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Beijing Olympics Day -1


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Coverage of the Beijing 2008 Olympics on a daily basis! Watch the events unfold, and see updates from our personal friends who are on site in Beijing live.

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  • Excellent work OlympicGirl !
    You go to make a type of bulletin (periodical) daily of the Olímpicos games?
    Brazil lost in the feminine soccer… Although ' Formiga'... But, today we win Belgium for 1x0 with goal of ' Hernanes'
    Thanks for the fantastic work!
    It is my favourite person or thing!
    It continues tomorrow?
    Hugs for you.
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  • Thanks for sharing this interesting informaction. Hugs. Carmen María
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Beijing Olympics Day -1

  1. Excitement the day before the event!
  5. ( BEIJING , August 6) -- Norwegian striker Leni Larsen Kaurin's two-minute goal in Norway's 2-0 victory over the Athens 2004 gold medalist, the United States was the fastest-ever goal in the Women's Olympic Football tournament.
  6. Solveig Gulbrandsen (L) of Norway competes with Shannon Boxx of the United States (Xinhua)
  7. Brazil's Formiga holds off Germany's Renate Lingorof (Getty Images)
  8. <ul><li>After six first-round group games, China and Canada are leading their groups, after they scored 2-1 victories over Sweden and Argentina. </li></ul><ul><li>The 0-0 draw between 2007 World Cup champion and runner-up, Germany and Brazil, put them in equal second place in their group. A 1-0 win over Nigeria put the Democratic People's Republic of Korea at the top of Group F, and its opponent Nigeria has been banished to the bottom of the group behind Germany and Brazil. </li></ul><ul><li>Group G is similar to Group F, with Norway on top, Japan and New Zealand in equal second place after their 2-2 draw, and the United States in last place after opening-minute mistakes cost it dearly in its first game. </li></ul>
  9. Official Mascots
  10. My daily coverage of the Beijing 2008 Olympics: