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What is Rotary? What do the members of the Leelanau County - Suttons Bay Rotary Club do for the local community and for the international community? View our presentation to find out!

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  • Suttons Bay - Leelanau County Rotary Club

    1. 1. This is Rotary
    2. 2. Rotary International• As of December 2012 • 1.2 + million Rotarians • 34,404 + Clubs • 600 + Districts • 200 + Countries• 2013 International Convention – Lisbon• 2014 International Convention – Sydney
    3. 3. Our District 6290• District 6290 covers western Lower Peninsula, Eastern UP, and small part of Ontario, Canada.• District 6290 is comprised of 62 clubs with 3155 + members. Additional clubs are being formed.
    4. 4. • Rotary International is governed by a president and board of directors elected from all over the world.  2012-2013 District 6290 Governor                                 Lody Zwarensteyn • 2012-2013 RI President Sakuji Tanaka, Japan Annually, each District nominates a District Governor - but each Rotary club is an autonomous group.
    5. 5. 2012-13 Rotary Theme• Each Rotary International President selects a theme for the year.• This year’s Theme- • ‘Peace Through Service’
    6. 6. In the Beginning…Rotary Founder Paul Harris The first Rotary club was organized in Chicago in 1905, by Paul Harris and three business friends The original purpose was fellowship The club met in rotation at the members’ offices - thus the name Rotary.
    7. 7. Service Above Self• Rotary was quick to recognize that fellowship alone would not keep a group together — there needed to be a purpose.• The first service project was a public washroom in downtown Chicago.• Rotary became the world’s first “service club”.
    8. 8. The 4-Way TestA simple, yet profoundmethod for Rotarians totest the things we think, say, or do
    9. 9. The 4-Way Test• Is it the TRUTH?• Is it FAIR to all concerned?• Will it build GOOD WILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS?• Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
    10. 10. The Rotary Club of Suttons Bay – Leelanau County Chartered on Jan 29, 1946 District 6290, Club # 2821
    11. 11. We Implement the Object of Rotary Through the Four Avenues of Service
    12. 12. Four Avenues of Service• Club Service• Community Service• International Service• Vocational Service
    13. 13. Club Service • Membership • Public Relations • Weekly E-mail Bulletin • Fellowship • Programs • Greeters / Money Desk
    14. 14. Club Service • Operations / Facilities • Invocation • Annual Roster • Club Website
    15. 15. Club Service • Nominations • Owen Bahle Awards Dinner • Club Historian • Fireside Chats
    16. 16. Four Avenues of Service Community ServiceUrges every Rotarian to participate in all activities which make the community a better place in which to live
    17. 17. Community Service Youth Support • Boy Scouts / Girl Scouts • Inland Seas • 4-H • Life Leadership Conf. • Youth Exchange • Junior Achievement
    18. 18. Community Service Past and Present • Adopt–a-Highway • Friendship Center • Children’s Center • Leelanau Conservancy • Cherry Initiative • Suttons Bay Schools • Hurricane Katrina relief • Winter coats for the needy • Food Pantry
    19. 19. Community Service Community Service Rotary International 100th Anniversary During our 2004-2005 year our club Undertook a major community service project to Commemorate RI’s100th anniversary. The club donated a signature outdoor pedestal clock to the Village of Suttons Bay
    20. 20. Community Service Current Fund Raisers • 4th of July Brat sale • Italian Dinner • Owen Bahle Tribute • 50-50 Raffle • Happy Bucks • Birthdays • Names in the news
    21. 21. Four Avenues of Service International ServiceEncourage and foster the advancement ofunderstanding and good will among people of the world
    22. 22. International Service • Rotary Foundation • Paul Harris Fellow • Group Study Exchange • World Community Service • Youth Exchange
    23. 23. International Service Student Exchange• 2 or more outbound students each year• 1 inbound student each year• Began in 1927 with Rotary Club of Nice, France• Since 1981, we have sent over 50 students to countries around the world• Led by Wayne Wunderlich,Andrea Seeley and Marlis Mann
    24. 24. International Service Student Exchange• Rotary Youth Exchange Program – 16-18 year olds are exchanged world-wide – Part of a 9,000 students/year program – Three local families host a young person in their homes for about three months each – Students become part of the family – Our Rotary club has hosted students from Japan, South Africa, Brazil, Germany, France and more. – We have sent students to Europe, Australia, South America, Guatemala, and many other countries
    25. 25. International Service Honduras Eye Clinic• Since 1988, annual clinics supported in Jamacia, Mexico, Honduras• Leaders – Former Suttons Bay Rotarians Drs Mike McManus and Bob Foote• 1000’s can see, thanks to this effort• Glasses are collected locally – Founded by Owen Bahle
