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Voluntary work


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Voluntary work challenges in Syria

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Voluntary work

  1. 1. Meet our little friend … You can called him Tom …
  2. 2. Meet our little friend … You can called him Tom … Hi!
  3. 3. Always setting ….
  4. 4. Ho Hum… Always setting …
  5. 5. I’m bored … and don’t know what to do …
  6. 6. One day he found something interesting ….
  7. 7. Volunteer?He found a word called ….
  8. 8. To many question with no answer !!!!
  9. 9. Lets go … To answer this question, We need to know/understand..
  10. 10. What does volunteer means? •Gives (Energy – Talents) •Willing to learn •Has the freedom of choice
  11. 11. What is voluntary work? •Support the community •Nothing in return
  12. 12. Why People Volunteer? Satisfaction from accomplishment To gain leadership skills Because they were asked To do something different from their job To get to know a community To be the challenged To be part of a team To feel proud To share a skill To learn something new To donate their professional skills To act out a fantasy To have an impact As therapy For fun! To keep busy To make new friends
  13. 13. iVolunteer
  14. 14. Hum… He was thinking why I can’t be a volunteer…
  15. 15. I can do it
  16. 16. With what to start? He Start thinking … What am I good at? …
  17. 17. iInitiative
  18. 18. iInitiative
  19. 19. Yeah!
  20. 20. around-the-world/