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  • E-business solution  Webbing & Automating the admin business processes on a common a platform.......
  • Admin e business solution

    1. 1. Dear Business Professors & Decision Makers… I'm wishing you are in successful business challenging times..$$$$ I would like to thank you for sharing with me your expensive time & experienced attention to represent my prototype of automating & webbing the enterprise administration resources… The Admin E-Business Solutions© Enhance The Enterprise Performance Management To Achieve Positive 8.3% ROIs (4th Quarter of Implementation, Reported, Proofed & Measured) Omar Hamed Management Analyst, Process Mining E-Business Developer Social Media Strategist +201144855550 N:B As Results; You will insure your business will benefit from the profiting tight control of MARGINs, REVENUEs, PERFORMANCEs, EXPENSEs, LEARNING, CAPITAL REALTIONS and CASH. Potential Partners Capture & Submit®
    2. 2.  Improve Decision Making Process In Real Time,  Reduce Costs 18% & Going Green 80%,  Increase The Direct Revenues & Customer Satisfaction,  Speed Up The Enterprise Informative Engine,  Transparent Cashflow & Budgeting Auto-Analysis and  Enhance The Internal Communication, Productivity & Loyalty. 1. AdminPoint Checklist. 2. Functions Navigation Pane. 3. In-Action Dashboards. 4. E-Voucher. 5. Project Account Organizer. 6. Supply Chain Log. 7. Procurement, AP/AR. Admin WorkCenter DynamicERP 1.Admin Workflows. 2.My-Report. 3.New Expense. 4.New Purchase. 5.New Task. 6.Approvals & Requests. 7.My Account. MobileApplication My-Manager Mob App. Admin Portal Page 1.Admin Content Management. 2.E-Learning, R&D Installed Prog. 3.Employee Self-Service. 4.E-Commerce. 5.Mashup of Productivity. 6.Enterprise Global Newswire. 7.Workspace Blog &Galleries. 8.Innovation Zone, Talent Studio. EnterpriseSocialPlatform Admin E-Business Solutions© Towards… I ’m willing to develop the daily working structures of the administration department’s functionalities, processes, responsibilities, transactions & regular operations such as: The Entire Logistics Management, The Workplace Duties, The Reporting/Forecasting Systems, The Supply Chain Diversity & Tendering, The Procurement, Inventory & Distribution, The Manpower Collaboration & Job Description, The Production Knowledge & Surveys To Innovate, The HR Commitments, The KPIs/KPAs, The TRUE & Visible Info. System, Reducing Waste Continues Record, From... The Manual, The Static, The Paperwork, The Complex Analysis, The Solid Archiving, The Losing Times & The Offline Informative Center.
    3. 3.  A lot of Information Management, Hard Data For The Administrative Transactions,Records, Requisitions Balances, Performance Evaluation, Suppliers Documents & Manual AP/AR...etc. As well the administrators team have to provide the decision makers with the complete performance radar for the key operations status, pending/complete tasks, annual budgeting forecasting, the cashflow authorization & the reimbursements, the partners/internal connections strength & the accessibility to the archived data & performance dashboard, also they responsible to coordinate, manage & engage with the administrative services for the workforce initiatives… Actually The Administration Dept. Own The Following Primary/Critical/Monetary Transactions:-  Running The Workplace Process Management. Business Process Management (BPM)  Switching On The Workforce Productivity/Engagement. Human Capital Management (HCM) Workspace Virtualization So It Needs The business/project administration department & The facility management own the common -Essential- daily operations, duties, primary responsibilities, monetary transactions & the regular/repeated processes forward managing the internal working logistics & productivity environments such as: ⌂Administering The Workplace Functions ⌂Purchases ⌂Maintenance–Technicians ⌂Expenses ⌂Housekeeping-Security- Catering ⌂Inventory-Warehousing ⌂Account Payment / Receivable ⌂PRINCE2 Benchmark ⌂Mail Logistics ⌂Requisitions ⌂Equipment Life cycle - Job Cards ⌂Assets Accounting ⌂Supply Chain Management ⌂Partner Doc/Contract ⌂Meetings & Entertainment ⌂Healthcare ⌂Workspace Identities of Policies, Regulations…etc. Behind The Admin E-Business Solutions© (HCM to engage & response – BPM/Assets to manage & account) Towards Performance Visibility, Accountability, Analyzing & Archiving…
