BC Managers with clear career paths and certifications in BCM equip candidates with requisiteknowledge and qualifications.Protecting revenues through BCM is as important as focusing on growth. The dictum of “a penny saved is a penny earned” is relevant inbusiness as an outage may not only mean temporarily lost revenues but permanently lost reputation and customers.Copyright © 2011 Omnitech InfoSolutions Ltd Alternative Work Area in Business Continuity Management
  4. 4. 03About OmnitechOmnitech is a global IT solutions and services provider company in the areas of business availability, business continuity and businessenhancement services. With over 23 years of fostering client relationships, we at Omnitech are agile to establish the best global credentialsthrough world class quality certifications. Besides the conduct of ISO 9001:2008 Surveillance audit for quality management, we have alsogained ISO 20000, ISO 27001and BS 25999 standards.As an intensely technology focused company, Omnitech banks upon its ability to anticipate and address IT requirements across business ina cost effective manner. Omnitech InfoSolutions helps customers to align their IT with their business goals and offers value added services atdifferent phases of their IT planning and deployment cycle. We help them to derive optimum utilization of their IT resources and lower theircost of operations. Within the broad direction, Omnitech innovates in order to compete successfully. Emerging as a pioneer in businesscontinuity services, Omnitech introduced first of its kind disaster recovery centre in India meeting all the global standards, thereby demon-strating both its knowledge of technology and skills of implementation. Copyright All content / information present here is the exclusive property of Omnitech InfoSolutions Ltd. The content / information contained here is correct at the time of publishing. No material from here should be copied, modified, reproduced, republished, uploaded, transmitted, posted or distributed in any form without prior written permission from Omnitech InfoSolutions Ltd. Unauthorized use of the content / information appearing here may violate copyright, trademark and other applicable laws, and could result in criminal or civil penalties. Copyright © 2011 Omnitech InfoSolutions Ltd. Disclaimer The views presented in this document are the personal views/opinions of the author and not of the organization he represents and is only informative in nature. It is neither purported to be relied upon nor be used as a substitute for specific professional advice.Copyright © 2011 Omnitech InfoSolutions Ltd Alternative Work Area in Business Continuity Management