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This presentation is one of many available on senior topics to help families better understand the aging process and find resources to help their loved one remain safe and healthy in their home. To sign up for a workshop please contact our office. Note: Videos and manuals affiliated with this presentation are only available when attending the workshop.
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senior emergency kit

  1. 1. AnsweringThe Call SM
  2. 2. Answering the CallSM It’s the midnight call that family caregivers dread: An emergency with a senior.The stats: Older adults represent just 13% of thepopulation, but consume 40% of prescription drugs and35% of over-the-counter drugs.Source: American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP) Find us online:
  3. 3. The ResearchAccording to research of future family caregiversconducted for the Home Instead Senior Care®network:  Only 47% say they are knowledgeable about their parents’ medical histories  About half (49%) are able to name any of their parents’ medications  Only 36% know where financial information is located Find us online:
  4. 4. The Senior Emergency Kit SMThe Home Instead Senior Care® network working with Humana Points of Caregiving® has developed the Senior Emergency KitSM ( Designed to help family caregivers keep important information about their senior loved ones at their fingertips. Find us online:
  5. 5. Tracking the Vital StatisticsThe Senior Emergency KitSM helps families haveeasy access to: – Doctor’s and Pharmacist’s Information – Medications and Dosages – Allergies – Important Documents such as Living Wills Find us online:
  6. 6. The Risk FactorsHome Instead Senior Care® network research revealed the medication risks for seniors: 48% have three or more factors that put them at risk. The Top Three Risks:  52% receive prescriptions from more than one doctor  41% live alone  37% have vision problems or poor eyesight Find us online:
  7. 7. Ask the right questions:What is the name of the med?What is it supposed to do?What’s the dose?Does it interact with what I’m already taking?How do I take it – with or without food?Do I take it in the a.m. or p.m.? Find us online:
  8. 8. The questions continued . . . .What are the benefits and risks?What are the side effects?What should I avoid?How often should I be tested?Do I need a refill? Find us online:
  9. 9. A Wealth of ResourcesMore information and additionalresources can be found at: Find us online:
  10. 10. ABOUT HOME INSTEAD SENIOR CARE – LOCAL OFFICE Personal Care Home Helper Services • Bathing & Toileting • Provide Alzheimer’s care • Dressing • Assist with laundry and ironing • Grooming • Take out garbage • Aid with morning and wake-up Companionship Services • Arrange appointments • Provide respite care • Aid with reading, walking • Monitor diet and eating • Write letters and correspondence • Check food expirations • Change linens • Assist with evening and tuck-in • And more… • Stimulate mental awareness • Assist with entertaining© Home Instead, Inc. 2010. This information is proprietary and confidential to Home Instead, Inc. Unauthorized use is prohibited.
  11. 11. Thank You! For additional information about this presentation or Home Instead Senior Care of the North Olympic Peninsula please contact your local office. Port Ludlow – (360) 437-9884 Port Townsend – (360) 385-6357 Sequim – (360) 681-2511© Home Instead, Inc. 2010. This information is proprietary and confidential to Home Instead, Inc. Unauthorized use is prohibited.