    4. 4. •Mob•Automation •Social•Auto Analysis Live KPIs Admin Content Management Global Leadership Electronic Management Webkit The Admin E-Business Solutions© + E-Management Web Kits© + In-Action Performance Dashboard© + Process Automation + My-Manager Mobile© + E-Voucher© Workflow + Open sources ERP/MRP/CRM + Employee Self Service + Supply Chain Log + Electronic Treasury & Kiosk Technologies + RSS, Social Networking & Omni-Channel + Admin Content Management© + R&D Installed Programs & E-learning Application + Gamification & Whitepaper Production + Employment Interaction Portals© & Meet The Boss Blog + Manpower Wellness Webinars© + Appraisal Soft Accounts© + Innovation Web Zone© + Products Libraries + UI/UX Infrastructures + Retailer & Point Of Sale Mobile Application + Workplace Galleries Capture & Submit®
    5. 5. Business Can Access To Success AnalyticDynamicERPSocialMobile My-Manager Application© Admin Performance Radar Managerial Auto-Analysis Administrators ERP Platform. {Tasks & Transactions Navigator }  Webbing The Workspace Affairs.  Employment Interaction Platform. { B2E Direct Engagement & Enhancement Of The Internal Communication}  Admin Processes Workflow. {E-Voucher &Transparent Cashflow} In-Action Dashboards. {Charts–Report–Filter–KPIs..etc} Simply Enterprise Can Achieve The Positive ROIs When… Admin Portal Page 1- Improve Decision Making 2- Automating Admin Resources 3- Admin Work-Center 4- Admin Content Management Admin Work-Center Capture & Submit®
    6. 6. 1-Solutions Orientations.  Develop The Administration Department‘s Operations, Responsibilities, Functionalities & Transactions . 2-Introduction.  How Admin E-Business Solutions© Will Improve The Organizational Capitals Performance ? 3-Aims & Objectives.  Capture&Submit Co. Will Enrich The Organizational Performance To Achieve 8.3% ROIs. 4-E-Business Solutions… 5-Executive Conclusion. Automating & Webbing The Admin Affairs @ The Cloud of Analytics-Mobile-Dynamic-Social. 6-What’s Next?  Provide The SMEs/MNCs with The Online Interaction Equation CLICK + SHARE = LEADERSHIP 7-Founder & Approach.  Upgrade The Administration Dept. Through “THE APPLE ALWAYS SHAPE THE PLANT” Prototype Contents  Admin Portal Page & Strategic Content Principles. Automating Admin Resources & Performance In-Action Dashboar Capture & Submit®
    7. 7.  The Electronic Business Suite:  E-Management Web Kit (Supply Chain Log, Tasks Connector, Roles Navigator, Manager In-Place, Administrator Workspace, E-Voucher, Electronic Tendering, AP/AR Workflow, Kiosk, Mobile).  Admin Portal Page (Administration Blog, Employment Interaction Portal, E-Commerce, Workplace Galleries, Wellness/Healthcare Forum & R&D Installed Program, E-learning Application, Training iQuiz & Innovation Zone, Product Libraries).  The ICTs Backline:  Electronic Cashflow Module.  The Admin Functionalities Automation.  Open Sources ERP,MRP/RSM.  IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Gamification.  Business Crystal Pad & Broadband.  My-Manager™ Mobile Application.  Live BI & In-Action Performance Dashboard™  Admin Content Management™ & Workforce Interaction Self-Services Portals  The Admin Suite’s Unique Methodologies:  Automate The Enterprise Inbound Logistics. (Improve Decision Making, Reduce The Direct Cost 18%, Budget Forecaster, Transparent Cashflow, Enrich The Production Qualities & Eliminate The Workplace Carbon Footprint 80%)  Webbing The Administration Strategic Commitments. (Achieve The Maximum Enhancement Upon The Productivity Rate, The Adaption, The Learning, Increase The Cross/Up Selling 30%.The Direct B2E Engagement, The Loyalty, The Talent Studio) 1-Solutions OrientationCapture & Submit®
    8. 8. Grand Control Green Data To Performance Auto-Analysis. (Administration ERP Platform & In-Action Performance Dashboard) Collaborate & Communicate With The Workforce Aspects. ( Admin Content Management & EPP Soft Management) Save 1.3$ Admin Process Submit & Upload. (My-Manager Application & E-Voucher) Each 2-Improve Decision Making & Adjust Business Process… Every All 1- Admin Automation Will Save $40k Per Year… 3-Enhance The B2E Adaption, Engagement & E-Learning… 2-Indroduction How Admin E-business Solutions© Can Help My Organization To Achieve ROIs 8.3% ? SocialDynamic ERPMobileAnalytics Capture & Submit®
