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5th Generation Technology


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Overview about the expectations on the Fifth generation (5G)

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5th Generation Technology

  1. 1. Overview of fifth-generation wireless technology (5th G) Prepared By : Omar Adnan Isaid
  2. 2. The beginning • In partnership with Samsung, the world's largest electronics company, and Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant, Yanikomeroglu is helping to pioneer the futuristic fifth generation of wireless communications (5G) which will offer unprecedented levels of connectivity and speed to users around the world. Though it's still in the research phase, 5G is expected to be implemented in about 10 to 15 years.
  3. 3. 5g better in quality of covering MSs • In previous generations Hexagon-cells pattern means to build more and more base stations to fulfill more and more subscribers in more and more areas that is not cost effective solution and not true in case of 5G
  4. 4. Telepresence (hologram) applications • 5G will provide a degree of reliability and a high data rate ,that a virtual 3D object can be with us in the real life • Doctor at USA but he his/her virtual body at ASU in Jordan discussing material and may shouting due to bad results !!
  5. 5. Deficiencies of Hexagon-pattern cells • One of the basics if previous generations to have a BS covers hexagon cell with specified diameter providing broadcasting WLAN • Hexagon –cells pattern sufferes from the problems , that mobility outside the MN hexagon further and further of BS means to slower and slower data rate till signals loose completely and so the data rate
  6. 6. Multi-hop Technology • 5G solved the previous problems • ,5G intended to have point to point connection , that each MN can act as base station • The signal frequency can jump from point-to- point connection to be used in another point- to-point connection
  7. 7. World Wide Wireless Web(WWWW) • 4G brings us to the limit that any MN can access any radio interface with any wireless technology but NOT bring us to WWWW that can be reached by 5G • At 5G the frequencies can be used in the efficient manner ,which IP packet can use WWW resources
  8. 8. 4G and previous generations keep resources wasted • 4G MN roaming in heterogeneous Network and shall ge service from ONLY one that the most preferable radio access network at a time • Omar at the home browsing web pages , ”Omar” uses the resources specified for Wi-Fi /ADSL • resources reserved for other technologies can not be used by “Omar” IPhoneof
  9. 9. Mix-bandwidth technology in 5G to stop resources wasting • Request can come from a network and the replay from another network • “Omar” can send request web page from WiFi ADSL network and get replay from 4G network
  10. 10. No more wasting resources at 5G
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