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Making smarter decisions


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This is part of the workshop on group decision making, that was done at a Meetup on the 13/2/2017 @CyberArk

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Making smarter decisions

  1. 1. Making smarter decisions: Group Decision Making 13/2/2017 Meetup @CyberArk, Omer Meshar,
  2. 2. Idea based on Sebastian Radics’s post in “OnTheAgilePath” blog, on Efficient group decisions using the 7 levels of decision making – an agile coach must have:
  3. 3. Why make group decisions? Higher quality decisions More alternatives More information More understanding and alignment Diversity of views Empowerment and growth Commitment and acceptance Higher quality decisions
  4. 4. Why not? Time consuming Delays and ill feeling possible Domination by individuals Pressure to conform Ambiguous responsibility Time consuming
  5. 5. So what do we do?
  6. 6. Facilitation
  7. 7. Group making decision method When to apply? Majority Super majority Delegation Multi voting Consent Consensus Experiment Let’s see when to use
  8. 8. Group making decision method Details Majority A simple majority is enough to decide (>50%) Super majority The team decides on a threshold which needs to be reached (>66% for example) Delegation The team delegates the decision to an expert, manager or any volunteer Multi voting The team votes on several options Consent Either everyone is in favor or don’t care. One against is enough for a Veto Consensus Everyone is in favor. One that is not sure is enough for a Veto Experiment Don’t decide yet, first experiment a few options Explanations