    9. 9. Enhance Internal Communication. Adjust Admin performance Improve Decision Making Process. Simplify Reporting. Automate Admin Balances. Insure Career Reputation. Reduce TCO. Just In Time Responsive Concept. E-Publish Tool For The Organizational Culture Identity Execute Product Knowledge Libraries. Going Green 80%. Improve Tendering & B2B Deals . Webbing & Automating Technologies will Develop The Admin Performance To Achieve Positive ROIs 3- Aims & Objectives Capture & Submit® Downsize The Bureaucratic Hurdles
    10. 10. Info. TechnologyInfo. Management 1. Webbing Administrative Service 2. Automating Admin Resources 4- Admin E-Business Solutions© Grids Dashboard ◘ Admin Portal Page ◘ Admin WorkCenter Capture & Submit®
    11. 11.  Survey How Do I ? Suggest Vote Notifications Bar  SMV Gallery Healthcar e  Campus Welcome Pack  Mansour Chain Offers  E-Learning  Admin AnnouncementsAdmin Services  Group Library E-Guide Webbing The Administrative Services & Publishing The Admin Content To Enhance the Internal Communication + Productivity +Learning & Creativity + Direct Engagement + Reputation. Innovation Zone When News Bar Makes Good Business? Brilliant + Intelligence Share Your Experience… Go On Knowledge On White-Paper QUIZ Of The Week Prepared by: Omar Hamed Capture & Submit® 1st Solution
    12. 12. Admin Content Management Belonging - Adaption - Productivity - Learning Fit & Sports Workflow Request 1.Stationary. 2.Meeting Room. 3.Services. 4.Lost & Found. Prepared by: Omar Hamed Employee Self-Service 1. Stationary. 2. Meeting Room. 3. Services. 4. Lost & Found. 5. How Do I? 6. I Need Help/Change. 7. Medical Claim Webbing Admin Services  ESS.  E-Learning.  RSS.  E-Commerce.  EPP Forum.
    13. 13. What Do Workers Want & Need ! Touch The Emotional Center Visualize The Org. Culture Build Collaboration Libraries Stay Connect Consistently Motivate The Benefits Of Outcomes Administration-Portal Is About Employees Relationship Will represent the open loop connection to decentralize the Admin-Staff offline communication, Also the Admin Portal Page will be much more faster to response to the workspace updates or new admin missions… Create The Admin Portal Page For A Holistic Performance View Of The Global Territories Workforce & Workplaces. Capture & Submit®
    14. 14. Automating The Admin Resources  SAVE Money 2nd Day Of Implementation… Drive The Leadership Functionality/Values Green Data Remote Performance Growth. • Expenses. • Purchases. Future Present Past • Admin Transactions Workflow. • Supply Chain Log. •Administrator Workspace. •In-Action Dashboards. • Budget Auto Forecaster. • Adjust Secure Planning. • Task Checklist. • ZAD History. AP/AR Balances • Calendar. • Due To Do. Improve Decision Making. Reduce TCO 18%. 2nd Solution Pending (14) E-Voucher (158) In Progress (6) Task Organizer My Report. Capture & Submit®
    15. 15. Admin Transactions E-Voucher History Approved New NotificationNew Task Start Upload & Submit Managerial Auto-Analysis In-Action Performance Dashboard Expense Claim Chart of Accounts. Chart of CostCenters AP/AR Cash Flow Management. Open Projects PRINCE2 Benchmark. Tasks In/Out Checklist. Operating Expense. Assets Accounting. Shipment – GPS Logistics. Partners / Contracts/ Doc. Workplace Support Maintenance Agreements. Waste Management. Industrial Book - Job Cards. Equipment Lifecycle. Invoicing Status Requisition New Report Calendar LinePendingRejected Quotes Categories New Expense Team Alarm New Purchase Supply Chain Log New Event Foundations Purchase Requests/Orders Quotations / Offers. Reimbursement History. Tender Bids – Invoicing. Inventory - Warehouses. Inventory
    16. 16. The Paradigm of The Admin Resources Automation & Their Consumption Auto-Analysis:- Prepared by: Omar Hamed Stationary Catalogue… Employee Self-service Remote Productivity In-Action Dashboard Momentum Forecasting Authorized Workflow Green Data Dynamic ERP Administrators Proceed Values Any Where/Time..! 1. Employee Submit His… Virtual Requisition 2. Responses To Fulfillment at… Just In Time Performance Dashboard Employment Platform E-Management Web-Kit Capture & Submit®
