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Yab alcohol damages the teenage brain


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Yab alcohol damages the teenage brain

  1. 1. Alcohol Damages the Teenage Brain
  2. 2. Anyone younger than 21 cannot legally consume or purchase alcohol Adults who administer alcohol can be arrested Heavy consequences Up to two years behind bars $5,000 fine It’s Illegal
  3. 3. The human brain takes 23-25 years to fully develop. Inhibiting this process through underage drinking can lead to permanent consequences. Affects on the Teen
  4. 4. Alcohol-related car crashes kill someone every 31 minutes. Yearly, the reparations for crime, crashes, injuries and death due to underage drinking cost the state of Georgia $1.7 billion. Affects on the Community
  5. 5. Risky Behaviors Youth who don’t drink Youth who drink provided by parents Youth who drink without permission Lied to parents about whereabouts 31% 71% 85% Engaged in consensual sexual activity 13% 54% 56% Stole from a store 15% 41% 55% Skipped school 8% 39% 47% Risky Behaviors of Teens
  6. 6. “Teens are going to drink anyway – it’s a rite of passage.” Most teens do NOT drink. 70% of high school students said they do not drink alcohol. “It’s safer for teens to drink at my home than elsewhere.” Adult supervised drinking results in more Mythbusters of Underage Drinking
  7. 7. Create a positive, loving home environment. Talk about the risks of underage drinking. Know your teen’s friends and activities. Ensure an alcohol-free environment. Parents can stop teen drinking
  8. 8. I got invited to a party - can I go? Ask if a parent that you trust will be there. Follow up with a phone call! If alcohol is so bad, why do you drink? Explain that adults drink for different reasons It is legal for adults to drink the adult brain is fully developed Be an example of low-risk drinking choices “You don’t have to drink to be popular” Why is alcohol bad for me? Don’t use scare tactics. Explain that alcohol can damage growing brains and How to Answer FAQs from Teens
  9. 9. Eat dinner together regularly. Keep track of the alcohol in your home. Count it and lock it up. Surround your child with positive role models. What can you do to prevent underage drinking?
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