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2.2 Talent Management Program


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2.2 Talent Management Program

  1. 1. Talent Management Program
  2. 2. Overview Purpose Allow selected key government MDAs to attract, recruit, utilize and retain talent in the civil service. Build common civil service ethos. Expected results - Support formulation of key government strategies, policies and regulations - Strengthen senior and mid-level management capacity - Improved human resource management and organizational reform and change management - Strengthened M&E, project oversight and contract management
  3. 3. What talent? Two Tracks: • Entry-level Program: skilled university graduates and young professionals with 1-2 years work experience • Mid/Senior-level Program: skilled professional with substantive work experience from within or outside the civil service  Need to carefully define minimum requirements and entry criteria for existing civil servants
  4. 4. Suggested Priority Staffing Areas 1) Management Stream: e.g. Director, Manager 2) Policy and regulatory functions: e.g. Policy Analyst, Economist, Livestock expert 3) Human Resource & Change Management: HR Manager, HR Analyst, Organisational reform / change management expert 4) M&E and project oversight: M&E Analyst, Project Officer Define scheme of service for these categories of staff PFM and procurement could be added later
  5. 5. Priority Institutions • Limit to selected institutions - clear access criteria necessary – Critical role in economic management or service delivery to Somali people – Role in strengthening core government work processes (HRM, Policy, M&E) • Clear mandate and functions, e.g. organisational assessment has been carried out with proposal for re-structuring and staffing • Reform progress, e.g. achievement of reform benchmarks
  6. 6. Remuneration & Contract Status • Develop scheme of service with defined responsibilities & minimum requirements • Define pay level for different grades (entry level to senior level) • Pay scales based on comparative market survey and affordability for GoSL budget  Need to define Contract status Need clear criteria to avoid wage inflation How to deal with applications from inside?
  7. 7. Financing of TMP • Financed by GoSL budget  separate budget line for TMP allowances • On payroll and registered in HRMIS (need to clarify contract status) • World Bank Project Results Based Financing Instrument can co-finance TMP budget • But: GoSL advances costs and World Bank co- finance, i.e. GoSL needs to contribute its own resources (sustainability!)
  8. 8. Implementation Arrangements Dedicated team with suggested functions: • Outreach to ministries to help identify staffing needs and prepare TMP request • Recruitment, placement, contracting • Coordinate performance monitoring of TMP staff • Coordinate training and CD activities for TMP
  9. 9. Staffing requirements TMP Administration requires dedicated staffing: - TMP Coordinator - HR Manager - HR Officer - Performance Management Officer - TMP Payroll Officer
  10. 10. Implementation Arrangements Implementation Committee or Sub-Committee responsible for ensuring technical oversight over the TMP • Endorse prioritization and sequencing plan for the TMP for approval by the Steering Committee • Review proposed staffing plans for priority institutions, • Review ministry reform progress as pre-condition for additional staffing support • Prepare progress reports and propose necessary adjustments to the TMP for approval by the Steering Committee.
  11. 11. Implementation Arrangements Recruitment and staffing team in CSC Functions: Management and Administration of CIM; M&E of CIM; Secretariat to the Implementation Committee Implementation Committee Functions: reviews and discusses operational procedures and recruitment plans; PSR Steering Committee Functions: provides overall strategic direction Line Ministries TA to support recruitment function (incl. advertisement, selection, on- boarding) Independent M&E Agent to verify recruitment, payroll mgmt, performance monitoring
  12. 12. Key workflows Key workflows to be defined: • Recruitment and selection • Contracting and pay administration • Payroll management • On-boarding and induction • Performance monitoring
  13. 13. “First wave” of TMP recruits - Example • Strengthening of CSC TMP team (x5) • Strengthening of CSC Payroll Monitoring & HRMIS function (x4) • Strengthening of HR function in target institutions: e.g. HR Director, HR Officer (x8) • Re-organisation: e.g. Institutional Development & Change Management Expert (x4) • Total: 21 new recruitments for year 1