    17. 17. Date:……….. E-Voucher Title:……….. Name:………….. Type:……….. Costcenter:…………. GL:… Amount:........ Description:……………………………………….………………..……………………….……..…… ……...…..……………......………............................................................................... ........................................................................................................................ ........................................................................................................................ ........................................................................................................................ Attached Invoice. Requisitions Workflow Control Cashflow & Save $$$ 2- Input Time 1- Manual Costs Prepared by: Omar Hamed Submit E-Signature Capture & Submit®
    18. 18. -Tender Bid -Best Deal -Supply Chain Log - Review/Approve - Invoice Release - AP Proceed. New Purchase Request Performance Dashboard Approve Reject Date: 15/11/2012 Vendor:.. ABC Shop… Attached PO Requisition Total: 820 $ Purchase Type:……. Hardware Furniture Housekeeping Maintain Gives Away Other Type Drop List Department Type Amount Date Marketing Gives Away 1155 5-Feb Fiinance Stationaries 3500 7-Feb Admin Equipments 7800 11-Feb IT Hardware 16000 18-Feb Sales Transportation 2150 22-Feb CRM Shipping 950 26-Feb Amount Marketing Gives Away Fiinance Stationaries Admin Equipments IT Hardware Sales Transportation Departments Consumption Auto-Analysis Title: New Office Furniture Employee: Ayman Rady Department: Marketing Manager: Azad Kamal Costcenter: ZCT 4 Requisition Purpose: Old chair was broken. AP Code:.0009230 AP Method: ..Cash. Administrative Purchase Workflow Capture & Submit®
    19. 19. Administrator Workspace Enterprise Mobile Application Connect The Product Knowledge – Adjust The Point Of Selling - Save Time – Deliver Trust The e-business strategies willing to speed up the enterprise informative engines , accessibility, & visibility upon the unified transparent collaboration platforms, Mashup & UI tools, connected libraries & discussions which showing the related groups conversations of productivity, adaption, creativity…etc So the workforce can explore their brainstorming to improve the production qualities. Capture & Submit®
    20. 20. Executive Conclusion - EPP & ESS. -Product Libraries -My-Manager Application. - Workspace. Dynamic ERP Resources Automation Admin Content Management - Web-Analytics. - In-Action Dashboards. 1- Automating. Enhance Internal Communication & Productivity. Improve Decision Making. Adjust Admin Performance & Simplify Reporting. Business Process Efficiency Info. Management Competitive Advantages. Supplying The Administrators with E-management Tools will Gain The enterprise performance +ve ROIs. Admin Functions Cloud Capture & Submit® What&WhereTheBenefits? 2- Webbing. Mob & Dynamic Platform. The Administrative Affairs.
    21. 21. Info. Management Automation & Webbing Results Benefits ERP • Mob & Dynamic Platform. • Admin Work-Center. • Supply Chain Log. o Performance-Point. o Easier Budget Forecasting. o Simplify & Control Cash flow.  Administration Balance Scorecards.  Improve Decision Making.  In-Action Dashboard. My-Manager Application • E-management Web Kit & Workflows For Admin Services Quality & Administrative Resources Quantity. • E-voucher & Auto Reimbursement. • Project Performance Organizer. o Reduce TCO 18%. o Synchronize Administrators Checklist. o Act On The Inbound Logistics. o Soft Archiving.  Going Green.  Save Manual Data Entry Costs.  Automate The Admin Balances.  Adjust Performance Measurements. Employee Self-Service • Automate The Employees Inquiries. • How Do I…? . I Need Support/Change… • Survey. Suggest.. Complain.. • Stationary - Request & Support - Mail o Eliminate Offline Communication. o Employee Voice Tools. o Hire to Retire profile.  Just in Time Bargaining Responses.  Costcenters Consumption Auto-Analysis.  Meet The Employees Expectations. RSS • Announcement-Bar. • Workspace Notifications. • Group Newswire. • Leaders Viral Context. o Direct Engagement, Involvement & Participation. o Positions Rotation Announcement. o Share Strong Career Path. o Meet The Boss Videos.  