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California Earthquakes


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Published in: Technology
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California Earthquakes

  1. 1. By: SwimmerWriterGirl
  2. 2. San Andrea Fault Line The reason of California earth quakes.
  3. 3. San Andre as Fault This is the same thing as the last slide, but in map form.
  4. 4. Evidence of a Serious Earthquake Unlike the earthquakes listed in the chart above this particular earthquake is serious and probably would be rated an eight on the Richter scale. This particular earthquake is in San Francisco
  5. 5. A Fault Line in the Middle of Road Sometimes you can see evidence of the tectonic plates moving(besides the crashed buildings and panicked people) this is one piece of evidence. This is in California.
  6. 6. The Richter Scale This is the scale that the intensity of the earth quake is based on.
  7. 7. Hope you enjoyed watching and learned new things!