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Social eCRM proposal for PartyPoker


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Social eCRM proposal for PartyPoker

  1. 1. 10191751955800<br />By: <br />Abby Ashton<br />Roy Cerrillo<br />Asheley Powers<br />Olli Lainto<br />Ma. Gabriela Mata Dona<br />29718007226300<br />00000000Table Of Contents<br />Executive SummaryPage 3<br />Social ResponsibilityPage 5<br />Customer SegmentationPage 5<br />Finance and SecurityPage 6<br />Benefits of Instant Play Over Downloaded ApplicationsPage 7Building a Better Image Using Social MediaPage 8<br />Ease of PlayPage 9<br />Executive Summary<br />PartyPoker is listed as one of the world’s largest online gaming businesses. The merger of bwin and PartyGaming created it. The company lives by their current motto, ‘Let the World Play for Real.’ Being the leading digital entertainment company they anticipate the market demands and delight consumers by offering smart, safe and real money games. <br />The company has developed multiple platforms to engage with their customers within the site such as Poker Hub. When the user enters the Poker Hub they are directly connected to the networking channels that PartyPoker is currently using. One tool available on the page for the users is a blog. The blog discusses poker related topics such as upcoming tournaments and any other related happenings that the users would be interested in. <br />They also have a group entitled Team PartyPoker. This is a mix of established pros, sports stars and up-and-coming players who are making their mark on the poker circuit within the established website. To keep the customers updated on the constant activity of the site and of other players the company has also established PartyPoker TV, which showcases an extensive poker video library consisting of their most popular TV tournaments. <br />In reference to promoting the PartyPoker brand itself, the company currently advertises through sponsorships. They are known to sponsor some of the most exciting and unique events such as: The World’s Strongest Man, The Prize Fighter Series and The Las Vegas Desert Classic. In terms of social networking PartyPoker has established a strong platform. They are active on both of their Facebook and Twitter pages, which are used for both interaction with their customers and as a informative platform. <br />PartyPoker is also active in uploading videos on YouTube. These videos include both humours and informative clips that are both entertaining and useful for their customers. PartyPoker also uses various customer interaction channels that allow them to deliver continuous service to their community. These channels include using a live chat, providing a direct number for the customers as well as a direct email. <br />Online Poker is a fast growing industry and with such success there comes social responsibility of both the company and customers. PartyPoker will develop a strategy to be seen as a website that acknowledges the dangers of the services they are offering. This will be developed through a specific online team and by providing informative outlets for the users on the site.  <br />Customer Segmentation will also be developed to create long-term relationships with the customers. This will be based off of level of expertise that will be selected by each individual user. E-Newsletters will then be sent out on a monthly basis to keep the customers informed and intrigued with PartyPoker. <br />Improving and marketing the financial and security sides of PartyPoker will improve the brand image of the organization and provide players more options in transferring money to and from their PartyPoker accounts. By doing this, PartyPoker will increase its sales turnover and the lifetime value of its customers.<br />Recent trends show that security, accessibility and quality of play are big attractions to the online gaming market. There is so much data to be collected from downloaded applications but customers are too scared to upload it to their computers. Fortunately, has all the features available for a secure instant-play but offers limited features.  By enhancing the Instant play site and making it “All Access-No Download- Instant Play” PartyPoker will have more opportunities to utilize social eCRM strategies and then target customers wants and needs. <br />Another plan that PartyPoker will initiate is building a better image using social media. Right now PartyPoker has a Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube page.  They will take these networks and make them better by communicating with their audience more, developing a discussion board, asking questions that get the audience involved, and giving loyal fans more deals to gamble.  By doing this Party Poker will develop a stronger fan base and also fans can generate more traffic to the website with all their posts. Out of this the customer will get questions answered faster and have the chance to win more deals to gamble with. <br />Online gambling could be especially difficult for customers with beginner level skills. Applying a Social CRM strategy in order to make the experience easy and enjoyable for this segment group using Web 2.0 techniques such as group community chats and enabling informative pop-up windows, could extends the capabilities of the brand to engage customers and drive sales in the future. It also humanizes the company because allow the interaction between the Party Poker community. At the same time, using the technology and Social CRM, the company can reduces costs of center calls and improve marketing effectiveness.