Workforce Rapid Adaption.  Improve Internal Communication.  Maximize Notification Awareness. & Casual Benefits. E-Learning • Get Qualified & I-Quiz Application. • Talent Management Hub. • Remote UI At The Innovation Zone. o Department Knowledge Libraries o Soft Profile Evaluation Model. o Business Knowledge Discussions.  R&D Installed Programs.  Webinar Whitepaper Bonus Points  Learning Growth. E-Commerce • Share Mansour Chain Promotions. • Workflow the Purchase Inquiries. o Network Marketing Channels. o Scheme Affiliate Programs.  Increase Revenues.  New E-Marketing Opportunities By Segmenting The Employee Social Networks. Admin Content Management • Publishing & Sponsor The Employment Affairs & Workspace Initiatives. • Productivity Content & Inspiration Tips.  Where we are going?  How we will get there? o Workplace Welcome pack. o Achievements & Notifications Galleries. Creative Stories At The Product Channel. o Visual & Tangible Business Competences  Administration Blog.  Mantrac Group Search Engine.  Campus Induction.  Maximize Organizational Objectives Awareness. Table Of Benefits Administration Cloud Is IBM To Enrich The Business Capitals Relationship.. Capture & Submit®
    22. 22. V a l u e C h a i n  Save Costs & Time.  Enhance Capitals Relation.  Improve Decision Making. Financial =Raise Point Of Sales - TCOs  Internal = Excellence Of Performance People = Productivity, Learning & Loyalty Customer = Increase Demand Trust EPM Dashboard ROI Volume KPIs Goal Measure Target Improve Administration Performance . • E-Business Deployment Rate. • Decrease Manual Costs 60%. • Eliminating Wastes Percentage. • Survey Score & Delivery Time. • Reduce Employment Turnover. • Total Adaption Tickets For Policies & Procedures Awareness. 1.Reduce TCO 18%. 2.Enhance Internal Communication 600%. 3.Improve Decision Making. 4.Enhance Productivity With Zero Cost. Automation VS Paperwork. Enterprise Online Interaction Equation + Admin E-Business Solutions© Balance Scorecard • Admin Portal Page. • Admin Work-Center. New Click New Share New Leadership + What’s Next ?Capture & Submit®
    23. 23. The Admin Electronic Business Strategy Focused Translate Strategy  Shared The Mission Values To Achieve The Stakeholders' Vision.  Update The Balance Scorecards.  Socialism To Feed-Forward The Target Audience.  Become Industry Value Chain Leader From Cost To Relations. Human Believe  Strategy Alignment.  People Soft Profiles.  Incentives & Gamification Materials.  BYOD To Enable The Workforce With The Global Business Units.  E-Learning & Self Development Bonus Points. Continual Process  Linked To Budgeting.  PMP Leadership Programs.  Business Updates Flow.  Transparent Cashflow. Executives Leadership  CEO Sponsorship  Executive Team Engaged  New Way, Trends & Devices Of Management  Connectable & Accountable For Performances Notifications Product Learning  Build Electronic Relation With Supplier/Customer.  Execute Production Libraries. Capture & Submit®
    24. 24. Automate The Administration Inbound Logistics. Speed-up The Enterprise Informative Engines.  Reduce TCO 18%, Going Green 80%.  Improve Decision Making . i. Smart Reporting Model & Performance Auto-Analysis. ii.Performance In-Action Dashboards. iii.E-Signature - Manager In Place.  Financial & Budgeting Auto Forecasting. i. Simplify & Control Cashflow. ii. Digital Monetary Rader For AP/AR. iii.Electronic Treasury Systems.  Administrators Collaborating Workspace.  BPM Just In Time Bargaining Response.  Supply Chain Log.  Administrative Navigation Pane.  ERP Platforms.& E-Voucher Workflow.  Enhance Internal Communication 600%.  Employee Personal Page & Employee Self-service.  R&D Installed Prog & E-learning Applications eg:(I-Quiz, Get Qualified, Lumosity®, Brain Storming App., Gamification).  Departments Knowledge Libraries,Whitepaper Subscriptions, Webinar Series, Cooperation Live Discussions .  Build The Innovation Zone & The Talent Studio.  E-Commerce Workflow. Increase Up/Cross Sales For The Partner Trading Companies.  RSS To Remote Career Retention, Relation, Involvement, Trust & Loyalty.  Admin Forum, Meet The Boss Videos, Unique Career Path.  Workforce Wellness Programs For The Healthcare & The Motivational Challenging Posts Corporate Newswire & Workplace Galleries & Welcome Tour. Admin E-Business Solutions©… Automating Admin ResourcesWebbing Admin Services • Employment Interaction Portal. • Admin Content Management. • Productivity & E-Learning App. • Admin WorkCenter. • My-Manager Mob Applications. • Administrator’s Workspace. Capture & Submit® Connected Business Environments. In-Action BI – Mobile – ERP – Social To Empower The Daily Working Life
