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Nile river


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Nile river

  1. 1. What is the Nile river• The Nile river is the longest river in the world• The Nile river gets its name from the Greek word “nelios” which means valley• The Nile river is actually 6695 kilometers (4148 miles) long
  2. 2. Where is the Nile river• The Nile river and its tributaries, the white Nile and the blue Nile run through nine countries .• The white Nile flows through Uganda, Sudan and Egypt.• The blue Nile flows through Burundi,Rwanda,Kenya,Zai -re,Tanzanian and Ethiopia.
  3. 3. Where is the source of the Nile• Lake victoria in Uganda (which is Africans biggest lake) is thought to be the main source of the Nile• Lake Tana in Ethiopia.• Both feeders passes through waterfalls in Sudan then in Egypt in lake Nasser .
  4. 4. Why did the Egyptians live by the Nile• The Nile provide food like: fish & water• Because of its annual flooding• The Nile also enriched the surrounding soil with Nile silt which make the soil fertile
  5. 5. Papyrus Reeds• papyrus reeds grew along side the Nile• Papyrus used to make paper for writing and drawing• We can used also papyrus for making boats which was the fastest form of transportation
  6. 6. Fishing and hunting• The Egyptians used the nets and spears to catch the fish along the Nile• They can also used nets to catch birds which flew close along the water’s surface
  7. 7. Flooding• The river Nile flooded every year between June and September• The heavy summer rain in the Ethiopian mountains sent lots of water to the banks of the Nile river in Egypt to over flow on the flat dessert land• The Nile doesn’t flood today due to building the high dam in Aswan in 1970
  8. 8. Thank you ByOmar Khattab