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Dicussion on the air pollution in Hong Kong.

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Air pollution hk

  1. 1. Air pollution: Hong Kong Chapmann Lo
  2. 2. Cough! This is not like the fresh air The view is horrid! Why are all the tourist ending up of Ireland! complaining? Cough!Maybe we woulddiscuss about airpollution in Hong Kong at theconference room, shall we? Cough! Oh no, heart This city smell attack. sickly, man!
  3. 3. Since record began being kept in1995, the intense level of Until the Motor age in air pollution started the early 19 century, rising until Hong Kong is a less approximately 60%,Now, how did this all polluted city than it is even over a happen? nowadays. hundred!
  4. 4. Muppetpidia: Air pollution in Hong Kong Please type here ^ Sources of air pollution in Hong Kong Natural sources: - Methane, especially those released by cattleMuppetpidia - Smoke from fires sources, like cigarettesThe Unlimitedencyclopedia - Dust from barren, empty landsTools:Languages: Artificial sources :Shqiptar‫العربية‬ - Factory waste from both power plants and factoriesՀայերեն - Exhaust from motor vehiclesAzərbaycanEuskal - Fumes from paint, hair sprays and other solventsБеларускай - Methane produced by deposited waste in landfillবাঙালী - Chemical etc. involved in agriculture and deforestationБългарскиMore language choices > ^ Start Muppetpidia: Air pollution in Hong Kong
  5. 5. Hmm, I wonder why is air pollution such a concern?
  6. 6. Muppetpidia: Air pollution in Hong Kong Please type here ^ The Effect: - Risk of respiratory related diseases, such as heart attack and asthma - Economical issues, including the ability of Hong Kong to attract foreignMuppetpidia labors and “remedy cost”The Unlimited - Poor visibilityencyclopedia - Temperature increaseTools:Languages:Shqiptar‫العربية‬ՀայերենAzərbaycanEuskalБеларускайবাঙালীБългарскиMore language choices > ^ Hong Kong in its polluted state. Start Muppetpidia: Air pollution in Hong Kong
  7. 7. Then, what is the airpollution level today?
  8. 8. Muppetpidia: Air pollution in Hong Kong Please type here ^ Current air pollution levels 11 April 2012Muppetpidia Stations Air pollution levelsThe Unlimitedencyclopedia Causeway bay 106% Central 78%Tools: Mong Kok 72%Languages:Shqiptar Kwun Tong 45%‫العربية‬ Kwai Chung 43%Հայերեն Central (Western) 42%Azərbaycan Tsuen Wan 38%Euskal Eastern 38%Беларускайবাঙালী Sham Shui Po 38%Български Yuen Long 35%More language choices > Tung Chung 33% ^ Start Muppetpidia: Air pollution in Hong Kong
  9. 9. Yes, air pollution levels usually reaches about 60%. But thanks to regulations on smoking and petrol, also charity groups, such as “ Clean the Air Hong Kong”, pollution level is able to reduce. You said that pollution levels reach about 60%What? or over 100%. Wait a second…..
  10. 10. Muppetpidia: Air pollution in Hong Kong Please type here ^ Improvements and developments: -Smoking are forbidden in both indoor and public areas -Most public vehicles now runs on LPG, an environmentally friendlyMuppetpidia fuelThe Unlimitedencyclopedia -Education and events related to air pollution are conducted -Many charity campaign, such as “Clean the Sky Hong Kong”,Tools: “Action Blue Sky Campaign” and “Energyland” are heldLanguages:Shqiptar‫العربية‬ՀայերենAzərbaycanEuskalБеларускайবাঙালীБългарскиMore language choices > ^ Start Muppetpidia: Air pollution in Hong Kong
  11. 11. You could either avoid driving private vehicles, taking a ride on public vehicles or prevent your family members from smoking. But how could weMaybe just join a conserve the city? charity group!
  12. 12. Thanks for viewing!
  13. 13. Resources:Google image AustraliaWikipediaCurrent API