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Evaluation q1


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Evaluation q1

  1. 1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real I’ve made the bar code look I have used the magazine ‘Metal media products? professional by adding a Date Hammer’ as a guide for my magazine to Line and a cost for the try and make it look professional as I magazine to it as well as the can. I like the layout of their magazine black lines which you and it is so simple with just a main commonly see on magazines. I picture and a few kickers and plugs. I think the bar code looks really liked the idea of having the headline in well done and something you the middle of the magazine with theFRONT PAGE would see on a magazine model going behind the writing. I also liked the graphic feature the magazine I have also used the Graphic had, so I did my interpretation of the feature in my magazine. I have graphic feature kept it simple and have used to advertise a plug My main image is big in size and stands out against the grey background> the model is posed Looking dominant and powerful. Which makes people admire him. I have used kickers in my magazine which is important in making a magazine look professional. I have also put a black outline around the textI have used a plug for the front page of my music making it stand out and giving amagazine, which is commonly used in magazines. I have cool old age effect to it but stillalso done the colour of the writing different to the rest to managing to give it a look thatmake it stand out against the other writing and the you might see in a musicbackground magazine
  2. 2. I have used, a simple design for my Masthead and have used big block capitals for the name of the magazine to stand out on the front page. It is has 2 basic colours red and black which are commonly considered dark colours and commonly used in a lot of metal magazines. The black could connote darkness or evil and the red can connote blood and danger. and is also the big theme throughout my magazine. The writing is a big size and stands out on the front page.FRONT PAGE I also added an Anchorage in my music magazine to add a short quick bit of speech (IM BACK!!) explaining what the band is doing. It also allows more space for the magazine to be filled by. The writing is in the colour yellow and that connotes riches and fame making the band seem big. It also showing clearly from the background and easy to read. I have used, The Headline similar to the way ‘Metal Hammer’ have used there Headline in there magazine. Although they have it more in the middle of their magazine while I have used mine towards the bottom. I wanted it to look like the model of the magazine was holding the title of the band to make him look powerfull. I think the effect worked well. I liked the way ‘Metal Hammer’ wrote there Headline for the band ‘Bring Me The Horizon’ although I did something different to what they did to there’s. I like the way the writing is a big size and covers the width of the page.
  3. 3. Finally I have used a Selling Line in the music magazine. All magazines have a Selling Line inFRONT PAGE them (Including other types of genres) to advertise something very briefly, which is in the magazine. E.g. win free stuff, advertise music, posters etc. I have used my main house style red and black for my Selling Line to stand out and to keep the same throughout the magazine. ‘Metal Hammer’ have also put in a Selling Line in their music magazine. They are advertising content which is inside the magazine. Whereas I have given people a chance to win a free guitar signed by a made up band (In-Sane)
  4. 4. Throughout the magazine i have kept the 2 simple colours of red and white throughout the magazine. I have kept the magazine simple and not complicated it. I have added features such as a small box with a little information on what you get if you subscribe to the magazine.CONTENTS
  5. 5. CONTENTS For the contents page i have also done a little speech. During research for the magazine i noticed that many of the contents pages have a little bit of speech from the author talking about the magazine and also a little bit about them selves. I also added a little bit of speech to my magazine as to make the magazine look professional and to make the magazine look good. I have also added a signature as to make the magazine look that more professional like they have done in the ‘Kerrang; magazine.
  6. 6. During the middle of the page i have split the page into 2 to makethe magazine look more tidy. On the top half i have added a mainpicture as well as a title and the name o the magazine at the top.On the bottom half i have put the contents list and the subscriptionboss. Kerrang have also used this style which is wear i got the ideafrom as i thought it ooked quite professional and nicer to read andunderstand what the contents page had to offer
  7. 7. I have done the title in a different way with the text and rotated the text a little bit. The text looks different and adds a cool effect to the double page. The colour of the text is good to using red text with a hint of black within the text. Finally the main colours of the double page are red and white which are main colours for both the Union Jack and the St Georges flag which relaters with what the magazine is about. I liked the idea of having a big picture of the model which covers a full page and going over to the second page of theDouble Page Spread double page spread. I also liked the idea of having the text from the interview going around the model for it would better to present and would give me more room to make the model bigger. I think that the double page has good qualities that could be seen on a professional music magazine. It is plain and simple and is not overcomplicated and hard to read what is on the page. I have took some ideas from the magazine especially with the way the text is slanted a bit which I thought looked pretty cool. Like I said I liked the idea of having a big picture of the model. Although I changed it a bit and wanted the model to go over onto the other side of the page. With the writing going around him. The facial expressions of the model is a major key in making the magazine look professional. For instance if you are trying to make a metal magazine the facial expressions need to be quite serious and look like they are not caring much about their picture being taken.
  8. 8. Double Page Spread One of the many things I thought was important was to advertise the name of the magazine throughout the magazine. I therefore added a small drop box indicating the name of the magazine. Using that idea it would get people seeing the name and making them want to read the magazine more.
  9. 9. HOUSE STYLE The house style is mainly red and white. These are commonly the colours of the England flag which is a country in Great Brittan. I used these colours to indicate that the magazine is British and also that the colours worked well together and made the magazine look good. The yellow writing on the front page connotes that the Magazine is valuable and would be worth the purchase. I have only used 3 main colours which is White, Red and Grey so the magazine is not over complicated