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How to convert fans into leads with facebook


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How to convert fans into leads with facebook

  1. 1. How to convert fans into leads with Facebook Paulina Podbiello
  2. 2. The importance of Social Network• In the U.S., about 100 million unique visitors use the social network every month.• Many business owners are among them, using Facebook profiles to promote their companies and create customer communities.• For some entrepreneurs, and business owners social networks have also become a useful advertising platform.
  3. 3. How to get new likes• Status updates with strong calls to action• Video marketing that adds a personal touch• Facebook contests that get the lead• Facebook advertising
  4. 4. Status updates with strong calls to action
  5. 5. Facebook contests
  6. 6. Choosing your target• Facebook lets you pick and choose which groups you would like your ads to reach.• Companies can target ads based on a users profile information, such as age, gender, location, college, relationship status, and interests.• You can choose to target people who are fans of your companys Facebook page or friends of your fans.
  7. 7. Target Market
  8. 8. Facebook Ad:• Facebook ads are shown on the right-hand side of a person’s profile and news feed. These show as ads from particular companies.• Facebook Ad is a very simple form of an ad which can send the visitor to an external page or your own Facebook page.
  9. 9. Landing Page
  10. 10. Sending a page visitor to your Facebook page:• You need to follow a different procedure to create an ad to promote your Facebook page.• You need to select your business page instead of selecting the destination. The ad platform will then give you three options:
  11. 11. Facebook TimelineWhen you’re promoting your Facebook businesspage, you can select the “Landing View”, whichis the page that your page visitor will land onafter clicking on your ad.Sending people to your Timeline where they cansee your company’s progress and like your pageeasily would be best to garner more page likes.
  12. 12. Example Facebook Landing View
  13. 13. Top Facebook Ads✓Promoted Posts (News Feed, Fans and Friendsof Fans)✓Page Post Ads (News Feed and right-column,for Fans and non-Fans and are the most socialad type)✓Facebook Offers (News Feed, Fans and non-Fans, go directly into personal email accounts)
  14. 14. Promoted posts:• Promoting a post that’s already there on your Facebook page brings you more visibility for a great deal, event, image or announcement. It sends users back to the offer on your Facebook page and helps in increasing engagement on the post.
  15. 15. Promoted Post
  16. 16. Page Post Ads• The page post ad is simply promoting a post your page has already made on your wall.• There are two types of ads Premium ads and Marketplace ads.• Premium ads are able to boost six different types of Page posts: video, photo, link, question, event, and text.• Marketplace ads come in four varieties, including Standard, Like and Event ads that are similar to the premium versions.
  17. 17. Page Post Video Good Example• Body copy: 90 characters, remainder truncated.• Video thumbnail: 185 x 104 px• (Premium)• YouTube thumbnail: 104 x 104 px• (Premium)• Video thumbnail: 128x72 px• (Marketplace• YouTube thumbnail: 96x72 px• (Marketplace)
  18. 18. Page Post Video Bad Example• It is unclear what the viewer will watch when he/she clicks on the thumbnail.• Text is longer than 90 characters.• Thumbnails are unclear,unrecognizable, and/or are text heavy.
  19. 19. Page Post Photo Good Example• Body copy: 90 characters,remainder truncated• (Clicking the truncation willopen up the full post)• Photo: 168x128 px (Premium),• 118x90 px (Marketplace)
  20. 20. Page Post Photo Bad Example• Images are unclear, unrecognizable, and/or have been stretched out• The text in the body of the ad is irrelevant to the image in the ad
  21. 21. Link Post Ads Good Example• Body copy: 90 characters, remaindertruncated (Clicking the truncationwill open up the full post)• Link image: 75x 75 px thumbnail(Premium)• Link image: 50 x 50 px thumbnail(Marketplace)
  22. 22. Link Post Ads Bad Example• Link is included in the URL of thePost. (Note: ‘Backspace’ can beused to delete the URL of the link,and the link will still appear.)
  23. 23. Page post (Question) Good ExampleSpecs: Up to 3 answers plus“See More” option, or 4 if thereare exactly 4 (Premium)Up to 2 answers plus “SeeMore” option, or 3 if thereare exactly 3 (Marketplace)
  24. 24. Page Post (Question) Bad Example• Question is notunique to thebrand; it is genericand can be askedby several otherbrands.
  25. 25. Page Post Event Good Example• Body copy: 90 characters, remaindertruncatedEvent created by Page and thenresulting post turned into ad; bothimage and body copy pulled directlyfrom Event• Event Image: 75x75 px (Premium),• 50x50 px (Marketplace)
  26. 26. Page Post Event Bad Example• There is no image, date, or timemarked in this event.Text is longer than90 characters.
  27. 27. Promoted Posts vs. Page Post Ads
  28. 28. Facebook OffersCertain businesses, brands and organizationscan share discounts with their customers byposting an offer on their Facebook PageTo claim an offer, all you need to do is click GetOffer from the story anywhere you see it onFacebook.
  29. 29. Facebook offers
  30. 30. Testing• Ad prices on Facebook are determined by auction, as they are on Google AdWords.• You can pay based on either the number of times people see the ad or the number of times people actually click on it.
  31. 31. Budget
  32. 32. More Testing• Facebook keeps tabs on how many times your ads are shown and the number of clicks they receive.• But it doesnt track what users do after they click -- did they make purchases or just browse and move on.• Therefore, return on investment is not immediately trackable.
  33. 33. Success StoriesHubSpot: Generating Sales Leads on FacebookWith Facebook Ads they generated more onlineleads for their all-in-one marketing software, whichresulted in a 71% increase in sales from Facebook in3 months.Results from Facebook over 3 months• 71% increase in overall sales• 15% increase in return on investment• 39% increase in traffic to their website
  34. 34. Success StoriesAwakening NY Generating Sales Leads on FacebookWith Facebook Ads they generated more onlineleads for classes, which resulted in a 45%increase in membership sales from Facebook in3 months.Results from Facebook over 3 months• 45% increase in overall sales• 5% increase in return on investment• 30% increase in traffic to their website
  35. 35. Thank You!Paulina Podbiello347 286 6448Social Media