<br />Social Responsibility   <br />Online poker is a business, which is rapidly changing the way that poker is being played. Although this area becomes increasingly profitable there are continuous contradicting arguments for and against online poker. The main issue that arises is promoting a tool that is so easily accessible to all users that may not be handled responsibly, thus creating and enhancing gambling addictions. A person’s life may be dominated by games of chance. He or she may use gaming as a means of escaping possibly unresolved problems or inner conflict and although winning money is a strong incentive, it is only one of many.<br />With this in mind PartyPoker will become a website that shows there consumers that they have taken this argument into consideration and care about their customers.  PartyPoker will develop a team that will handle all customer enquiries relating to problem gaming, which will be channeled through Customer Support to a “Responsible Gaming Team”. The team’s task is to ensure that the online gaming environment, contributes to the customer’s entertainment in a positive way. Within the CSR department, the team will makes sure that existing measures are continually improved, and that new interactive and proactive prevention schemes are developed.<br />Additionally, a tracking process will be installed that allows the company to keep tabs on their consumers spending habits, wins, losses and buy-ins which will aid PartyPoker in developing a relationship with their customers. PartyPoker will be able to analyze the information and use the data to their advantage in developing a social responsible website. In order to develop this relationship and process the users will have the opportunity when registering to allow the company to intervene if they feel the customer is not using the site responsibly.<br />The site will ask the users to provide their personal limit in advance, which will only be increased if a request is made to the site and the site approves. The site will also include a tab, which provides information on dealing with a gambling addiction. This will include how to identify a gambling addiction, what to do, where to turn, and further information on groups and conferences to help the eliminate the problem. Utilizing this approach, PartyPoker will be marketed as the social responsible poker website that realizes that although they are promoting a service, they are aware of the dangers and drawbacks that the consumers may enter into.<br />Overall the benefits to the customer and brand are clear. The customer is able to participate in a monitored gambling network in a responsible manner while still enjoying their experience. PartyPoker is able to maintain a profitable website with consumers that are properly engaging with the site, while developing a strong trusted brand image that is morally right and socially responsible.<br />Customer Segmentation<br />Understanding Party Poker’s customers is very important when deciding how to interact with the prospects. This is also important when trying to include all different levels of expertise of customers. Poker is a game, which thus has rules and a direct way to play. Although many of the customers who join the website are already experienced in the world of poker others who are not experienced may join the website to educate themselves and participate.<br />Knowing that different levels of customers do exist, developing a segmentation plan will be crucial. This plan will be established by developing a section in the registration process that permits the user to pick which level they would see fit for themselves based on the descriptions provided. The descriptions are as follows:Beginner: Minimal experience in poker, has never participated in an online poker website, would like to receive informative/educational advice in an effort to become a better player.Moderate User: Has participated in online poker websites previously, has background and understanding of the game, has participated in few tournaments, and would like to participate more in the poker community/events.Expert: Has a complete understanding of the game, is well involved in the poker community, plays poker on a regular basis, participates in tournaments often.  <br />After the user picks the level that is most suitable for them they will then be instructed to continue the registration process in which they will be asked to provide their email address. The segmentation process described above will be integrated with the email address that is provided to develop a strong ECRM strategy. The levels will indicate which e-newsletter will be sent out to each individual customer.<br />As an example the Beginner newsletter will include tips, advice, and resources that will help the user to develop an understanding of the game and ultimately become a better player. The Moderate User will receive a newsletter that provides upcoming poker events both offline and online, as well as advanced tips that will aid them in enhancing their already developed abilities. The Expert User will be provided with tips from experts in the poker field. The e-newsletter will also provide statistics of the latest winners of the tournaments, and advanced information for the user such as how to understand a component’s ability in an online channel.