    25. 25. ¤ About… I’m Electronic Business Architecture, Organizational Behavior VS Digitalism Developer, Process Mining & Business Analyst. I Specialized For The Automating & The Webbing Of The Enterprise Capitals Performances @ The Finger’s Clicks. Delivering my employer a Positive 8.3% ROIs , 4th Quarter of implementation. ¤ Missions… My missions Are To Provide The Firm’s Administrators Team, The PMPs, The Logistics Observers, The Corporation Personnel, The Manufacturers/Engineers, The Business Unit Header, The HR Teams, The Fleet Supervisors, The Country Managers, The Warehouse Staff , The Support Technicians, the real state elements, The Medical Coordinators & The Guest Managers, The Assets Auditors With….The Admin E-business Solutions© ¤ Core Innovative Services… I’m designing, implementing & deploying the most effective electronic business suites, which are directly enhance the enterprise performance management (EPM) through integrating the organizational behaviors with the smart digitalism capabilities such as:- E-Management Web Kits, E-Voucher Workflow, ERP, My-Manager Mobile Application, Inbound Logistics Automation, In-Action BI Dashboard, Self-Services Portal, Admin Workspace, Supply Chain Log, Admin Content, Capture & Submit® 7- Author & Approach Omar Hamed Digital Enterprise Management
    26. 26.  In-Action Performance Dashboards  Agility Of Budget Forecasting.  Excellence Of Inbound Logistics & Lean Manufacturing.  Enhance The Internal Communication.  Transparent Cashflow Module & Real Financial Values.  Speed Up The Enterprise Informative Engines.  RSS Will Enhance The Best Career Retention.  B2E Direct Engagement & Rapid Adaption.  Enterprise Content Management.  Business Crystal Screen Will Rise The Customer Base.  E-Commerce, Increase The Cross/Up Selling 30%.  Pixels Tailoring To Remote Loyalty & Belonging.  Foster Qualities R&D & Production E-Learning Apps.  Build The Innovative Web Zone To Capture The Talented Studio.  Employment Interaction Portal & Employee Self-Service  Achieve The Just In Time Competency Concept.  Execute Product Knowledge Libraries.  E-Publish Tools For The Organizational Cultural Identities & Policies.  Supply Chain Log.  Improve Tendering & Procurement. I’m inventing & implementing The Admin E-business Solutions© Which Divided Into 2 ICT Mainframes:- 1- Automating The Admin Resources Of The Enterprise’s Internal Process/Logistics/Operation Forward Grant Efficiencies, Reduce Costs 18%, Improve Decision Making, Customer Experiences, Perform Just In Time…& MORE 2- Webbing The Administrative Services To Remote The Workforce Accountability, Productivity, Collaboration Visibility Communication, Performance Virtual Team, Belonging…& MORE
    27. 27. On The GO Business Flow My-Manager Mob Application Business Performance In-Action Dashboard Admin Content System Creative, Retention, E-Learning Communication, Collaboration E-Management Web-Kit Employment Interaction Portal Admin E-Business Solutions© UpgradeThe Administration Department Strategic CommitmentsToward ProfitingThe Enterprise Capital Performances Enterprise Automation Center 1-Automating Admin Resources 2-Webbing Admin Services E-Voucher We Offer Clouding + My-Manager Mobile + Virtual Platform + Social + Live BI+ Business Crystal Pad + ESS To Improve The Enterprise Performance Management Business Process Management Workflow, ERP, E-Voucher, & In-Action BI Human Capital Management Social Content Of Productivity, Loyalty & Innovation Capture & Submit®
    28. 28. Omar Hamed Management Analyst, Process Mining E-Business Developer Social Media Strategist +201144855550 I’m Integrating The Digitalism Tools With The Business Administration Practices To Enrich The Capitals Performance Management.. “The Apple Always Shape The Plant” Thanks For Your Attention Welcome Your Experienced Feedback Capture & Submit®