    26. 26. International Service Wheelchair Project, 2004-05• Goal – 280 wheelchairs• Destination – rural Mexico• Dollars needed - $21,000• Dollars raised - $30,000• Wheelchairs purchased - 350• Partner – Wheelchair Foundation• Leader – Former Suttons Bay Rotarian, Henry Harrison
    27. 27. International Service El Salvador House Project• Goal – Build home for homeless family in El Salvador• Cost - $3,500• Partner – Latin American Community Assistance Foundation• Result- More than $4,000 raised and an additional 3 houses built by outside funds to complement our efforts• Leader –Former Rotarian George Ball
    28. 28. International Service Polio Plus• Goal-Eradicate Polio world-wide• Partners – Rotary Clubs world-wide• Funds raised in SB-LC Rotary Club… …Over $18,000• Project leader Dick Grout
    29. 29. Group Study Exchange• Began in 1965• Team of non-Rotarian business and professional men and women, led by a Rotarian• 6-8 weeks in another country, hosted by Rotarians to study economics and cultural practices• +7,600 teams to over 100 countries
    30. 30. Paul Harris Fellowships• Many SB-LC Rotarians are Paul Harris Fellows, having contributed $1,000 or more to The Rotary International Foundation• Several are Foundation sustaining members, contributing US $100 each year to the Rotary Foundation• Several of our members and non-members have received honorary Paul Harris fellowships for exceptional service to the club and the community
    31. 31. Every Rotarian, Every YearEvery Rotarian is encouraged to contribute US$100 each year to the Rotary Foundation to become a: Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member You need not be a Paul Harris Fellow and contributions are cumulative. After $1,000, you are awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship. Any Rotarian can afford two bucks a week!
    32. 32. Four Avenues of Service Vocational Service The promoting of the “ideal of service” throughout the business and professional world
    33. 33. Vocational Service • Life Leadership • Junior Achievement
    34. 34. Rotary Charities of Traverse City Matching Gift Programs• $250 annual match to Rotary members for local charities• $3,000 match to area clubs for community projects
    35. 35. The Privileges in Rotary• The privilege of FRIENDSHIP WITH LEADERS: – In your community – In neighboring cities and towns – Around the world
    36. 36. The Privileges in Rotary• The privilege of GIVING SERVICE to your community.• The privilege of DEVELOPING INTERNATIONAL GOODWILL and UNDERSTANDING.• The privilege of helping BUILD HIGHER ETHICAL STANDARDS within your vocation Through the common bond of Rotary.
    37. 37. Steps to becoming a New Member• Attends two free lunches with potential sponsor• Fills out application form and gives to sponsor who forwards to board; after board approval, sponsor monitors following steps• Attends 12 meetings (not necessarily consecutive) and pays luncheon fee until quarterly invoices are issued• Acts as a greeter for two meetings• Joins one committee• At meeting when joining, presents a self bio
    38. 38. Your Obligations in RotaryParticipation• To be a Rotarian you must give of your time and talents: In community work In social functions In club and district activities.
    39. 39. Your Obligations in RotaryAttendance• Attendance at the weekly meetings is a benefit of Rotary. 100% attendance is expected. 60% is required by Rotary International.• On occasion, some members must leave early because of business commitments. While permitted, the practice of “leaving early” is discouraged and should be accompanied with an apology to the day’s speaker.• Members must not miss more than 3- consecutive meetings without a make-up.
    40. 40. Your Obligations in RotaryAttendance• Attendance requirements are in the club’s bylaws.• You can maintain your attendance levels by “making up” at another Rotary club within 14 days in advance or 14 days after a meeting is missed; or by attending a district event or a RI convention.• Leaves of absence are considered
    41. 41. Your Obligations in RotaryAttendance• Suttons Bay – Leelanau County Rotary has a record in maintaining high attendance levels.• The club has several members who often achieve perfect attendance
    42. 42. Your Financial Obligations• Quarterly dues* $35.00• Meals $135.00/Qtr• Social Events variable• Contributions Individual choice, except for sale of Italian Dinner tickets (8 @ $8.00) – ticket costs are added to 2nd qtr. dues * Includes assessments by Rotary International and District 6290 and subscription to “The Rotarian” Magazine.
    43. 43. MembershipThere are only two types ofmembership in a Rotary club: Active & HonoraryIf you have not been named anHonorary Rotarian, we expect you tobe an Active Rotarian!
    44. 44. You Are Rotary• Participate for friendship• Participate for service• Participate for fellowship• Participate for knowledge• Participate for international understanding
    45. 45. You Are RotaryWhile we can welcome you toRotary, we cannot make you “a Rotarian.” That is an honor you must earn for yourself!
    46. 46. Welcome to the Rotary Clubof Suttons Bay –Leelanau County