<br />The customer will have the opportunity to change the status of their poker level as they become further experienced. This strategy allows Party Poker to collect personal information on their customers and properly interact with them. The customers on the other hand will be receiving information that is actually relevant to them, and thus they will be less likely to delete or dismiss the information provided. The tool is used to constantly keep a connection with their customers, allowing Party Poker to create strong loyal returning customers<br />Finance and Security <br />PartyPoker will improve and market the finance and security of their service in order to improve the brand image of the organization and it will provide players more options in transferring money to and from their PartyPoker accounts. <br />Specific service related improvements incorporated into the existing system would include different features, such as supporting more banks from which players can transfer money to their accounts. PartyPoker will also enable money transfers between different players within PartyPoker and enable players to transfer money to their accounts from other poker sites.<br />PartyPoker will also make security of play and transfer of money their main themes in a promotional campaign meant to reassure players of the events of “Black Friday“ and how they do not concern PartyPoker. PartyPoker will also target EU-nationals by highlighting the tax-free aspect of the service to them.<br />The above mentioned actions will be part of a strategic change in making PartyPoker customer friendlier and the organization more open. The change serves the entire customer base of PartyPoker, as it reassures players of the safety of the service they provide. The improvements in the money transferring services are targeted more for the active users (“hardcore players”) of PartyPoker<br />The content involved with the improvement of the money transferring services and marketing the security of play will involve informative material such as downloadable PDFs, video tutorials and a “Step-by-step guide to safe money transferring”, about the new money transfer options and player-to-player transfers. The video tutorials will explain how the financial system works on PartyPoker, how it is controlled and monitored and how PartyPoker is monitoring attempts of cheating.<br />The way this will benefit PartyPoker’s players is that the increased money transfer options will make it more convenient for the players to access and use PartyPoker. The player-to-player money transfers will make an already existing activity easier and quicker for players. Also, the EU nationals will be able to withdraw all of their winnings without paying taxes, which can mean up to 30% more in revenue. <br />Improving and increasing the money transfer options will make the hardcore players more loyal to PartyPoker and increase their lifetime value. Also, PartyPoker will take a small fee from each Player-to-Player transaction increasing sales turnover. Marketing the safety aspect will reassure beginner players and make them more loyal to PartyPoker over other sites and increase their lifetime value.<br />Benefits of Instant-Play Over Downloaded Applications  <br />Casino and personal gaming trends online seem to be changing. “No Download” options and “anytime anywhere” instant access channels allow quicker uploads and increased security for customers. But there are benefits and downfalls to this system for gaming companies. The Social ECRM system is one that is affected.  But if PartyPoker does not keep up with the current trends they might lose some of their customers due to lack of engagement options.<br />There are two ways to play PartyPoker games; players can enjoy ‘Limited Instant-Play’ online or download the full application to their computer. Either option to play the live poker tournaments such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Lo, & Card Stud or other gambling casino games, the registered user must be connected to the web and place real money bets.<br />As advertised Instant-Play appeals to the customer as an “Anywhere, Anytime” experience. Benefits include: Hassle free/ No installation process, Ability to launch game from any computer at anytime with Internet connection, “NO Download Poker Security” no chance of player infecting with worms or viruses, and faster loading time. <br />Having an online program allows Party Poker to have more insight to customers playing habits and other IP addresses. They are also able to give customers an opportunity to share the program with friends and family while traveling. By using this in-house approach casinos are able to  quickly sign customers in and out of accounts and register play information.  However, the version offers a limited access and does not include:<br />·      Table filters·      Private tables·      Dealer options on poke tables·      Network status·      Table resizing<br />The downloaded application is beneficial to PartyPoker because when a customer chooses to download the game to their computer they have now committed that it is their primary gaming site. They have also become a loyal customer to monitor. To encourage the down-loadable application these features are included:·      Richer graphics·      More fluent animations·      Ability to launch games directly from your desktop·      Full functionality·      Access to practice gaming when you are not signed on the Internet<br />We suggest that PartyPoker should create a “No Download Full Access Instant-Play.” It is clear that the trend is changing and security is a huge concern because offering this feature would only attract a larger community of users to engage with. They would also have access to the customization preferences and the customer’s online cookie adjustments, thus creating more personal propositional tactics for those who share the same tournament preferences. They could have the online setting prepared for customers before they sign online on other computers. Social CRM could also engage with customers by updating the users on Security updates via newsletters or pop-ups. Social eCRM would also be utilized because it would be a SAFE option worth advertising for PartyPoker Instant Play that will increase the customer life cycle. <br />Building a better image using social media<br />PartyPoker is currently using three forms of social media including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. By utilizing these platforms PartyPoker is able to develop a plan that will bring more interaction between their brand and the customer.  