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Infographic: Stereo Microscope Ergonomic Guide


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Using a stereo microscope can be uncomfortable. With this in mind, Olympus’ new ergonomic components for its SZX2 stereo microscope series enable users to remain in an ergonomic position while working, boosting productivity and reducing user fatigue. Designed to help microscope operators stay comfortable even during long work periods, Olympus’ new ergonomic stereo microscope components include:

• Tilting trinocular that can be adjusted between 5 and 45 degrees to keep the user’s neck in a more natural position
• Observation tubes with an optimized convergence angle designed to minimize eye fatigue
• Extendable eyepoint adjuster that can raise or lower the eyepoint within a 120mm range, eliminating the need to hunch over when using the microscope. This accommodates users of different heights and reduces lower back strain.

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Infographic: Stereo Microscope Ergonomic Guide

  1. 1. Olympus Stereo Microscope Ergonomic Guide Learn more about Olympus Microscopes! Visit Back straight with no angle Adjust chair so knees are bent at 90º and touching floor Neck should be tilted less than 20º Longer eye tubes reduce the need for an operator to change their back angle Tilting eye tubes reduce the need for an operator to tilt their neck and keep angle safely under 20º Extendable eyepoint adjuster places the eyepieces at the correct height for any size operator Adjust table height so arms are bent between 90-120º Adjustment knobs are within easy reach