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App Development Myths Busted


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These are some of the myths that we have busted today with respect to the mobile application development eco-system. Visit OmSoftware for more information now.

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App Development Myths Busted

  1. 1. App Development Myths Busted When you develop a mobile app , what do you imagine at the end of the game? A functional application with a lot of downloads and some media coverage leading to increased popularity of you as a developer, and your efforts, as new standards? Well, that sounds so cool; but do you think it takes a lot of gut and efforts to actually design a valued application, let alone maintaining it, sustaining its popularity and creating standards using it.
  2. 2. With This Article, We Will Focus On Some Of The Common Myths About Application Development. • Introduction: Why mobile application development myths are generating? • Is there any strength in these myths? Myths •Introduction: Why mobile application development myths are generating? Quite often, the lack of people's understanding about the kind of job app developers do leads them to form misconception. Usually, an app looks finished in its initial avatars, and because of quick roll-outs and simple effortless design; it is natural for anyone to think anyone can design an app. Add to this, some common human tendency makes the app design eco system look not a great deal. • Is there any strength in these myths?
  3. 3. There is absolutely zero strength in these myths. Myths are formed on the basis of ignorance, hatred, or biasness. As far as myths related to mobile app development is concerned , they are formed because people are not aware of the challenges, hardship, and comprehensive process that go while designing and developing the app. While these myths are formed, a good number of them are busted as people become aware of their genuineness. Developing Enterprise Apps is a Tricky and Long Process Developing enterprise apps becomes simple with the introduction of cross platform app development. The new technologically advanced app development platform decreases the learning time thereby fostering the entire development effort while quickening the roll out of the prototype and subsequently the functional version. Latest integration tools, and technologies and the availability of cloud based solutions have apparently made the entire process of application development simple, quick and most importantly more meaningful.
  4. 4. The more the features, the better If you want you to populate your application with all the features, you would end up making it unresponsive, bloated with a lot of memory hogs and seemingly unending number of functional issues. That's why stop thinking your mobile application is the mini version of your enterprise website. The enterprise website is entirely different from an application. So, work wisely and rather than populating the app with all the features that are hardly required; just focus on the most important features that matter. Your goal while designing an application is to make it simple and easy for users and thereby improve on its popularity. Giving all the features would end up making users deviate from the actual requirement they installed your application and your app unimpressive.
  5. 5. Mobile app development is only about coding People who presumably have no or little understanding of app designing often think mobile app development is all about writing code . Well, while it is actually about writing code, it is a lot more that. Simply writing code does not make great apps. It requires many stakeholders including developers, project managers, content developers, graphics developers, business managers, user experience designer, user interface analyst, in-house IT representatives, and others to actually develop the application in its entirely.
  6. 6. App users are your customers Not all app users are your customers. A lot of people (in fact most) delete an application they install after a few days. So, your core goal in designing an application that works is to design and develop highly functional app that get the limelight. So, while designing an application for commercial purposes ; put specific focus on those applications that has the credibility to attract attention of audiences and then convert users into customers.
  7. 7. A great app will sell itself A great app works, and it attracts the attention, but in order to channelize your efforts, and make sure that it gets the limelight; only the greatness cannot do everything. Like sometimes good people need some publicity, a great app also requires some marketing and promotional boost in order to prove its effectiveness. So, make sure to design and develop sophisticated applications that work using marketing mediums.
  8. 8. When app is done, job is over too That is the dumbest of the myths formed. An application is never a job done, but it's a task in progress. You cannot necessarily expect to roll out the final version on ots (On this side) initial launch. It keeps on progressing, as you keep on working on its development. An app gives pinpointed insights into how you can improve it using stats.
  9. 9. Eye-candy beats content value Although what shows sells, but in an application, everything does not necessarily boils down to graphics, and eye catching animation and designs. A lot of - in fact majority of the value actually and still reside in how you present your application. So, try to add superior value in terms of contextual content. Trusting your gut is better than trusting a team of experts Experts often give you good ideas but it is not necessarily important for you to always count on their feedback and ideas. Always trust your instincts, do good development and design and never spoil your efforts using cheap efforts. And then ask for genuine and solid reviews from people you trust, who would give you helpful insights rather than simple gyaan.
  10. 10. Pay-to-download apps are the deal-breaker Did you know the deal breakers are free applications? Mobile users do not necessarily pay for their app downloads, they would rather be happy with a free application forever and that where the marketing is. Rather than asking users to pay for the app, you can generate good amount of money using monetization models. These are just some of the myths that we have busted today with respect to the mobile application development eco system. Do you want to develop sophisticated mobile applications that work - designed by highly skilled resources; who contain years of experience in mobile application development? Contact us now! To learn more about Mobile app development, please Contact us or visit the website .
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