By better utilizing their platforms this will allow their fans to get more involved in their site and in the social networks by participating in forms and posts. The proposed plan will also encourage customers to ask more questions about PartyPoker, thus becoming more engaged. <br />The proposed strategy will require using the same platforms that PartyPoker is already working with. The main goal is to direct PartyPoker to market their social platforms more on their website. Currently they only have links to the social sites on one page of their website and the new strategy will have the social networks on all pages. <br />In the new plan PartyPoker will be using data personalization when dealing with customers or potential customers.  PartyPoker will personalize each message on Facebook and Twitter so that the customer knows that they are talking to them.  This will also bring a stronger relationship between the brand and the customer.<br />The content of the new messages will be different on all three social platforms. On the Facebook page the brand will develop a discussion board where customers can ask questions. On the wall PartyPoker will reply to the customers and not just post information.  Also, on the wall, the brand will put content on how to be a better player, contests to be involved in, and interactive questions. <br />On their Twitter Page PartyPoker is already replying to customer’s questions, in additional the page will now offer updates of new tournaments and games. Party Poker will also post deals for their loyal followers. Additionally by using YouTube, PartyPoker will add frequent expert advice videos to help customers with their online gaming.  This will draw existing customers back to the site with new strategies to play poker. <br />In the new plan customers will have major benefits. Customer will get more advice from the professionals.  They will also get their questions answered and replied back to just like if they were at a real casino.  Also, other customers can reply back to. Customers will also get exclusive content and deals that nonsocial media members will not get.  PartyPoker will reward customers who are involved within the social networks, which gives them more of an incentive to gamble.  <br />It will not just be the customers who get the benefit but also the brand will have a stronger reputation. By initiating a strong brand image for PartyPoker on the social platforms means having strong customer loyalty and trust.  This also means that customers will be writing good things about the brand on PartyPoker’s Facebook wall and discussion board.  This will also work on twitter.  By having positive feedback on the platforms will bring friends of the customers to the Facebook and eventually to the PartyPoker website.  <br />Ease of Play<br />Party Poker has a good opportunity to enhance the customer experience especially for the users with beginner skills level, facilitating peer-to-peer conversation and applying Web 2.0 techniques to make the interaction easy and enjoyable in the application.<br />Currently, Party Poker has several educational materials available in the website, but for the beginner players it could take hours to be familiar with all the gambling terminology, game rules, tips, and recommendations.<br />The solution suggested is a customer service initiative called  “Ease of Play” based on Social CRM and Web 2.0 techniques. The content involved will be pop-up informative windows that the user can see and choose to click on unknown terms in order to view more details about them. In order to enhance the customer experience, Party Poker can leverage peer-to-peer conversation with group chats within the application where the users can ask for tips, recommendations, and relevant content related with the game that he decides to play.<br />The main benefit for the customers is to make the experience smoother, helping them to achieve their goals. The application includes many technical terminologies related with the games that can be difficult to understand for the new customers in the beginner level. With the group chats and the pop-up informative windows, Party Poker can reduce the grade of uncertainty in the user.  <br />From the brand perspective, the benefit to allow customers to talk with other customers is that the company can reduce the volume of contact center calls or live chat to answer users’ queries about how to play, and functionalities about the application. This initiative could also engage new customers and convert them in loyal users in the future. It also could help to improve marketing effectiveness by monitoring customers’ conversations to identify queries and issues related with brand experience. With the analysis of the data, the company can include tailored messages in its communication strategy with the users.<br />