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Product Innovation: from an idea to a GO / NO GO decision


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Published in: Engineering
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Product Innovation: from an idea to a GO / NO GO decision

  1. 1. Product Innovation From an Idea to a GO / NO GO decision
  2. 2. What is the need? Laser precision Focus Verify the need Invest all your energy on this step. In god we trust, all the rest must bring DATA!
  3. 3. The Solution? ● Elevator pitch Clarify the “HOW” in one sentence. ● Be clear and specific.
  4. 4. User Story ● Who is your persona (specific end customer)? ● Ignore the market segment size (in this step) ● Visualize the “HOW”
  5. 5. Competition Analysis ● Compare the high level features. ● Must have an “Edge” on the competition (differentiation) .
  6. 6. Business Model? ● Assume the person in front of you know the numbers better than you. ● Choose your Business model wisely - hard to change later. ● Business model should correlate with the solution characteristics .
  7. 7. Expected Challenges? ● You are not expected to solve everything on day 1.
  8. 8. Your Vision? ● Give me a reason to invest in you.