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Creating Emotional Connections – One Customer at a Time


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Within marketing, we often focus on rational arguments and business values, but customers are driven by emotions and personal values. In fact, research shows that people are up to five times more likely to purchase based on an emotional response (over time). Join us to learn how Dell is putting emotional marketing into action. In this session, we'll present how Dell has gradually evolved its marketing communications to be more emotionally driven across channels.

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Creating Emotional Connections – One Customer at a Time

  1. 1. Driving Emotional Connections in the Customer Lifecycle Jessica Vogel
  2. 2. “The pace at which customers increase their share-of-wallet intent is dramatically increased when there’s an emotional connection.” - Andy Frawley
  3. 3. Emotional marketing is the practice of building brands that appeal directly to a consumer's emotional state, needs and aspirations.
  4. 4. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential4 Logical responses require cognitive effort but emotional responses are automatic “The very point of choice is arguably always based on emotion”* * Rational benefits appeal to logic/reason such as functional benefits: – Performance – Cost – Structure/Order – Outcome – Sensibility – Efficiency Emotional benefits appeal to the feeling caused by the functional benefits, done consciously or unconsciously. – Power – Achievement – Security – Self-improvement – Joy – Status – Style – Pride Rider: The conscious, verbal, thinking brain Elephant: The automatic, emotional, visceral brain The Happiness Hypothesis, Jonathan Haidt
  5. 5. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential5 Purchases are driven by personal value and emotion Insights • People are up to 5 times more likely to purchase based on an emotional response* (over time). • Within marketing we often focus on rational arguments and business value, but customers are driven by emotions and personal value. • Purchasing is emotional due to heightened personal risk, especially due to losing time, credibility, employment. The greater the personal risk, the more buyers attach to brands that can eliminate it. * Andy Frawley, Igniting Customer Connection Business Value Personal Value • Functional benefits • Business outcomes • Professional benefits (e.g., promotion) • Social benefits (e.g., popularity) • Emotional benefits (e.g., confidence) n= 3,0 0 0 . Source: CEB/Motista Survey; CEB analysis. a Familiarity, consideration, p reference, purchase, repeat purchase, p remium payment, internal advocacy, ex ternal advocacy. Percentage Lift 0 % 25 % 50 % 42.6% 21.4%
  6. 6. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential6 Generally speaking, transactional marketing messages are heavily focused on rational value Insights  The majority of transactional messages tend to be focused on transactional offers using rational messaging.  Lack of usage of emotional messaging does not differentiate on a personal level or build loyalty. Recommendations  Audit current messaging & integrate more emotional messaging, placing greater emphasis on personal value, focusing on emotions that resonate with your organization, for ex:  Leverage content like video, ratings & reviews, awards & case studies – anticipation – joy – trust – security – social proof Buy Rational (Product Value) Emotional (Personal Value) Loyalty
  7. 7. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential7 Dell Computer Commercial “Dave, you heard about the new initiative. It’s about cost cutting…” “Smart move, Dave. We could use you in accounting. Call me!” “…with Dell, everything’s more flexible … and that cuts costs…” Emotional Value Dell Latitude E6000 Premier Business Laptops Commercial Logical/Rational Value “For go-anywhere productivity, rely on the Latitude E6000 series of business- class laptops.” “…designed to meet every task across the entire company… “…deploys quickly and securely to keep your company moving in the right direction.” Emotional marketing in action at Dell
  8. 8. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential8 Recent Dell US Commercial test proves theory that emotional messaging makes an impact. Unemotional Messages V1 - Control V2 - Emotional Control headline generated 0.00% of total clicks Test headline generated 12.50% of total clicks Version Headline Version 1; control Migrate and modernize your IT now. Version 2; emotional The clock is ticking. Don’t sacrifice your time by waiting. Start migrating now. Insights Lifts – Open Rate = 13% – Unique CTR = 18% – Unique CTOR = 35% *statistical significance was not reached due to volume
  9. 9. It is important to appeal to consumers' emotions when crafting marketing messages. Copywriting should accomplish two goals: it should make consumers feel something & it should make them act on those feelings.
  10. 10. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential10 Dell’s brand voice formula your audience in a meaningfu l way them how Dell can help
  11. 11. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential11 Key to empower internal stakeholders with both an understanding of the importance of emotion along with specific guidelines and examples for internal usage. Copywriting tips Source: 40 10 common emotional triggers: Fear 1. Guilt 2. Trust 3. Value 4. Belonging 5. Competition 6. Instant gratification 7. Leadershi p 8. Trend- setting 9. Time 10.
  12. 12. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential12 Applying emotion to transactional marcom Rational Migrate and modernize your IT now Shop now for secure, reliable technology for your business Accelerate data center transformation Two day sale. major savings ahead ▶ $250 savings on PCs + free tablet offer Get Windows 10 PCs - delivered tomorrow Emotional The clock is ticking. Don’t sacrifice your time by waiting. Start migrating now. Give your office that new technology smell. Big savings you’ll be proud to share with your boss Your family will thank you. Great tech at amazing prices. ▶ Don’t be the last to know | Palm-sized desktop? Believe it. Fall in ♥ with Windows again
  13. 13. An Evolution: Bringing Emotion into the Visual DNA
  14. 14. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential14 Develop a visual identity centered around emotional connection The Manifesto: Like everyone, we have people who inspire us. The only difference is we have a few more than most. Millions in fact. All doing amazing things, big and small, with our technology. Inventing, processing, designing, and organizing better worlds. Or just better afternoons. And we love that. Whether it’s day-changing or life-changing. We’re just excited to be a part. It’s half the reason we do what we do. The other half? Hoping that we might inspire them, too. Dell. We love your work.
  15. 15. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential15 New visual identity will roll out the emotional connection across all touchpoints. The concept drives strong favorability and perceptions of Dell as a maker of modern technology • Drives strong shifts in brand perceptions, with the strongest consumer shift in “new and interesting technology” (SB varies) • Top brand personality traits are Creative, Innovative and Modern The concept drives strong interest and makes majority of respondents like Dell more • People feel very positive about the idea that Dell celebrates what people do, suggesting the “We love your work” message should be strengthened whenever possible
  16. 16. Dell - Internal Use - Confidential16 Recent Lifecycle Marketing emotional messaging
  17. 17. What if a company could use math and science to auto- generate marketing messages for us?