Managing Your Online Reputation


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Managing Your Online Reputation

  1. 1. How Online CustomerReviews Can Impact Your Local Business By: Omar Jackson Phone: 347-357-1763 LOGO
  2. 2. Why Customer Reviews Are So Important  People go online first to search for local products and services  Consumers post negative and positive feedback about businesses online  Other consumers rely on this feedback from other customers to help them make purchasing decisions
  3. 3. Why Customer Reviews Are So Important  An ample amount of reviews will help you get new customers  No reviews – or mostly “negative” reviews will hurt your ability to get new customers  Reviews can help your business flourish or become critically challenged
  4. 4. Let’s Take a Look at Some Numbers72% of Consumers Trust Reviews WHY Your Online 52% are More Likely to Use a Local Business with Positive Reputation and Reviews Customer Reviews 27% of Consumers Regularly Use Online Reviews to Make MATTER Decisions about Businesses Repmedia LLC
  5. 5. Encourage Your Customers to Leave Reviews  The more online reviews your business has, the better  Avoid “fake” reviews at all costs  Simply “ask” your satisfied customers to leave online reviews for your company
  6. 6. ASK Your Customers for Reviews  Ask customers who come into your establishment to go online to leave a review  Setup an “onsite” review station at your checkout counter or front desk  Ask for reviews on the back of receipts, pamphlets, menus, etc.
  7. 7. ASK Your Customers for Reviews  Ask for reviews in your email autoresponder messages that go out to your customer list  Ask for reviews in your direct mail materials  Ask for reviews on your social media profiles… Just don’t be afraid to ASK!
  8. 8. Make it EASY for Your Customers  Provide links to your review site profiles on your website  Give your customers tips about leaving online reviews  Provide great products and top-notch service to make your customers WANT to leave a great review for your company
  9. 9. Ask Them to Leave Reviews on Multiple Sites  Ask customers to leave reviews on multiple sites – not just one  Review Sites:  Google+ Local  Yahoo Local  Yelp  Superpages  Citysearch  And more!
  10. 10. How Negative Reviews Can HURT  There will be “some” negative reviews, which is good as long as they’re not overpowering  Don’t ignore negative reviews; otherwise, you could come off as “uncaring”  Don’t argue with negative reviewers as it could enhance the negative impact
  11. 11. How to Respond to Negative Reviews  Do not panic or over-react to negative reviews; it’s bound to happen  Assess the situations carefully and resolve any issues with unhappy customers  Do not “argue” with your unhappy customers  Post your responses publicly so your customers and potential customers see that you actually care
  12. 12. How to Build and Maintain a Positive Image  Register your business on as many review sites as possible  Monitor all of your review site profiles  Respond to all reviews, which allows you to engage with your customers as well as show that you care  Google your business name to see what type of comments come up in the results
  13. 13. How to Build and Maintain a Positive Image  Create a blog and other content related to your business consistently to create more “positive” content that will rank high in the search engines  Be consistent and post often for best results  This will help push down any negative reviews and comments Contact Omar for help 347-357-1763
  14. 14. If you would like more information about howto handle negative online customer reviews or how to build a strong, positive online reputation, contact me today! Omar Jackson LOGO 347-357-1763